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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vaarahi (வாராஹீ) One who rides on Varaah, Is one of the Matrikas, A group of seven or eight mother Godessess in the Hindu religion 6 Girl-E
Vachya (வாச்ய) Goddess Sita; To be spoken; Expressed; Another name of Sita 6 Girl-E
Vadanshi (வாதஂஷீ) New element 6 Girl-E
Vadhana (வதநா) Bright star 6 Girl-E
Vainavi (வைநாவீ) Gold 6 Girl-E
Vaishnavi (வைஷ்ணவீ) Worshipper of Lord Vishnu; The personified energy of Vishnu 6 Girl-E
Vaishodevi (வைஷ்ணோதேவீ) A devotee of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati 6 Girl-E
Vaiyushi (வையுஷீ) Loved by everyone and respectful to everyone 6 Girl-E
Valarmathi (வலரமதீ) Growing Moon 6 Girl-E
Vanajakshi (வநஜாக்ஷீ) Forest queen 6 Girl-E
Vanchita (வஂசிதா) Desired; Precious; Loved 6 Girl-E
Vandhitha (வந்திதா) Thanking; Adored; Praised; Saluted 6 Girl-E
Vanie (வாநீ) Goddess Saraswati; Speech; Voice; Praise; A literary production; Name of Sarasvati 6 Girl-E
Vanini (வநிநீ) Soft spoken 6 Girl-E
Vanuja (வாநுஜா) Beautiful girl of forest 6 Girl-E
Vara (வாரா) Goddess Parvati; Gift; Reward; Name of several plants and vegetable products; A sort of perfume; Name of Parvati; Name of a river 6 Girl-E
Varasya (வரஸ்யா) Request; Desire 6 Girl-E
Varcheka (வர்சேகா) rain 6 Girl-E
Vardani (வர்தாநீ) Name of a Raga 6 Girl-E
Vardhana (வர்தநா) Bestower of prosperity 6 Girl-E
Varsha (வர்ஷா) Rain; Rainfall 6 Girl-E
Varsheni (வர்ஷேநீ) Goddess of rain 6 Girl-E
Vasanta (வஸஂதா) Spring 6 Girl-E
Vasha (வஷா) Independent; Submissive; Willing; Dependent 6 Girl-E
Vashnie (வாஷ்நீய) Beloved blessing 6 Girl-E
Vasumathi (வஸுமதீ) Golden Moon; Apsara of unequalled splendor 6 Girl-E
Vasumitha (வஸுமிதா) Brightest friend 6 Girl-E
Vatya (வாத்யா) Storm; Hurricane 6 Girl-E
Veda Varshini (வேதா வர்ஷீநீ) Wisdom; Who Brings Rain 6 Girl-E
Vedantika (வேதாந்திகா) Knowing Vedas 6 Girl-E
Vedashree (வேதாஷ்ரீ) Beautiful; Goddess Saraswati 6 Girl-E
Vedhavalli (வேதாவல்லீ) Name of a God 6 Girl-E
Vedhika (வேதீகா) Full of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 6 Girl-E
Veditha (வேதிதா) Dedicated to service; Surrendered; Offered to God 6 Girl-E
Vedtha (வேததா) knowledge 6 Girl-E
Vedvalli (வேதவல்லீ) The joy of the Vedas 6 Girl-E
Veenadhari (வீணாதாரீ) Goddess Saraswati; The one who bears the Veena 6 Girl-E
Veenapani (விநாபாநீ) Goddess Saraswati; The one who bears the Veena 6 Girl-E
Velli (வேல்லீ) Silver in Kannada and Tamil; Silver; A companion 6 Girl-E
Vena (வேநா) Desire; To move; Discern; To play on an instrument 6 Girl-E
Vency (வேந்ஸீ) Pony 6 Girl-E
Venisha (வேநீஷா) Dedicated; Flashing 6 Girl-E
Venuhya (வேநுஹயா) They are Responsible; Loving; Idealistic 6 Girl-E
Veronica (வேரோநிகா) she who brings victory; true image 6 Girl-E
Verushka (வேருஂஷ்கா) Faith 6 Girl-E
Vetali (வேதாலீ) Goddess Durga 6 Girl-E
Viara (விஅரா) 6 Girl-E
Vibha (விபா) Night; The Moon; Beauty; Ray of light; Brilliance 6 Girl-E
Vidhya (வித்யா) Knowledge; Learning 6 Girl-E
Vidula (விதுலா) The Moon 6 Girl-E
Vignya (விக்ந்ய) Obstacle 6 Girl-E
Vija (வீஜா) Conqueror; Victorious; One who is victorious over everyone 6 Girl-E
Vijaya Lakshmi (விஜயாலக்ஷ்மீ) Goddess of victory 6 Girl-E
Vijayalakshmi (விஜயாலக்ஷ்மீ) Goddess of victory 6 Girl-E
Vimudha (விமுதா) Goddess Lakshmi; Who attract with politeness 6 Girl-E
Vinamra (விநம்ர) Modest 6 Girl-E
Vinodini (விநோதிநீ) Joyful girl 6 Girl-E
Virangana (வீராஂகநா) Brave lady, Rani Laxmibai 6 Girl-E
Vireesha (வீரேஷா) Brave 6 Girl-E
Virti (விரதீ) 6 Girl-E
Virupa (விருபா) Shapely; Diverse; Changed 6 Girl-E
Vishevitha (விஷேவிதா) 6 Girl-E
Vishnuka (விஷ்ணுகா) The real beauty belonging to Niroshan 6 Girl-E
Vishnupadi (விஷ்ணுபதீ) The river Ganga 6 Girl-E
Viti (விதீ) Light; Knowledge; Pleasure; Brilliance; Fire; Acquisition 6 Girl-E
Voomali (வூமாஂலீ) 6 Girl-E
Vrindavani (வரந்தாவநீ) Name of a Raga 6 Girl-E
Vrishti (வரஷ்டி) Rain 6 Girl-E
Vunshika (வஂஷிகா) Goddess Durga; A kind of pipe or flute; Aloe; Wood 6 Girl-E
Vyaka (வ்யாகா) River 6 Girl-E
Vyasti (வ்யஸ்தீ) Achievement; Success; Individuality 6 Girl-E
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