Oriya Baby Girl Names Starting With A

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aadhini (ଆଦିନି) 1 Girl-E
Aakash Laxmi () Sky limit 1 Girl-E
Aananditha () Purveyor of joy; Happy 1 Girl-E
Aananthamaya () Full of great happiness 1 Girl-E
Aanika () Goddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone 1 Girl-E
Aarya  () Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati 1 Girl-E
Aashalata (ଆଶାଲତା) Creeper of hope 1 Girl-E
Aashirya (ଆଶିର୍ୟା) From the land of God 1 Girl-E
Aashwika () Goddess Santoshi Maa 1 Girl-E
Aathmika (ଆତ୍ମିକ) Related to Aathma, Soul 1 Girl-E
Abarna (ଅବର୍ନ) God bharvathy 1 Girl-E
Abeena (ଅବୀନା) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Abhiprithi (ଅଭିପ୍ରିତି) Full of Love 1 Girl-E
Abhipsha (ଅଭିପ୍ଶ) Strong desire; Wish 1 Girl-E
Abhisheka () Worshipping the idol 1 Girl-E
Adhyay (ଅଦ୍ଯଯ୍) Goddess Durga; Chapter 1 Girl-E
Adi Shakti (ଆଦି ଶକ୍ଟି) Goddess Durga; The primal; First power 1 Girl-E
Adini () Famous 1 Girl-E
Adrima (ଅଦ୍ରିମା) Dark 1 Girl-E
Aghanashini (ଅଘନଶିନି) Destroyer of sins 1 Girl-E
Ahladitha (ଅହ୍ଲଡିତା) In Happy mood; Delighted 1 Girl-E
Aish () Delight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings 1 Girl-E
Aishi (ଐଶି) God's gift; Belonging to Shiva 1 Girl-E
Aishmin (ଐଶ୍ମିନ୍) Jasmine flower 1 Girl-E
Akalka (ଅକାଲ୍କା) Free from impurity; Moonlight 1 Girl-E
Akansha (ଅକାନ୍ଶା) Wish; Desire 1 Girl-E
Akula (ଅକୁଲା) Goddess Parvati, Transcendental, Name of Parvati, The thousand petalled Lotus at the base of the Sushumna is called Akul and Devi is called Akula because her abode is Akul 1 Girl-E
Alavia () Unique 1 Girl-E
Alesha (ଅଲେଶା) Protected by God; Silk of heaven 1 Girl-E
Alipriya () Red lotus 1 Girl-E
Aloknanda () Ability to create 1 Girl-E
Amala (ଅମଲା) The pure one; Brilliant; Another name for Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Amarshila (ଅମର୍ଶିଲା) 1 Girl-E
Ambika (ଅମ୍ବିକା) Goddess Parvati; A mother; Sensitive; Loving; Good woman; Name of Parvati; Name of the middle daughter of Kashiraj and eldest consort of Vichitraveerya like her youngest sister she had no progeny and Vyas begot on her a son named Dhritarashtra; The mother of the universe 1 Girl-E
Ameyaa () Boundless; Magnanimous; One who is beyond measure 1 Girl-E
Amodhini (ଅମୋଦିନି) Joyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl 1 Girl-E
Amoolya (ଅମୂଲ୍ଯା) Precious; Priceless 1 Girl-E
Amrutha (ଅମ୍ରୁତା) Nectar 1 Girl-E
Amutha (ଅମୁତା) Mutara; Daughter 1 Girl-E
Anahata (ଅନାହଟା) Far of Pain 1 Girl-E
Anaika () Powerful and complete 1 Girl-E
Anandita (ଆନନ୍ଡିଟା) Happy 1 Girl-E
Anasuya (ଅନସୁଯା) Without spite or envy; Learned woman; Full of goodwill; Not resentful 1 Girl-E
Aneeksha (ଅନୀକ୍ଶା) Bringing happiness 1 Girl-E
Aneeta (ଅନୀଟା) Who takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader 1 Girl-E
Anekastradhaarini () Possessor of many missile weapons 1 Girl-E
Anikslum () Young; Gentle 1 Girl-E
Anila (ଅନିଲା) Wind 1 Girl-E
Anishkaa (ଅନିଶ୍କା) Who has friends; No enemies; One who has only friends 1 Girl-E
Anjika (ଅନ୍ଜିକା) Blessed 1 Girl-E
