Tula Rashi Names For Boy

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Raag Musical, To bring to life, Love, Beauty, Vigour, Passion, Desire vigour, Melody, King Sun, Moon, A form of Indian classical music 9 Boy
Raaz Secret 1 Boy
Raazi Thankful of anybody, Satisfied, Contended, Pleased 1 Boy
Raghu The family of Lord Rama 1 Boy
Rahi Traveler 9 Boy
Raj King 11 Boy
Raja King, Hope 3 Boy
Raju Prosperity 5 Boy
Raksh Reducer of the number of demons 3 Boy
Ram Lord Rama, God, Supreme spirit 5 Boy
Rambh Support, Bamboo 6 Boy
Ramu Lord Vishnu, Another name for Rama 8 Boy
Ran Strong defender, War, Joy, Noise 6 Boy
Rana Of elegant, Statue, Soft, Joy, Jewel, To gaze, Look 7 Boy
Ranh Voice, Audible 5 Boy
Ransh Aparajit, Another name of Ram 6 Boy
Raul Versatile 7 Boy
Ravee The Sun, Expert or skilled 6 Boy
Ravi Delighted, Satisfied, Hope, Expectation, Wish, The Sun, Expert or skilled, Fire 5 Boy
Ray Beam of light 8 Boy
Rebh Singer of praise 6 Boy
Redu Elf counsel 3 Boy
Reedh Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 4 Boy
Reet Jasmine, Soothing, Purifying, Hymn, Prosperous, Universal plentiful 3 Boy
Reeth Tradition, Culture 11 Boy
Rev The sacred Narmada river, Moving 9 Boy
Rig King, A vedic text 7 Boy
Ripu Enemy 1 Boy
Rish Brave & dominant ruler 9 Boy
Rishi Pleasure, Sage, Ray of light, Wise, Pious, Light 9 Boy
Rishon First 11 Boy
Risu To rise, Honest 22 Boy
Ronny Rules with counsel. form of ronald from reynold 5 Boy
Rony Holy name 9 Boy
Ruch Radiant, Bright, Brilliant, Good, Attractive 5 Boy
Rup Look, Blessed with beauty, Shape, Beauty 1 Boy
Rushi Sag 3 Boy
Taha Pure 3 Boy
Taksh King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood 5 Boy
Taksha King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood 6 Boy
Tansh Beautiful 8 Boy
Tanshu Quite nature, Attractive 2 Boy
Tarsh Wish, Thirst, Desire, Shapely, Profit, Boat, Ocean, Sun boat 3 Boy
Taya Jayam 11 Boy
Tej Light, Lustrous, Power, Brilliance, Glory, Security 8 Boy
Tejai To glow 9 Boy
Temy Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Tenu Good 6 Boy
Tika Auspicious symbol in the forehead 5 Boy
Tinku A very common nick name of boys in in india 3 Boy
Toru Bull 2 Boy
Tosh Pleasure, Satisfaction 8 Boy
Tuka Young boy 8 Boy
Tula Balance scale, Zodiac sign libra 9 Boy
Rakta One who has red colored body 6 Boy
Rarna Pleasing. An alternative name of the Hindu Lord Vishnu 7 Boy
Reddy Leader 11 Boy
Rhivu Manasputra of Lord Brahma, One who is begotten through a boon 6 Boy
Rishta Relation 3 Boy
Rishva Noble, Great, Lord Indra 5 Boy
Robbie Abbreviation of robert famed: bright: shining 6 Boy
Rommo Funny, Comedy 11 Boy
Rudr Fearsome, Name of Lord Shiva, The terrible, God of storms, Thunder and lightning 7 Boy
Rudro Shiv 4 Boy
Rukm Gold 9 Boy
Taanvi Slender, Beautiful, Delicate 22 Boy
Tabbu Height 1 Boy
Taksa King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood (A son of bharata) 7 Boy
Tamra Copper red 8 Boy
Tantra Reincarnated 2 Boy
Tapat Born of the Sun, Warming 4 Boy
Tasmee Love 9 Boy
Tasya Abbreviation of Anastasia 'one who will be reborn. 3 Boy
Tathya Fact, Truth, Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Tatva Element 1 Boy
Tatya Fact, Truth, Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Teerth Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage 4 Boy
Timmy Disciple of paul 8 Boy
Tirth Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage 3 Boy
Tirtha Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage 4 Boy
Trianksh Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Tuksa Suggest meaning 9 Boy
Tunda Lord Shiva, Mouth, Face, The point of An instrument, A name of Shiva 6 Boy
Tushya Satisfied, Lord Shiva 22 Boy
Tusya Satisfied, Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Tyag Sacrifice 8 Boy
Raadhak Generous, Liberal 8 Boy
Raadhik Generous, Successful, Wealthy 7 Boy
Raagav Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God 5 Boy
Raaghav Lord Rama, A descendent of Raghu, A patronymic of Ramachandra 4 Boy
Raahul Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Buddha) 7 Boy
Raajak Radiant Prince, Brilliant, Ruler 6 Boy
Raajan King, Royal 9 Boy
Raajas Silvery, Dust, Mist, Passion, Endowed with zest for life and its pleasures 5 Boy
Rabek God is One 1 Boy
Raben Sunny, A bird 22 Boy
Rachet Lord Varun, Wise 1 Boy
Rachit Invention 5 Boy
Radhak Generous, Liberal 7 Boy
Radhav Lord Krishna, Beloved of Radha 9 Boy
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