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Meaning :
Intellect; Goddess Saraswati Suggest meaning
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Rashi :
Simha (M, TT)
Nakshatra :
Makha (Ma, Me, Mu, Mi)
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Similar names for Medha

Name Meaning Numerology
mada The utmost point; Degree 1
madhia Praiseworthy 9
madia Praiseworthy 1
mahdiya Rightly guided by Allah 7
mahdiyah Rightly guided 6
maida Beautiful 1
mati The Moon; Thought; Prayer; Mind; Decision; Respect; Will decision; Intelligence; Memory 7
mawadda Friendship; Intimacy 2
mawaddah Affection; Love; Friendliness 1
mayawati Full of Illusion 3
mayeda The fruits of heaven; The cloth on which you eat in heaven; The Surah Mayeda in the Quran 22
mayyada To walk with a swinging gait 7
mayyadah To walk with a swinging gait 6
medh Intellect; Goddess Saraswati 3
medha Intellect; Goddess Saraswati 22
medhya Mighty; Clean; Fresh 11
midhaa Appreciate 9
midhah Praise 7
mita A friend 7
miti Truthful; Friend 6
muida Reviser; Teacher; Fem of Mu 3

Variant names for name Medha

Name Numerology
medha 22