Anju (ଅନ୍ଜୁ) One who lives in the heart; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Anjushri (ଅନ୍ଜୁଶ୍ରି) Dear to one's heart 1 Girl-E
Ankitha (ଅନ୍କିତା) Conquered; A signet; Symbol; With auspicious marks; Distinguished; Marked out 1 Girl-E
Anmi () Dawn; Passionate; Precious; Illuminating; Sacred 1 Girl-E
Annapoorna (ଅନ୍ନପୂର୍ନା) Goddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains 1 Girl-E
Annapurna (ଅନ୍ନପୁର୍ନା) Goddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains 1 Girl-E
Annel (ଅନ୍ନେଲ୍) Pretty 1 Girl-E
Anshvi () Portion; Part of Things; Part of Body 1 Girl-E
Ansika (ଅନ୍ସିକା) Minute particle; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Antara (ଅନ୍ଟର) The second note in Hindustani classical music; Para of a song; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Anthika () Evening 1 Girl-E
Anuayasri () Long Life 1 Girl-E
Anulekha (ଅନୁଲେଖା) One who follows the destiny 1 Girl-E
Anupallavi () Part of a Song 1 Girl-E
Anuprabha (ଅନୁପ୍ରଭ) Brightness 1 Girl-E
Anusaya (ଅନୁସଯା) Non jealous 1 Girl-E
Anusha (ଅନୁଶା) Beautiful morning; A star 1 Girl-E
Anushree (ଅନୁଶ୍ରୀ) Goddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking 1 Girl-E
Anushthi (ଅନୁଶ୍ତି) 1 Girl-E
Anusri (ଅନୁସ୍ରି) Goddess Laxmi; Pretty 1 Girl-E
Anvaya () Family 1 Girl-E
Anvi (ଅନ୍ବି) One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess 1 Girl-E
Apara (ଅପାରା) Materialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence; Limitless; Unique; Godly 1 Girl-E
Aparup (ଅପରୁପ୍) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Araiya (ଅରୈଯା) Divine; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Archana (ଅର୍ଚନା) Worship; Respected 1 Girl-E
Arjuni (ଅର୍ଜୁନି) Dawn; White cow 1 Girl-E
Aroona (ଅରୂନା) Dawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile 1 Girl-E
Aroushi (ଅରୋଉଶି) Dawn, Red sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun; Flame; Bright; Life-giving 1 Girl-E
Arpitha (ଅର୍ପିତା) Dedicate; Presenting; Offered 1 Girl-E
Arshi (ଅର୍ଶି) First ray of the Sun; Heavenly; Rice; Queen 1 Girl-E
Artana (ଅର୍ଟନା) Vanquisher of all foes; Request; Supplication 1 Girl-E
Aruna (ଅରୁନା) Dawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile 1 Girl-E
Aryaa (ଆର୍ଯା) Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati 1 Girl-E
Aseey (ଅସୀଯ୍) One who tends to the weak and heals 1 Girl-E
Asgari (ଅସ୍ଗରି) Devotee 1 Girl-E
Ashakiran (ଆଶକିରନ୍) Ray of hope 1 Girl-E
Ashanka () Undaunted 1 Girl-E
Ashi (ଆଶି) Smile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Ashiqa (ଆଶିqଆ) One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Ashlesha (ଅଶ୍ଲେଶା) A star 1 Girl-E
Ashoka (ଅଶୋକା) No sorrow; Without worries; Without grief; Happy; Content 1 Girl-E
Ashsh () Blessing 1 Girl-E
Aswatha (ଅସ୍ବୁଅତା) 1 Girl-E
Asya (ଅସ୍ଯା) Grace 1 Girl-E
Atana () Name of a Raga 1 Girl-E
Atmaja (ଅଟ୍ମଜା) Born of the soul; Another name for Parvati 1 Girl-E
Atula (ଅଟୁଲା) Incomparable 1 Girl-E
Avarthika (ଅବର୍ତିକା) 1 Girl-E
Avighnita (ଅବିଘ୍ନିଟା) 1 Girl-E
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Popular Oriya Girl names beginning with A

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