Most Popular Indian Hindu Girl Names Of 2016

100 Top 100 Girl Names - 2016
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaira The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 3 Girl
Aanchal Shelter; The decorative end of a sari 22 Girl
Aanchi Positive energy; Soulful 9 Girl
Aaniha Indifferent 7 Girl
Aanika Goddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone 1 Girl
Aanvy Name of a Goddess 9 Girl
Aaradhya Worshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh 5 Girl
Aarani Aarani also another name of Goddess Lakshmi amman;It’s a city in Tamil Nadu thats well known for sarees; 8 Girl
Aaravya Sun Rise; starting of something new 6 Girl
Aardra 6th Nakshatra; Wet 7 Girl
Aaridhya To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be worshipped 4 Girl
Aaritra One who shows the right path; Navigator 5 Girl
Aashi Smile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 2 Girl
Aashvi Blessed and victorious; Little Mare 6 Girl
Aatvi Energy 8 Girl
Aayushi One with long life; Long-lived 3 Girl
Advaika Unique 22 Girl
Adwaitha Non duality; One without a second 4 Girl
Ahana Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun 7 Girl
Ahna Exist 6 Girl
Akshara Letters; Goddess Saraswati 5 Girl
Alia Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering 5 Girl
Amishi Pure 5 Girl
Amiti Immeasurable; Boundless 7 Girl
Ananshi Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Ananya Goddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others; Charming 2 Girl
Anavika A Figure 5 Girl
Aniha Indifferent 6 Girl
Ankshika It’s derived from the root word - anksh that means a fraction, Ankshika means the fraction of the cosmos 11 Girl
Anshvi Portion; Part of Things; Part of Body 1 Girl
Anushthi 1 Girl
Anvee One of the devi's names; Name of a Goddess 2 Girl
Anvisha Goddess; Extraordinary Beauty; Adored Woman 11 Girl
Anvita Who bridges the gap; Reasoned; Understood 22 Girl
Arini Adventurous 6 Girl
Arnika Goddess Durga 9 Girl
Ashree One of the names of Goddess Durga 11 Girl
Avishka To Invent; God Gifted; Sun 8 Girl
Avyushi Kindness 6 Girl
Birva Leaf 7 Girl
Brija Seed 22 Girl
Chhavi Reflection; Image; Radiance 6 Girl
Chirasvi Beautiful Smile; Long Lasting Beauty 8 Girl
Dharvi Goddess Parvati 8 Girl
Dhviti Second 9 Girl
Ditya Answer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl
Druvika A Star; Firm; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Grahi Accepting 7 Girl
Greesha Vigilant 9 Girl
Hitanshi Simplicity and purity 7 Girl
Hrushali 6 Girl
Iha The Earth; Desire; Labour; Exertion; Endeavour 9 Girl
Ira A devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala; To be present in latent; United; Noble 1 Girl
Irshita Goddess Saraswati 3 Girl
Ishika An arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush; Daughter of God 3 Girl
Kaashvi Shining; Bright; Glowing 8 Girl
Kavyashri Poetry in motion 6 Girl
Keyura Armlet 9 Girl
Krima Dirty Girl who is pretty 7 Girl
Krina Beautiful 8 Girl
Kriva Gift from god; Unique 7 Girl
Lavishka Lovely; Lavish 11 Girl
Miraan Princely; Princes 11 Girl
Mitiksha A wonder 9 Girl
Mruda Goddess Parvati; Affectionate 3 Girl
Naysha 5 Girl
Nirvani Goddess of bliss 6 Girl
Nityshree Immortal 6 Girl
Nivedya Offering to God 8 Girl
Niyati Necessity; Restriction; The fixed order of things; Destiny; Fate 6 Girl
Pal King; Guardian; Moment 11 Girl
Pehal The start 6 Girl
Prachi East; Orient 1 Girl
Prakshi One who protects light 1 Girl
Pranidhi Spy 7 Girl
Pranika Goddess Parvati 7 Girl
Pranita Promoted; Led; Created; Grown; Holy water; A cup used in rituals 7 Girl
Riva maiden 5 Girl
Rohati To grow 8 Girl
Saanavi Sanvi or Goddess Lakshmi 22 Girl
Sahita Being near; The Lord Saibaba message 22 Girl
Sanaya Eminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun 7 Girl
Sanvika Goddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed 5 Girl
Sanvita Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Sanya Eminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday 6 Girl
Saranya Surrendered 7 Girl
Shailee Style; Carved in rock; Face; Habit 5 Girl
Shilna Perfectly created 9 Girl
Shilpi Artist 1 Girl
Shishta Goodness; Used in Goddess Durga mata's Mantra 3 Girl
Shraya Shresth (Best) 9 Girl
Shrutika Goddess Parvati; It is another name of Goddess Sharada, as Shrut Devi 8 Girl
Sriprada Goddess Saraswati 5 Girl
Suchi Pure; Bright; Holy; Worthy 6 Girl
Swati A Nakshatra; Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati 9 Girl
Vedika Full of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 7 Girl
Venuhya They are Responsible; Loving; Idealistic 6 Girl
Virash 5 Girl
Yakshitha Wonder girl 3 Girl
Yana Slavic; God is gracious; A new birth 5 Girl
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