Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With J

445 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'J' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jaafar Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek 1 Boy-E
Jaamil Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Jaban Soft hearted; Tenderness of 1 Boy-E
Jadhav A yadava 1 Boy-E
Jagadesh King of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world 1 Boy-E
Jah Respect; Rank 1 Boy-E
Jahi Bright; Shining; Dignified 1 Boy-E
Jahsh Companion of prophet Muhammad 1 Boy-E
Jai Kishan A victory of Lord Krishna 1 Boy-E
Jailesh Lord of water 1 Boy-E
Jainil Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 1 Boy-E
Jaival Life giving; Full of life 1 Boy-E
Jalaal The glory of the faith 1 Boy-E
Jalad Cloud; Ocean 1 Boy-E
Jaleed Powerful; Patient 1 Boy-E
Jalesh Lord of water 1 Boy-E
Jalut Goliath 1 Boy-E
Jamal Beauty 1 Boy-E
Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amr who related anecdotes and recited poetry at the court of Al-Mutawwakil 1 Boy-E
Janak Creator; Melody; Producing; Begetting; Father 1 Boy-E
Janil 1 Boy-E
Janu Soul; Life force; Birthplace 1 Boy-E
Japa To make melodic sounds; Chanting 1 Boy-E
Jariya Beauty and light 1 Boy-E
Jasamit Protected by fame 1 Boy-E
Jashun Celebration; Festival 1 Boy-E
Jastin Judicious 1 Boy-E
Jatan Nurturing; Preserving 1 Boy-E
Jaun Kind of plant 1 Boy-E
Jayash Victory 1 Boy-E
Jaykant Beloved of winning 1 Boy-E
Jazi To take revenge 1 Boy-E
Jegan Strong 1 Boy-E
Jeyaram Victory of lord Ram 1 Boy-E
Jhinuk Seashell; Oyster 1 Boy-E
Jimesh 1 Boy-E
Jivesh God; Courageous 1 Boy-E
Jivin To give life 1 Boy-E
Jivram Lord of life 1 Boy-E
Jogesh Lord Shiva, An epithet of Shiva; Lord of Yogis 1 Boy-E
Jugnu A firefly; Ornament 1 Boy-E
Jagath World; People; The earth 2 Boy-E
Jahnav Hindu rishi who kept Ganga on his legs 2 Boy-E
Jaish Excellent; Of high quality 2 Boy-E
Jari Powerful; Brave 2 Boy-E
Jashi Protector 2 Boy-E
Jashlan Great Talent, Sentimental, Elegant 2 Boy-E
Javaid Liberal; Eternal 2 Boy-E
Javeed Eternal or immortal or living forever 2 Boy-E
Javesh Related to God 2 Boy-E
Javin Swift; Fast; Horse; Deer 2 Boy-E
Jawdah Heavy rain; Benevolent deed 2 Boy-E
Jaypal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma 2 Boy-E
Jayraj Lord of victory; Brilliant 2 Boy-E
Jeelan It is a city in Iran; Courtier 2 Boy-E
Jeram Brother of Gertrude 2 Boy-E
Jidan Abundance 2 Boy-E
Jimuta One of 108 names of the Sun God 2 Boy-E
Jivan Life; Life-giving; Bringer of life 2 Boy-E
John God has been gracious: has shown favor in the bible; John the baptist, baptized christ in the Jordan 2 Boy-E
Joshua God is salvation 2 Boy-E
Juber Brave warrior 2 Boy-E
Jubin Honorable; Righteous 2 Boy-E
Julius Downy; Hairy 2 Boy-E
Jwalia Lord Shiva; Jwaila means flames 2 Boy-E
Jaahnav Hindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs 3 Boy-E
Jagadip Light of the world 3 Boy-E
Jagat The world; People; The Earth 3 Boy-E
Jagdeep Light of the world 3 Boy-E
Jainam Victorious 3 Boy-E
Jainesh Lord Ganesh; Name of God 3 Boy-E
Jaira Lord of victory 3 Boy-E
Jaleb Attainer 3 Boy-E
Jalp Discussion 3 Boy-E
Janadev King 3 Boy-E
Janam Birth 3 Boy-E
Janav Defender of men; Protecting men 3 Boy-E
Janesh Lord of men leader; Master of men 3 Boy-E
Jaraah Surgeon; Name of Tabaree 3 Boy-E
Jareer Corpulent; One who can pull; Name of a famous Arab poet 3 Boy-E
Jarnav Lord of Shiva 3 Boy-E
Jarrar A great muslim warrior; Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army 3 Boy-E
Jas God is gracious; Kirti; Good wishes 3 Boy-E
Jashith Protector 3 Boy-E
Jashwin Celebrity 3 Boy-E
Jasir Brave; Bold; Courageous 3 Boy-E
Jasmer One who is Famous 3 Boy-E
Jatya Pleasing 3 Boy-E
Jawad Liberal; Eternal; Jawad 3 Boy-E
Jayajith 3 Boy-E
Jayapal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma 3 Boy-E
Jayaraj Lord of victory; Brilliant 3 Boy-E
Jaydeep Victory to the light 3 Boy-E
Jazib Absorber; Attractive 3 Boy-E
Jeevan Life; Life-giving; Bringer of life 3 Boy-E
Jeevansh Jeev ka Ansh (Part of living being) 3 Boy-E
Jenindith Art 3 Boy-E
Jeshan Clear 3 Boy-E
Jeshwith flaming 3 Boy-E
Jevik Source of life 3 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 445
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with J

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Boy names beginning with J will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.