Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With J

383 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'J' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jaan Beloved; Life; Sing 8 Girl-E
Jaimi Pet form of James used as a woman's name 6 Girl-E
Jaina Victory; Good character 8 Girl-E
Jaini Gift from God; Victorious 7 Girl-E
Jaiti Welcome; Winning 22 Girl-E
Jana Born bravery 8 Girl-E
Jandi Spirit of pink 2 Girl-E
Jansi Lifelike; Rising the Sun 8 Girl-E
Jasu Brainy 6 Girl-E
Jasvi Determination; The One who Gets Credits 7 Girl-E
Jawa Flower 8 Girl-E
Jaya Goddess Durga; Victory; Conquest; Name of Parvati who was the daughter of Daksh and the consort of Shiva; The 3rd, 8 th or 13th lunar days of either half-month; Name of Durga 1 Girl-E
Jeel Silent lake; Jharna 5 Girl-E
Jeeva Life; Immortal 7 Girl-E
Jeevaa Life; Immortal 8 Girl-E
Jeiya Sweet heart; To live 5 Girl-E
Jenu Well-born; Noble 5 Girl-E
Jhansi Life like; Rising the Sun 7 Girl-E
Jheel Silent lake 22 Girl-E
Jhia Heart touching 1 Girl-E
Jhuma Childs plaything 8 Girl-E
Jia Heart; Sweet heart 11 Girl-E
Jigi Goddess Laxmi; To conquer 8 Girl-E
Jill Silent lake 7 Girl-E
Jini Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer 6 Girl-E
Jinsha Possessive 7 Girl-E
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living 2 Girl-E
Jissy A variant of Jesse; God exists 1 Girl-E
Jitha Having conquered 3 Girl-E
Jithi Victory; Victorious 11 Girl-E
Jiti Victory; Victorious 3 Girl-E
Jivaa Life; Immortal 7 Girl-E
Jivi Life; Immortal 5 Girl-E
Jiya Heart; Sweet heart 9 Girl-E
Jnana Knowledge 4 Girl-E
Jodha Princess 2 Girl-E
Joly Cheerful 8 Girl-E
Jothi Lamp - removes dark ness 8 Girl-E
Joufi Joyful 7 Girl-E
Juhi A flower, Jasmine; Light 3 Girl-E
Jui A flower 4 Girl-E
Juma Born on a friday 9 Girl-E
Jaanya Life; Born; Lovable; Father; Friend 7 Girl-E
Jaisvi Victory 7 Girl-E
Jaisya Jayamulu kalugunu 2 Girl-E
Jalpa Discussion 4 Girl-E
Janma Is associated with Lord Murugan 3 Girl-E
Jashvi One who gets credit 6 Girl-E
Jashwi One who gets credit 7 Girl-E
Jassi One who sits 4 Girl-E
Jayoti One who wins 8 Girl-E
Jency God has blessed 3 Girl-E
Jensi God has blessed 3 Girl-E
Jenya Truth; Original; Noble 1 Girl-E
Jenye 5 Girl-E
Jeshri Victory; Right; Singing 6 Girl-E
Jesri Victory; Right; Singing 7 Girl-E
Jessi Gift of God 8 Girl-E
Jessy God beholds 6 Girl-E
Jigna Intellectual curiosity 5 Girl-E
Jigya Curiosity to know 7 Girl-E
Jilpa Life giving 3 Girl-E
Jincy cute 7 Girl-E
Jithya Victorious 1 Girl-E
Jivya Arrow; Light; Brilliant 22 Girl-E
Josya Delightful 7 Girl-E
Jushti Love; Service 6 Girl-E
Jvala Flame 1 Girl-E
Jyena Princess 1 Girl-E
Jyota Brilliant 8 Girl-E
Jaagariti Is wakeful 4 Girl-E
Jaagravi Alert; Awake; Watchful; King 6 Girl-E
Jaagriti Existence; Awakening 3 Girl-E
Jaagruthi Awakening 5 Girl-E
Jaahanvi Moon light; Ganga river 3 Girl-E
Jaahnavi River Ganga 3 Girl-E
Jaamini Night; Flower 3 Girl-E
Jaanaki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak 2 Girl-E
Jaanavi Ganga - the river; As precious as your life 22 Girl-E
Jaanvhi The river Ganga 11 Girl-E
Jaanvi Ganga - the river; As precious as your life 3 Girl-E
Jaashwi Proud of self 8 Girl-E
Jabeen Affection; Preeti; Motherly love, Maternal love; Deep; Attachment 1 Girl-E
Jabeene Forehead; Intelligence 6 Girl-E
Jagatee The Earth; Of the universe; Bestowed with speed 22 Girl-E
Jagathi The Earth; Of the universe; People; Both heaven and hell 11 Girl-E
Jagati The Earth; Of the universe; People; Both heaven and hell 3 Girl-E
Jagavi Born of the world; Worldly 5 Girl-E
Jagriti Vigilance; Awareness 11 Girl-E
Jagruthi Awakening 4 Girl-E
Jagruti Vigilance; Awareness 5 Girl-E
Jagvi Born of the world; Worldly 22 Girl-E
Jahaira From a Arabian descent and means jewel 3 Girl-E
Jahita 22 Girl-E
Jailaya Victorious and Laya means Layam in music 5 Girl-E
Jailekha A record of victory 3 Girl-E
Jaiman Victorious 3 Girl-E
Jaimuni Name of the sage 5 Girl-E
Jainel Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 6 Girl-E
Jainisha God of Jains; Find 8 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 383
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Popular Hindu Girl names beginning with J

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Girl names beginning with J will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.