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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Manasvi Intelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled 7 Girl-E
Manshi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Goddess Saraswati 1 Girl-E
Meenakshi A woman with beautiful eyes; Fish-eyed 4 Girl-E
Mitali A bond between friendship and Love 1 Girl-E
Manushri Goddess Lakshmi, Consort of Manu (Vishnu), Shri - Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Mahitha Greatness; River; Respected; Excellent; Revered 6 Girl-E
Manaswini Goddess Durga; Self-respecting; Self-controlled; Wise; Sensible; Intelligence; Virtuous wise 4 Girl-E
Megha Cloud 7 Girl-E
Manasvini Goddess Durga; Self-respecting; Self-controlled; Wise; Sensible; Intelligence; Virtuous wise 3 Girl-E
Medhasvi Goddess Saraswati; Vitality; Strength; Vigour; Ability; Power; Intellect; Knowledge; Prudence; Wisdom; Memory; A form of Sarasvati; Understanding; Name of a sister of Agni 9 Girl-E
Manushi A woman; Goddess Laxmi; Kind 4 Girl-E
Monisha Intelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary 7 Girl-E
Mishthi Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 5 Girl-E
Maryam Beautiful women; Flower; Beloved 8 Girl-E
Manasi With a sound mind; A lady; Intellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Saraswati 3 Girl-E
Mishika Love of God 7 Girl-E
Mallika Jasmine; Garland; Queen; Daughter 5 Girl-E
Manavi Girl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 6 Girl-E
Manvitha Most respectable 7 Girl-E
Moumita Sweet friend 11 Girl-E
Malavika Princess of malawa 7 Girl-E
Meshva Goddess of desire, Goddess Parvati 5 Girl-E
Mehnaz Prouded like a Moon 4 Girl-E
Mihira Feminine form of Mihir; The Sun 4 Girl-E
Miral Shining sea; Independent 8 Girl-E
Mayanshi Related to Goddess Laxmi 9 Girl-E
Mrunalini Intelligent &lotus 3 Girl-E
Misheeta Goddess Laxmi; Sweet person 8 Girl-E
Moshika Princess 4 Girl-E
Monishka Intelligence 9 Girl-E
Meha Cloud 9 Girl-E
Manju Snow; Pleasant; Beautiful 5 Girl-E
Minal A precious gem; Stone 22 Girl-E
Maham Full Moon 9 Girl-E
Mithra Friend; The Sun 6 Girl-E
Madhvi A creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime 3 Girl-E
Mrunali Lotus 7 Girl-E
Mona A little noble one; Solitary; Single; Wish 7 Girl-E
Mishri Sweet 4 Girl-E
Mitakshi Goddess Durga; Derived from Mit, Mit - fixed in the Earth; Founded; Established; Measured; A friend; Defined; Moderate; Concise; Known; Understood 9 Girl-E
Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati; Perfectly white 1 Girl-E
Medhavi Wise; Very intelligent 8 Girl-E
Maithili Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila 9 Girl-E
Mridini Goddess Parvati 4 Girl-E
Mrunal Lotus stack 7 Girl-E
Mokshitha Liberated; Free 5 Girl-E
Manorama Attractive; Beautiful; Pleasant 4 Girl-E
Manuja Human; Born of Manu; Woman 6 Girl-E
Manshree Wish 11 Girl-E
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime 4 Girl-E
Mangala Auspicious; Before morning; Sacred grass; Jasmine; Another name for Uma and Durga 22 Girl-E
Masira Doing good deeds 7 Girl-E
Minnat Grace; Kindness; Favor; Gift 8 Girl-E
Miti Truthful; Friend 6 Girl-E
Medhya Mighty; Clean; Fresh 11 Girl-E
Malini Fragrant; Jasmine; Gardener; Another name for Goddess Durga's and the Ganges; A garland maker; Wearing a garland 4 Girl-E
Mishty Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 4 Girl-E
Mahasri Goddess Lakshmi; Name of a Buddhist Goddess; An epithet of Lakshmi 6 Girl-E
Mehuli A small rain cloud 5 Girl-E
Mohini Enchantress; Charming; Fascinating; Jasmine; An Apsara or celestial 5 Girl-E
Meeza Quarter Moon 5 Girl-E
Mishalini What is asked for or lent 4 Girl-E
Mubina One who makes something clear; Manifest; One who clarifies; Plain 6 Girl-E
Mukti Salvation; Freedom from life and death; Final release 2 Girl-E
Marvi Beauty redefined 9 Girl-E
Manimozhi Good girl 9 Girl-E
Malarvizhi Cute eyes 11 Girl-E
Mridula Soft or tender; Gentle; Sweet 6 Girl-E
Mridvika Gentleness; A vine 6 Girl-E
Mrinalini Lotus; Flagrant; Soft; Holy; Many Lotuses 9 Girl-E
Meera A devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess 6 Girl-E
Myreen Bright and beautiful as the Sun 8 Girl-E
Madhumika May signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality) 9 Girl-E
Mithraa Friend; God of the sun 7 Girl-E
Manasvee Intelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled 8 Girl-E
Mayuka Pea-hen 9 Girl-E
Madhura Sugar; A bird 3 Girl-E
Mitiksha A wonder 9 Girl-E
Morvi Bow String 5 Girl-E
Mythily Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila 4 Girl-E
Mihika Mist; Fog 6 Girl-E
Minha Gift 9 Girl-E
Marushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva 11 Girl-E
Mishti Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 6 Girl-E
Mithusha Brilliant girl 9 Girl-E
Maanhitha Together; Conversation with God; Honored 3 Girl-E
Mahalya who is like God 7 Girl-E
Mishaye Gift of Love 8 Girl-E
Maulika The original; Love 5 Girl-E
Manshvee Intelligent 6 Girl-E
Monica Counsel; Advisor; Solitary 1 Girl-E
Mini Small; Often a pet name 9 Girl-E
Meehika Mist; Fog 7 Girl-E
Madiha Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Maliha Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 8 Girl-E
Meemansa A person who is always eager to know 8 Girl-E
Moupriya Ever smiling ; sweet smile ; loving 1 Girl-E
Mrinmay Deer's eye 3 Girl-E
Mysha Happy for the entire life 3 Girl-E
Mahuya Name of a beautiful flower 6 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 603
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with M

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