Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Kaamiya Beautiful; Capable 7 Girl-E
Kaavya Poetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7 Girl-E
Kahini Youthful; Spirited; Young 7 Girl-E
Kaira Peaceful; Unique; Lady 22 Girl-E
Kairvi Moonlight 7 Girl-E
Kaisha Flower 22 Girl-E
Kajal Muscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes 8 Girl-E
Kalapini Peacock; Night; Moon; Peacock tail blue 1 Girl-E
Kalnisha Eve of diwali 3 Girl-E
Kalpini Night 9 Girl-E
Kalpita Imagined; Creative; Invented 7 Girl-E
Kalyani Auspicious; Excellent; Fortune; Welfare; A sacred cow; Another name for Parvati welfare 1 Girl-E
Kamakhya Goddess Durga, Giver of desires, A form of Durga 8 Girl-E
Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes 1 Girl-E
Kamakya Goddess Durga, Granter of wishes 9 Girl-E
Kamalini A Lotus plant; A pond full of Lotuses; Beautiful; Auspicious 7 Girl-E
Kameswari Goddess Parvati; The Lord of desires; She is the queen of transcendental lust 1 Girl-E
Kamini Desirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman 3 Girl-E
Kamna Desire 4 Girl-E
Kamya Beautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 6 Girl-E
Kanasu Dream 4 Girl-E
Kaneshka Small 7 Girl-E
Kanika An atom; Small; Girl 2 Girl-E
Kanira Grain 9 Girl-E
Kanisha Beautiful 9 Girl-E
Kanmani Precious like An eye 9 Girl-E
Kanushi Beloved 11 Girl-E
Kapila Yellowish brown coloured; Name of the celestial cow; Fragrance; Kapish, Kuhp-ihsh; Lord of the monkeys; Golden incense; Another name for Shiva and the Sun 5 Girl-E
Kareena A pure; Innocent; Female friend; Manner; Mode; Order; 1 Girl-E
Karisha A miracle 4 Girl-E
Kartiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in the month of Kartik 7 Girl-E
Karuna Compassion; Mercy; Gentleness 3 Girl-E
Kashika The Shiny one 6 Girl-E
Kashni Flower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi 8 Girl-E
Kashti A canoe 5 Girl-E
Kashvi Shining; Bright; Glowing 7 Girl-E
Kashyapi Earth; Belonging to Kashyap 9 Girl-E
Kaumudi Moonlight; Full Moon 8 Girl-E
Kaushali Skilful 1 Girl-E
Kaushey Silken 9 Girl-E
Kaushika Silk; Cup 9 Girl-E
Kaveri Name of a river 3 Girl-E
Kavia Poetry in motion; Poem; Laden with the sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 8 Girl-E
Kavini Composes beautiful poems 3 Girl-E
Kavishri Goddess Lakshmi; Poetess 7 Girl-E
Kavita A poem 1 Girl-E
Kavni A small poem 3 Girl-E
Kavya Poetry in motion; Poem; Laden with the sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 6 Girl-E
Kavyasri Poetry having 18 good characters; Poetry in motion 7 Girl-E
Kavyasudha 5 Girl-E
Keesha Immense joy; God is gracious 22 Girl-E
Kejal Eyeliner; Kohl 3 Girl-E
Kenali 7 Girl-E
Kesha Immense joy; God is gracious 8 Girl-E
Keshi A woman with beautiful hair 7 Girl-E
Ketika Flower 3 Girl-E
Ketki A cream colored flower; A flower 2 Girl-E
Kevanshi Part of lotus 8 Girl-E
Keyuri Armlet 8 Girl-E
Kimi Noble; Secret; Righteous 6 Girl-E
Kina Intelligence 8 Girl-E
Kinaari Shore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth 9 Girl-E
Kinari Shore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth 8 Girl-E
Kiranya Money 7 Girl-E
Kirtana Hymn, A song in praise of God 11 Girl-E
Kirthika Famous action 6 Girl-E
Kiya The cooing of a bird; Melodious; Pure; Happy; Beloved pure 1 Girl-E
Komal Tender; Beautiful; Delicate; Gentle; Soft; Sweet 7 Girl-E
Koumudi Moonlight; Full Moon 4 Girl-E
Kreema 8 Girl-E
Kreesha Divine; Thin 4 Girl-E
Krinal Brave 11 Girl-E
Krisha Divine; Thin 3 Girl-E
Krishi Agriculture; Farming 11 Girl-E
Krishika Grower; Prosperity 5 Girl-E
Krishti Culture; Mostly referring to the rich Indian culture; Sanstriki 4 Girl-E
Krishya Tensity of purpose 1 Girl-E
Krisshia Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva 4 Girl-E
Kritika Name of a star; Well starred; From the Nakshatra Kritika 7 Girl-E
Kritu Grace; Favor 7 Girl-E
Krshnavi The thing which is sweetest to Lord Krishna 3 Girl-E
Krupali Who always forgives 7 Girl-E
Krushi Hard work 5 Girl-E
Ksema Safety; Security; Welfare; Tranquility; Goddess Durga 4 Girl-E
Kshiti Earth; Home; Soil; Races of men 4 Girl-E
Kumuda The pleasure of the Earth; Flower; Joy of the planet; Water lily; Lotus 8 Girl-E
Kumudini A lotus 3 Girl-E
Kunisha Cuckoo, Nightingale 11 Girl-E
Kusha Talented 6 Girl-E
Kushali Clever 9 Girl-E
Kusumita Blossomed; Flowers in bloom 7 Girl-E
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