Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S

1672 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'S' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Syum A Ray 6 Boy-E
Syona Stars 2 Boy-E
Syon Gentle 1 Boy-E
Syamrit Powerful; Delightful 6 Boy-E
Swetketu An ancient sage; Character in Chandogya Upanishad; King 7 Boy-E
Swethan The one who has learnt all Vedas 9 Boy-E
Swetal White 8 Boy-E
Swetaketu An ancient sage; Character in Chandogya Upanishad; King 8 Boy-E
Swet White 4 Boy-E
Sweekar Acceptance 1 Boy-E
Swayambhu Self-manifested; Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Swayam Self; Auto 1 Boy-E
Swatik Pure; Devotionally pure 2 Boy-E
Swatantra Independent and free; Azad 9 Boy-E
Swatantar Independent and free; Azad 9 Boy-E
Swastik Auspicious 3 Boy-E
Swarup Truth; Lover of beauty 8 Boy-E
Swaroop Truth; Lover of beauty 8 Boy-E
Swarnim The shining of gold 7 Boy-E
Swarnik Gold 5 Boy-E
Swarnay 11 Boy-E
Swarnabha Golden rays 6 Boy-E
Swarith Towards heaven 8 Boy-E
Swarit Towards heaven 9 Boy-E
Swaransh Half; Quarter of a tone in music 4 Boy-E
Swaran Gold 7 Boy-E
Swaraj Freedom 9 Boy-E
Swaraaj Self-government 1 Boy-E
Swar Music 7 Boy-E
Swapnil Seen in a dream; Dreamy 4 Boy-E
Swapnesh King of dreams 6 Boy-E
Swapnasree Dream 4 Boy-E
Swapn King of dream 1 Boy-E
Swapan King of dream 2 Boy-E
Swantra 6 Boy-E
Swant A person who listens to his soul 5 Boy-E
Swankit Lover 7 Boy-E
Swanik Handsome 5 Boy-E
Swanand Name of Lord Ganesh 22 Boy-E
Swamy Master 9 Boy-E
Swamiansh 8 Boy-E
Swami Master 2 Boy-E
Swamesh 7 Boy-E
Swajith Self victory 9 Boy-E
Swagath Welcome 7 Boy-E
Swagat Welcome 8 Boy-E
Swadhin Dependent on the self; Independent and free 6 Boy-E
Swadesh Ones own country 7 Boy-E
Swabhav Characteristics 22 Boy-E
Svojas Lord Ganesha 5 Boy-E
Svetesh 8 Boy-E
Svayambhu Self-manifested; Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu 4 Boy-E
Svayam Self; Auto 9 Boy-E
Svarna Lord Ganesh; Gold 3 Boy-E
Svarg Heaven 22 Boy-E
Svaraj Lord Indra; King of heaven; Name of Indra 8 Boy-E
Svar Lord Vishnu; The Sun; Heaven; World of Gods; The Sky; The region of the planets and constellations; A mystical word pronounced after Om and before the Gayatri by every Brahman in commencing his daily prayers; Sound; Voice; Tone; Tune 6 Boy-E
Svanik Handsome 22 Boy-E
Svang Good looks 9 Boy-E
Svamin Lord Vishnu; A Proprietor; A Lord; A King; A husband or lover; A spiritual preceptor; An ascetic; A learned man; A religious man of the highest order; Name of Kartikeya; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of the Muni Vaatsyaayana 6 Boy-E
Suyyash Good result; victory; Illustrious 1 Boy-E
Suyog Good timing 6 Boy-E
Suyati Lord Vishnu, One who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Suyash Illustrious 3 Boy-E
Suyansh Born of the Sun 8 Boy-E
Suyamun Lord Vishnu; Who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna 6 Boy-E
Suvrojit Ruler; Good Person; Influencer 8 Boy-E
Suvrat Named after a Jain God; Saint; Strict in religious vows (Subrata); Devoted to what is right 2 Boy-E
Suvojit Ruler; Good Person; Influencer 8 Boy-E
Suvit Su means good & Vit means wealth 1 Boy-E
Suvir A person well built and courageous; Lord Shiva 8 Boy-E
Suvimal Pure 7 Boy-E
Suvidh Kind 11 Boy-E
Suvesh Beautiful Clothes 22 Boy-E
Suvel Placid 7 Boy-E
Suvas Lord Shiva; An agreeable perfume; A pleasant dwelling; Well clad; An epithet of Shiva 1 Boy-E
Suvarn Lord Shiva; A beautiful colour; Brilliant in hue; golden.aspx'>Golden; Yellow; The thorn Apple; Epithet of Shiva; A gold coin 5 Boy-E
Suvarma One of the Kauravas 5 Boy-E
Suvarcha One of the Kauravas 3 Boy-E
Suvansh Acha Vansh (Good lineage) 5 Boy-E
Suvan The Sun 5 Boy-E
Suvadhan 9 Boy-E
Sutoya A river 2 Boy-E
Sutosh One who becomes happy easily 3 Boy-E
Sutirth Lord Shiva; A right road; A holy place near water; A revered person or good teacher 7 Boy-E
Sutejas Very bright 5 Boy-E
Sutej Luster 3 Boy-E
Sutantu Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Suswin Kind; Entertainer; Handsome 6 Boy-E
Susovan Inspiring; Master of their own destiny; Intuitive 3 Boy-E
Susmith Beautiful laugh; Having a good smile 1 Boy-E
Susmit Beautiful laugh; Having a good smile 2 Boy-E
Susil Good character man or well behaved; Good conduct 8 Boy-E
Sushwith Ambitious; Playful; Different 1 Boy-E
Sushsam Sushsam means smiling face 1 Boy-E
Sushruth Well heard or of good reputation 8 Boy-E
Sushrut Well heard; Of good reputation 9 Boy-E
Sushreha 9 Boy-E
Sushobhan Very beautiful 8 Boy-E
Sushim Moonstone 8 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 1672
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