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Kanya Rashi Names For Girl

99 Hindu Girl Names For 'Kanya' Rashi Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Padmashree Divine lotus 9 Girl
Padmashri Divine lotus 8 Girl
Padmasree Divine lotus 1 Girl
Padnuni Lotus 7 Girl
Pakshalika On the right path 8 Girl
Palaksi White 6 Girl
Palashini Green; Covered in greenery; A river 8 Girl
Pankajakshi Lotus eyed 11 Girl
Panyasree Beauty & goodness of the Moon 5 Girl
Parajika A Raagini 4 Girl
Paramita Wisdom 7 Girl
Paravana Light 11 Girl
Parbarti Surrender 4 Girl
Pardhvi Lovely 6 Girl
Pareshka To Challenge 7 Girl
Parimala Fragrance 8 Girl
Parimitaa A moderate woman 7 Girl
Parineeta Expert; Complete; Knowledge; Married 8 Girl
Parineetha Expert; Complete; Knowledge; Married 7 Girl
Parinisha 5 Girl
Parinita Expert; Complete; Knowledge; Married 7 Girl
Parinitha Expert; Complete; Knowledge; Married 6 Girl
Parinithi Matured 5 Girl
Pariniti Bird 6 Girl
Parinta Auspicious Apsara; Complete; Expert; Married woman 7 Girl
Parishna Lovely; Love for Life 5 Girl
Parivita Extremely free 6 Girl
Pariyat Flower 9 Girl
Parmila Wisdom 7 Girl
Parmita Wisdom 6 Girl
Parvani Full Moon; A festival; A special day 9 Girl
Parveen Star; The Pleiades 9 Girl
Pauloini Consort of Lord Indra 7 Girl
Paushuwali A girl born during the month of Pausa, As shuwali in Bangla means girl, hence the name Paushuwali 5 Girl
Pavanika Belongs to the Lord of air; Devotee of Lord Hanuman 3 Girl
Pavishika 6 Girl
Pavishka Nature 6 Girl
Paviska Simple 7 Girl
Pinakini Bow shaped; Armed with a bow; A river 11 Girl
Piramila Queen of world 7 Girl
Piranitha 6 Girl
Poornathva Perfection 4 Girl
Poorvijha 6 Girl
Poovithana 4 Girl
Pradanya Wisdom 8 Girl
Pradeepta Glowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing 5 Girl
Pradeeptha Glowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing 4 Girl
Pradipta Glowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing 4 Girl
Praditya Light of education; Pratham Aditya (first Sun) 4 Unisex
Pradnaya Knowledge; Wisdom; Buddhi 8 Girl
Pradnya Knowledge; Wisdom; Buddhi 7 Girl
Pradyuta To begin to shine 7 Girl
Prafulla Pleasant; Cheerful 6 Unisex
Pragalbha Goddess Durga; Bold or confident woman; An epithet of Durga; Wise; Fearless; Serious; Powerful 3 Girl
Pragnya Scholar 1 Girl
Prajakta Fragrant flower 6 Girl
Prajkta Name of Flower 5 Girl
Prajvala Eternal flame 9 Girl
Prajwala Eternal flame 1 Girl
Prakalpa Project 4 Girl
Prakamya 5 Girl
Prakrithi Nature; Beautiful; Weather 11 Girl
Pramlocha Beauty of beauties 6 Girl
Pranasya 5 Girl
Pranavya 8 Girl
Prantika End 9 Girl
Praphulla Flowering 6 Girl
Prarthana Prayer 7 Girl
Prasanya Happy 5 Girl
Prashabdi 6 Girl
Prashasti Fame; Praise 3 Girl
Prashvita Goddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva 6 Girl
Prasidhhi Famous 11 Girl
Prasunna A flower; Beautiful flowers; Cheerful; Pleased; Happy 5 Girl
Prathulya Incomparable 5 Girl
Prathyusha Saisudha; Early morning; Dawn 11 Girl
Pratishtha Pre-eminence 3 Girl
Pratistha Pre-eminence 4 Girl
Prattusha Beautiful. soft 7 Girl
Prattysha Morning 11 Girl
Pratushya Bright morning 3 Girl
Pratyaksha One who is real 3 Girl
Pratyaya Perception; Thought; Intention 8 Girl
Pratyusha Bright morning 3 Girl
Pravashthi 5 Girl
Pravashti 6 Girl
Pravasthi Birth 6 Girl
Pravasti 7 Girl
Pravasya 4 Girl
Prayerna Bhakti; Worship 8 Girl
Prayukta Experimented 5 Girl
Preyanshi Lovable part 7 Girl
Prityusha Early morning 11 Girl
Prosmita Quite a girl 3 Girl
Protyasha Expectation 6 Girl
Pulakitha Shivering with Joy 9 Girl
Pulkita Embraced 9 Girl
Puloma Delighted 6 Girl
Pushpasri Bunch of flowers 1 Girl