Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

2433 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'A' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Azzat Gazelle 2 Boy-E
Azzam Determined; Resolved 22 Boy-E
Az-ZÂhir The manifest 7 Boy-E
Az-Zahir The manifest one 8 Boy-E
Azraqi He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah 9 Boy-E
Azraq Blue; Name of a companion of the prophet 9 Boy-E
Azoom Determined 7 Boy-E
Azmat The greatness 7 Boy-E
Azlan Lion 9 Boy-E
Azlaan Lion 1 Boy-E
Azim Famous; On the top; Heights; Greatest; Determined 22 Boy-E
Azib Sweet 2 Boy-E
Azhmeer Clever; Wise 4 Boy-E
Azher Famous 4 Boy-E
Azharuddin Urdu Name Formed from Arabic Azhar (most Prominent; Most Visible) and Ad-deen (the Religion; Which Refers to Islam); The Full Meaning is One who Clarifies and Explains the Religion 7 Boy-E
Azhar Flowers; Blossoms; The most shining; Luminous 9 Boy-E
Azhagesan 1 Boy-E
Azhagar Name of a God in a temple in Madurai 8 Boy-E
Azhagan Lord Murugan; One who is handsome 4 Boy-E
Azfer Leader 11 Boy-E
Azeez Beloved; Friend; Comrade; Dear 9 Boy-E
Azees Servant of the Mighty; The Powerful 2 Boy-E
Azeem Famous; On the top; Heights; Greatest 5 Boy-E
Azeebah Sweet; A narrator of Hadith 3 Boy-E
Azeeb Amazing 3 Boy-E
Azban Fresh 8 Boy-E
Azb Sweet 11 Boy-E
Azaz Strong one 9 Boy-E
Azarudeen Sushanths friend 5 Boy-E
Azari Maidens 1 Boy-E
Azan to listen, to hear, be informed about 6 Boy-E
Azam Great and mighty 5 Boy-E
Azad Free; Independent 5 Boy-E
Azaan Call for the prayer 7 Boy-E
Azaadbir Fearless 8 Boy-E
Ayyub Ayyub was a prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship, there have been other noted men by this name, for instance, Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-sakhtiyani 2 Boy-E
Ayyash Bread seller 7 Boy-E
Ayyappan Ever youthful; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Ayyappadas Sevak of Lord Ayyappa (Attendant of Lord Ayyappa) 1 Boy-E
Ayyappa Lord Ayyappa 4 Boy-E
Ayyapan Ever youthful; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva 11 Boy-E
Ayyapa Youthful 6 Boy-E
Ayyan Someone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God 3 Boy-E
Ayusman Unique 22 Boy-E
Ayushya Life Span 1 Boy-E
Ayushman Blessed with long life 3 Boy-E
Ayushmaan Blessed with long life 4 Boy-E
Ayush Age; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life 2 Boy-E
Ayurved Pure; Organic 6 Boy-E
Ayub A prophet of Allah 4 Boy-E
Ayshman Unique 9 Boy-E
Ayoob A prophet of Allah 22 Boy-E
Ayoj Fast 6 Boy-E
Ayog Institution 3 Boy-E
Ayodhya Place where Lord Rama born 7 Boy-E
Ayobaahu One of the Kauravas 11 Boy-E
Ayman Lucky; On the right 9 Boy-E
Aymaan Lucky; On the right 1 Boy-E
Ayish Alive 8 Boy-E
Ayiq Larkspur 7 Boy-E
Ayilyam Model state of india 5 Boy-E
Ayham Imaginary 3 Boy-E
Aydin Brilliant; Enlightened; Intelligent; Light of the Moon 8 Boy-E
Aybak Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian 4 Boy-E
Ayaz Respected and enduring; A sincere slave of Mahmood; The king once upon a time 8 Boy-E
Ayavanth Lord Shiva 11 Boy-E
Ayansh The first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 5 Boy-E
Ayank The Moon 7 Boy-E
Ayananta Straight forward 5 Boy-E
Ayan The pathway to the Sun 5 Boy-E
Ayain Narrator; Quick minded 5 Boy-E
Ayaaz Respected and enduring; A sincere slave of Mahmood; The king once upon a time 9 Boy-E
Ayaansh The first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 6 Boy-E
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God 6 Boy-E
Awesh Awesh means passion; Josh in hindi 2 Boy-E
Aweel Intelligent 1 Boy-E
Awdhesh King of Ayodhya, King Dasaratha 5 Boy-E
Awayed Habit 5 Boy-E
Awas Moderate; Average 8 Boy-E
Awarif Intelligent 4 Boy-E
Awan Quality 3 Boy-E
Awah 6 Boy-E
Awadhesh King of Ayodhya 6 Boy-E
Awad Reward; Compensation 11 Boy-E
Avyukth Crystal clear; Lord Krishna; Unambiguous mind 9 Boy-E
Avyukta Inexpressible; Crystal clear 2 Boy-E
Avyukt Crystal clear or Lord Krishna or clear mind 1 Boy-E
Avyayaprabhu Imperishable Lord 6 Boy-E
Avyaya Lord Shiv 3 Boy-E
Avyan Eloquent 9 Boy-E
Avyaktha Laughter; Chandra (Moon); Beautiful; Handsome; Grandson of prophet Mohammed 8 Boy-E
Avyaansh The offering; Name of Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Avya To arrive or to inform; The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure 4 Boy-E
Avtar Incarnate; Holy incarnation 8 Boy-E
Avtaar Incarnate; Holy incarnation 9 Boy-E
Avro Sensitive; Dream 2 Boy-E
Avniel Father; Strong 9 Boy-E
Avnesh Lord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh 6 Boy-E
Avnendra Angel of God on Earth; King of the Earth 7 Boy-E
Avneesh Lord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh; Ruler 11 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 2433
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with A

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Boy names beginning with A will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.