Cute Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With R

62 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'R' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ryna King 22 Boy-E
Rwiju Straight; Erected 9 Boy-E
Ruthvi Name of an Angel meaning season; Love and saint; Speech 8 Boy-E
Rushi Sag 3 Boy-E
Rup Look; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty 1 Boy-E
Rukm Gold 9 Boy-E
Ruhu Spiritual 5 Boy-E
Rudro Shiv 4 Boy-E
Rudr Fearsome; Name of Lord Shiva; The terrible; God of storms; Thunder and lightning 7 Boy-E
Ruch Radiant; Bright; Brilliant; Good; Attractive 5 Boy-E
Rony Holy name 9 Boy-E
Ronny Rules with counsel; A form of Ronald from Reynold 5 Boy-E
Rommo Funny; Comedy 11 Boy-E
Romi Wealth; Money 1 Boy-E
Roble Born during the rainy season; Money 7 Boy-E
Robbie Abbreviation of Robert; famed; bright; shining 6 Boy-E
Risu To rise; Honest 22 Boy-E
Risi Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 1 Boy-E
Rishva Noble; Great; Lord Indra 5 Boy-E
Rishta Relation 3 Boy-E
Rishon First 11 Boy-E
Rishi Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 9 Boy-E
Rish Brave & dominant ruler 9 Boy-E
Ripu Enemy 1 Boy-E
Rinshi One with all knowledge 5 Boy-E
Rig King; A vedic text 7 Boy-E
Ridh Krishna 3 Boy-E
Rhivu Manasputra of Lord Brahma; One who is begotten through a boon 6 Boy-E
Rev The sacred Narmada river; Moving 9 Boy-E
Resu Pure soul 9 Boy-E
Reeth Tradition; Culture 11 Boy-E
Reet Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful 3 Boy-E
Reedh Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 4 Boy-E
Redu Elf counsel 3 Boy-E
Reddy Leader 11 Boy-E
Rebh Singer of praise 6 Boy-E
Ray Beam of light 8 Boy-E
Ravi Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 5 Boy-E
Ravee The Sun; Expert or skilled 6 Boy-E
Raul Versatile 7 Boy-E
Rashu Loyalty 22 Boy-E
Rarna Pleasing; An alternative name of the Hindu Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Ransh Aparajit, Another name of Ram 6 Boy-E
Ranh Voice; Audible 5 Boy-E
Rana Of elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look 7 Boy-E
Ran A strong defender; War; Joy; Noise 6 Boy-E
Ramu Lord Vishnu; Another name for Rama 8 Boy-E
Rambh Support; Bamboo 6 Boy-E
Ramaya Lord Rama; Blackbird; Small Falcon; A bird; Able; Black bird; Sea bright; Anticipation; The radiant; King 5 Boy-E
Ramaiah Lord Ram 6 Boy-E
Ram Lord Rama; God; Supreme spirit 5 Boy-E
Rakta One who has a red colored body 6 Boy-E
Raksh Reducer of the number of demons 3 Boy-E
Raju Prosperity 5 Boy-E
Raja King; Hope 3 Boy-E
Raj King 11 Boy-E
Rahi Traveler 9 Boy-E
Ragu Centre of Attraction 2 Boy-E
Raghu The family of Lord Rama 1 Boy-E
Raazi Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 1 Boy-E
Raaz Secret 1 Boy-E
Raag The musical; To bring to life; Love; Beauty; Vigour; Passion; Desire vigour; Melody; King Sun; Moon; A form of Indian classical music 9 Boy-E