Easy To Pronounce Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With U

19 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'U' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ubab (اوباب) Waves; Heavy rain 8 Girl-E
Ubah (اوباہ) Flower 5 Girl-E
Ubayaa () Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Udoola (اودولا) Justified 5 Girl-E
Ufaq (اوفاق) Bright Sky 9 Girl-E
Uhud (اوحود) Commitment; Pledge; Delegation 9 Girl-E
Ulima () Astute; Wise 2 Girl-E
Umaira (اومایرا) Second Khalifah 9 Girl-E
Umaiza (اومایزا) Bright; Beautiful and soft hearted 8 Girl-E
Umama (اوماما) Grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad 4 Girl-E
Unaisa (اونیسا) Sweetheart 2 Girl-E
Unaiza (عونایزا) Sheep; Goat; Name of a valley 9 Girl-E
Unaza (اونازا) The only 9 Girl-E
Unsa (اونسا) Woman 1 Girl-E
Urooba (عوروبا) A woman who loves her husband 9 Girl-E
Uroosa (عوروسا) Bride; Happiness 8 Girl-E
Urusha (اوروشا) Forgiving; Generous; Bountiful 7 Girl-E
Ushna (اوشنا) Beautiful girl 9 Girl-E
Uswa (اوسوا) Sunnah; Practice 1 Girl-E