Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Paavani Purifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred 1 Girl-E
Padmal Lotus 2 Girl-E
Pahel To start 6 Girl-E
Pahi Petal of a flower 7 Girl-E
Pakhi Bird 9 Girl-E
Pal King; Guardian; Moment 11 Girl-E
Palakshi White 5 Girl-E
Pallavi New leaves; A shoot; Young 1 Girl-E
Pallvi New leaves; A shoot; Young 9 Girl-E
Pameela Honey 8 Girl-E
Panavi Happy 9 Girl-E
Panishka Water inherent; Soft water; Cool evening 7 Girl-E
Pankita Line; Sentence 9 Girl-E
Paramita Wisdom 7 Girl-E
Paravi Bird 4 Girl-E
Parbarti Surrender 4 Girl-E
Pari Beauty; Fairy; Angel 8 Girl-E
Parina Fairy 5 Girl-E
Parinita Expert; Complete; Knowledge; Married 7 Girl-E
Pariniti Bird 6 Girl-E
Parisa Like Paris; Fairy or like a fairy; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Parishi Like a fairy; Beautiful; Like an Angel 8 Girl-E
Parita In each direction 11 Girl-E
Parivita Extremely free 6 Girl-E
Parmita Wisdom 6 Girl-E
Parna Leaf 5 Girl-E
Parnavi Bird 9 Girl-E
Parni Leafy 4 Girl-E
Parnika Creeper; A small leaf; Goddess Parvati 7 Girl-E
Parnita Auspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel) 7 Girl-E
Parnvi Bird 8 Girl-E
Parthivi Goddess Sita; Princess 4 Girl-E
Parushi The beautiful and intelligent 11 Girl-E
Parvi Festival 3 Girl-E
Parvini Festival 8 Girl-E
Pashmina Shawl 9 Girl-E
Pava 4 Girl-E
Pavana Holy; Sacred; Freshness; Purity 1 Girl-E
Pavanika Belongs to the Lord of air; Devotee of Lord Hanuman 3 Girl-E
Pavika Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6 Girl-E
Pavishika 6 Girl-E
Pavishna Divine; Beauty of Goddess 9 Girl-E
Pearl Grand 7 Girl-E
Pearly Pearl; Pearly just similar to Pearl 5 Girl-E
Peehu She is great; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 1 Girl-E
Peya Everyone's favorite 2 Girl-E
Pinakini Bow shaped; Armed with a bow; A river 11 Girl-E
Pinal God of child 7 Girl-E
Pinky Like a Rose; Pinkish 3 Girl-E
Piyusha Milk; Amrit; Drink that makes one immortal 9 Girl-E
Pooja Idol worship 3 Girl-E
Poorva Earlier; One; Elder; East 6 Girl-E
Praachi East; Orient 11 Girl-E
Prachiti Experience & realisation 3 Girl-E
Pragati Progress 9 Girl-E
Pragya Lord Vishnu; Prowess 5 Girl-E
Prahasa Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Prahasini Continues smiling Girl 5 Girl-E
Prajna Goddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman; Intelligence; Understanding; Discernment; Wisdom personified as Goddess Sarasvati; Insight 6 Girl-E
Prajna  Goddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman; Intelligence; Understanding; Discernment; Wisdom personified as Goddess Sarasvati; Insight 6 Girl-E
Pramita Best friend; Wisdom 6 Girl-E
Pratigya Pledge; Vow 7 Girl-E
Pratiksha Hope; Waiting for something 4 Girl-E
Pratima Beautiful; pleasant; Icon; Idol; Statue 6 Girl-E
Prayushi Pure 9 Girl-E
Preeksha Viewer; Beholding; Viewing 11 Girl-E
Preety Affection; Love 8 Girl-E
Preksha Viewer; Beholding; Viewing 6 Girl-E
Prema Love; Beloved 8 Girl-E
Premala Loving 3 Girl-E
Presha Talent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 4 Girl-E
Prexa A form of the name, Preksha 1 Girl-E
Preya Beloved 11 Girl-E
Prinaka A girl who brings Heaven to Earth 7 Girl-E
Prisha Talent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 8 Girl-E
Prishita Gentle; Creative and Ambitious; God 1 Girl-E
Prism 3 Girl-E
Prital Loved one 4 Girl-E
Priya Loved one; Darling; Beloved 6 Girl-E
Priyal loved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love 9 Girl-E
Priyam Love; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Priyangi Goddess Lakshmi; Lovely body 9 Girl-E
Priyani Loved One 11 Girl-E
Priyanka Beautiful; Lovable act; Symbol; Body 5 Girl-E
Priyanshi Lovable; Dear; Loving 11 Girl-E
Priyasha Dear one 7 Girl-E
Prushti Pink 3 Girl-E
Pujita Prayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess 5 Girl-E
Punita Love; Pure; Sacred; Devout 9 Girl-E
Purna Complete 7 Girl-E
Purva Earlier; One; Elder; East 6 Girl-E
Purvi A classical melody; From the east 5 Girl-E
Purvika Orient; Formerly 8 Girl-E
Pushpita Decorated with flowers; One that has flowered 11 Girl-E
Pushya 8th Nakshathra 9 Girl-E
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