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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Taalank () Another name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious 6 Boy
Taalin () Musical; Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Taalish () Lord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright 7 Boy
Taamas () Darkness 1 Boy
Taanish (ତାନିଶ୍) Ambition 9 Boy
Taantav () Son; A woven cloth 7 Boy
Taanush () Beautiful 3 Boy
Taanvi (ତାନ୍ବି) Slender; Beautiful; Delicate 22 Boy
Taarak () Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 7 Boy
Taaraksh () Star eyed; Mountain 7 Boy
Taarik () Method; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morning star 6 Boy
Taarush (ତାରୁଶ୍) Conqueror; Small plant; Victor 7 Boy
Taayin () Gaurdian 7 Boy
Tabbu (ତବ୍ବୁ) Height 1 Boy
Tadrash (ତଦ୍ରଶ୍) Loving and domestic 8 Boy
Tagore (ତଗୋରେ) Gyani (Knowledgeable) 3 Boy
Taha (ତହା) Pure 3 Boy
Tahaan (ତହାନ୍) Merciful 9 Boy
Tahoma (ତହୋମ) Someone who is different with a cute personality 22 Boy
Tajasri (ତଜସ୍ରି) Lightning 6 Boy
Tajender () God of grandeur; Splendour of God; Grandeur of God in heaven 5 Boy
Taksa (ତକ୍ସା) King Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 7 Boy
Taksh (ତକ୍ଶ୍) King Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 5 Boy
Taksha (ତକ୍ଶ୍ହା) King Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 6 Boy
Takshak (ତକ୍ଶକ୍) A carpenter; Another name of the divine architect Vishvakarma 8 Boy
Taksheel (ତକ୍ଶୀଲ୍) Someone with a strong character 9 Boy
Takshin () Wood cutter; Carpenter 1 Boy
Talaketu (ତଲକେଟୁ) Bhishma pitamaha 1 Boy
Talank (ତଲନ୍କ୍) Another name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious 5 Boy
Talav () Flute; Musician 11 Boy
Talin (ତଲିନ୍) Musical; Lord Shiva 2 Boy
Tam () Heart; Date palm; Plam tree; Fast; Guardian; Tree 7 Unisex
Taman (ତମନ୍) Philosophers stone; Wishing stone gem 4 Boy
Tamas (ତମସ୍) Darkness 9 Boy
Tamay () Name of Lord Hanuman 6 Boy
Tamila (ତମିଲ) The Sun 2 Boy
Tamilan (ତମିଲନ୍) Tamil Man 7 Boy
Tamilmaran (ତମିଲ୍ମରନ୍) First reddish one 3 Boy
Tamish (ତମିଶ୍) God of darkness (Moon) 7 Boy
Tamkinat (ତମ୍କିନତ୍) Pomp 8 Boy
Tamoghna (ତମୋଘ୍ନା) Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Tamonash (ତମୋନଶ୍) Destroyer of ignorance 1 Boy
Tamra (ତମ୍ରା) Copper red 8 Boy
Tanak (ତନକ୍) Prize; Reward 11 Boy
Tanas () From the house of Tatius; Child 1 Boy
Tanav (ତନବ୍) Flute; Attractive; Slender 4 Boy
Tanay (ତନଯ୍) Son 7 Boy
Taneesh (ତନୀଶ୍) Ambition 9 Boy
Tanesh (ତନେଶ୍) Ambition 22 Boy
Taneshwar () Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Tanhita (ତନ୍ହିତା) Most Advance 1 Boy
Tanip (ତନିପ୍) The Sun 6 Boy
Tanish (ତନିଶ୍) Ambition 8 Boy
Tanishk (ତନିଶ୍କ୍) Daughter 1 Unisex
Tanishq (ତନିଶ୍କ୍) Jewel 7 Boy
Tanisk (ତନିସ୍କ୍) Jewel 2 Boy
Tanmai (ତନ୍ମୈ) Engrossed 22 Boy
Tanmay (ତନ୍ମଯ୍) Engrossed 2 Boy
Tanmoy (ଟନ୍ମୋଯ୍) Engrossed 7 Boy
Tannu (ତନ୍ନୁ) Body; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 7 Unisex
Tanoj (ତନୋଜ୍) Son 6 Boy
Tansh (ତନ୍ଶ୍) Beautiful 8 Boy
Tanshray (ତନ୍ଶ୍ରଯ୍) 7 Boy
Tanshu (ତନ୍ଶୁ) Quite a nature; Attractive 2 Boy
Tantra (ତନ୍ଟ୍ର) Reincarnated 2 Boy
Tanu (ତନୁ) Body; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 11 Unisex
Tanuj (ତନୁଜ୍) Son 3 Boy
Tanujnarayana () 6 Boy
Tanul (ତନୁଲ୍) To expand; To progress 5 Boy
Tanulip (ତନୁଲିପ୍) 3 Boy
Tanus () Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Tanush (ତନୁଶ୍) Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh 2 Boy
Tanusree () beautiful women 4 Boy
Tapan (ତପନ୍) The Sun; Summer; Brilliant; Fiery 7 Boy
Taparudra (ତପରୁଡ୍ର) 1 Boy
Tapas (ତାପସ୍) Heat; Penance; Fervour; Fire; Worth; Austerity; Meditation worth; Bird; The Sun; The Moon; Another name for Agni 3 Boy
Tapasendra (ତପସେନ୍ଡ୍ର) Lord Shiva; Lord of penance 9 Boy
Tapasranjan (ତାପସ୍ରନ୍ଜନ୍) Lord Vishnu; Tapas - penance, Ranjan - one who gives pleasure; Entertains; Exciting passion; Delighting; Befriending; Coloring 7 Boy
Tapat () Born of the Sun; Warming 4 Boy
Tapendra (ତପେନ୍ଦ୍ର) Lord of heat (the Sun) 7 Boy
Tapesh (ତପେଶ୍) The holy Trinity 6 Boy
Tapeshwar (ତପେଶର୍) Lord Shiva; Lord of heat 3 Boy
Tapish (ତପିଶ୍) Strong warmth of Sun 1 Boy
Tapit () Refined gold; Purified 3 Boy
Tapomay (ତପୋମଯ୍) Full of moral virtue 1 Boy
Taporaj (ତପୋରଜ୍) The Moon 9 Boy
Tapur (ତପୁର୍) Gold 22 Boy
Tarachand (ତରଚନ୍ଦ୍) Star 7 Boy
Tarachandra (ତାରଚନ୍ଦ୍ର) Star & Moon 8 Boy
Taradhish (ତରଦିଶ୍) Lord of the stars 7 Boy
Tarak (ତରକ୍) Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 6 Boy
Tarakesh (ତରକେଶ୍) Starry hair 11 Boy
Tarakeshwar (ତରକେଶ୍ବର୍) Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Taraknath (ତରକ୍ନତ୍) Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Taraksh (ତରକ୍ଶ୍) Star eyed; Mountain 6 Boy
Taral (ତରଲ୍) Brilliant; Shining; Splendid; Ruby; Gem; A wave 7 Boy
Taran (ତରନ୍) Raft; Heaven; Thunder; Earth; Another name for Vishnu; Rose; Another name for Vishnu 9 Boy
Taranath () Mountain 11 Boy
Tarang (ତରଙ୍) Wave 7 Boy
Taranga (ତରଙ) Wave 8 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 444
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Popular Oriya Boy names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Oriya Boy names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Oriya names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.