Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

167 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'Y' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Yuyutsu Eager to fight; One of the Kauravas who survived the war 8 Boy-E
Yuvraj Prince; Heir apparent; Young 7 Boy-E
Yuvnik 3 Boy-E
Yuvin Leader 1 Boy-E
Yuvi Young lady 5 Boy-E
Yuvaruth Lively; Evergreen attitude 1 Boy-E
Yuvaram Prince 11 Boy-E
Yuvaraj Prince; Heir apparent; Young 8 Boy-E
Yuvanesh Strong; Healthy; Name of Lord Shiva; Youth; Sky; Young Generation 7 Boy-E
Yuvanav Youth 7 Boy-E
Yuvan Youthful; Lord Shiva; Young; Healthy; The Moon 2 Boy-E
Yuval Brook; Stream 9 Boy-E
Yuvaansh Youthful; Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Yuvaan Youthful; Lord Shiva; Young; Healthy; The Moon 3 Boy-E
Yuva Young; Teenager; Vigorous 6 Boy-E
Yusu Son of Abhimanyu 5 Boy-E
Yushan Mountain 7 Boy-E
Yunay Another name of Lord Ganesh 5 Boy-E
Yukul 9 Boy-E
Yukranth Joyousness 1 Boy-E
Yukithan Courageous; Logical; Compassion 1 Boy-E
Yukin Successful; Joyful; Freedom Lover 8 Boy-E
Yukil 6 Boy-E
Yuhandhar Yes 1 Boy-E
Yugma Twins; Zodiac sign of Gemini 22 Boy-E
Yugender 9 Boy-E
Yugant Ever lasting 7 Boy-E
Yugansh Part of universe 5 Boy-E
Yugandhar Ever lasting; Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna 9 Boy-E
Yugan Youth; Lord Murugan 5 Boy-E
Yugalraj 5 Boy-E
Yugal Couple; Pair 3 Boy-E
Yug Age 8 Boy-E
Yudishan 11 Boy-E
Yudhav Lord Krishna 9 Boy-E
Yudhajit Victor in war; A hero; Soldier; 8 Boy-E
Yrishi Surprising 7 Boy-E
Yoshith Young; Boy; Quiet 5 Boy-E
Yonendra 6 Boy-E
Yokshit Great Artist; Hero; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Yojith Planner 6 Boy-E
Yojit Planner 7 Boy-E
Yogyasri Good 11 Boy-E
Yogya A unit of measure for long distances; A plan 1 Boy-E
Yogram life-force 7 Boy-E
Yograj Great ascetic; Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Yogith One who can concentrate or female disciple or enchanted 3 Boy-E
Yogish God of Yoga 11 Boy-E
Yogisai A devotee; Supreme master 4 Boy-E
Yogiraj Great ascetic; Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Yogine Saint; A name of Lord Hanuman 3 Boy-E
Yogi A devotee; Ascetic; Meditative; Religious; A Buddha; Another name for Vishnu and Shiva 11 Boy-E
Yogeshwar Yogiraj 4 Boy-E
Yogesh God of Yoga 7 Boy-E
Yogendra God of Yoga 8 Boy-E
Yogender God of Yoga 3 Boy-E
Yogdeep 5 Boy-E
Yogaraj A healthy and lovable lucky person 5 Boy-E
Yoganidra Meditation 4 Boy-E
Yoganand Delighted with meditation 9 Boy-E
Yogaji One who does Yoga 4 Boy-E
Yog The union of the individual soul with universal soul; Joining; Uniting; Conveyance; Yoga personified as the son of Dharma and Kriya; Name of Vishnu and Shiva, Lord Buddha 2 Boy-E
Yodha Warrior 8 Boy-E
Yochan Thought 3 Boy-E
Yeswin Successful 5 Boy-E
Yeswanth Lord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory 7 Boy-E
Yeswant A person who attains fame and glory 8 Boy-E
Yesvanth Lord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory 6 Boy-E
Yeshwin Fame 4 Boy-E
Yeshwi 8 Boy-E
Yeshwant A person who attains fame and glory 7 Boy-E
Yeshmit Brightness 9 Boy-E
Yekshit Finisher 7 Boy-E
Yeigavan 3 Boy-E
Yegharaj He is the only king 3 Boy-E
Yedhant Brightness 5 Boy-E
Yayin Lord Shiva; Quick; Swift; Name of Shiva 11 Boy-E
Yauva Young; Teenager; Vigorous 7 Boy-E
Yautik youthful 6 Boy-E
Yatvik To Succeed; Name of God of Love 7 Boy-E
Yatnik Making efforts 8 Boy-E
Yatnesh God of efforts 11 Boy-E
Yatish A leader of the devoted; Lord of devotees 1 Boy-E
Yatindra Sanyasi; Lord Indra 11 Boy-E
Yatin Ascetic; Devotee 6 Boy-E
Yathvik Traditional; Success; Love of God 6 Boy-E
Yathra Sacred journey 1 Boy-E
Yathiraju 5 Boy-E
Yathavan Lord Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Yatharth Proper; Possibility 11 Boy-E
Yatesh Lord of devotees 6 Boy-E
Yateen Ascetic 7 Boy-E
Yatan Devotee 7 Boy-E
Yaswin Winner of fame; To succeed 1 Boy-E
Yaswanth Lord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory 3 Boy-E
Yasvin Winner of fame; To succeed 9 Boy-E
Yashwin Lord Krishna; The Raising of Sun; Fame 9 Boy-E
Yashwanth One who has achieved glory; Always famous 11 Boy-E
Yashwant One who has achieved glory; Always famous 3 Boy-E
Yashvir Glorious and brave 3 Boy-E
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