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Abdus Salaam

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Servant of the all-peaceable Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Abdus Salaam

Name Meaning Numerology
abdus A narrator of Hadith 11
abdus sabour Servant of the patient 6
abdus sabur Slave of the forbearing 9
abdus salaam Servant of the all-peaceable 22
abdus salam Servant of the all-peaceable 3
abdus samad Servant of the eternal 22
abdus sameei Servant of the all-hearing 9
abdus sami Servant of the all-hearing (Allah) 8
abdus sattar Slave of the one who conceals faults 9
abdus shafi Slave of the healer 9
abdus shaheed Servant of the witness; the Slave of the witness 7
abdus shakur Servant of the appreciative 8
abdus subbooh Slave of the extremely pure 3
abdus subhan Servant of the glory (Allah) 4
abdus subooh Slave of the extremely pure 1
abduz zahir Slave of the manifest 8
ayyappadas Sevak of Lord Ayyappa (Attendant of Lord Ayyappa) 1