Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With D

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dadhichi Name of a sage 1 Girl-E
Dadhija Daughter of milk 1 Girl-E
Dakshaja Daughter 1 Girl-E
Dakshika Daughter of Brahma 1 Girl-E
Dakshita Skill 1 Girl-E
Dani God is my judge 1 Girl-E
Daridriyanashini Remover of poverty; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Darpana A small mirror 1 Girl-E
Darshini The one who blessed; Beautiful; Another name for Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Dashami In Hindu traditional calender Dashami means its 10th day 1 Girl-E
Dashini 1 Girl-E
Dea Kindness; Goddess 1 Girl-E
Debadrita Who is Lover of God. 1 Girl-E
Debadyuti Light of God 1 Girl-E
Debashmita One who can smile and make people laugh like God; Like a flower 1 Girl-E
Deekshika Talkative 1 Girl-E
Deekshita Initiation; Prepared 1 Girl-E
Deepabali Row of lamps 1 Girl-E
Deepana Illuminating 1 Girl-E
Deepansha The light of the lamp 1 Girl-E
Deepjyoti The light of the lamp 1 Girl-E
Deepkala Evening time 1 Girl-E
Deleena Good looking 1 Girl-E
Desiha Happy; Lemon 1 Girl-E
Devani Shining; Goddess 1 Girl-E
Devanshi Divine; Part of God 1 Girl-E
Devesi Chief among the Goddess, Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Devi Priya Dear to the God; Dear to the Goddess 1 Girl-E
Devina Blessing; Eye of God; Resembling a Goddess; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Devipriya Name of a Raga 1 Girl-E
Devna Godly 1 Girl-E
Devoshri The diamond of Kohinoor 1 Girl-E
Dhakshinya Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Daksh 1 Girl-E
Dhanalakhshmi Goddess of wealth 1 Girl-E
Dhanashri Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi; A Raaga in Hindustani classical music 1 Girl-E
Dhanisha Full of hope; Creating money 1 Girl-E
Dhanyasree Blessed; Thankful; Great or personification of gratitude; Lucky or giver of wealth 1 Girl-E
Dhanyatha Success; Fulfilment; Money and good luck; Thankful; Blessed 1 Girl-E
Dhanyta Success; Fulfilment; Money and good luck; Thankful; Blessed 1 Girl-E
Dharani The Earth; Keeping; Protecting 1 Girl-E
Dharavira 1 Girl-E
Dharinee The earth 1 Girl-E
Dharna The Earth; Keeping; Protecting 1 Girl-E
Dharshaneeya Blessing Giver 1 Girl-E
Dharshani The one who blessed; Beautiful; Another name for Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Dharsini Someone who see 1 Girl-E
Dhenuka Derived from Kamadhenu 1 Girl-E
Dheshitha Pleased 1 Girl-E
Dhishana Knowledge; Wisdom; Speech; Hymn; Goddess 1 Girl-E
Dhrumi A tree 1 Girl-E
Dhruvi Firm 1 Girl-E
Digambari Goddess Durga; Sky clad; Consort of Digambar; Epithet of Durga 1 Girl-E
Diksheeka Very silent & simple 1 Girl-E
Dimpal A small indication that forms on the cheeks, when someone smiles 1 Girl-E
Dinisha God of vine 1 Girl-E
Dishani Queen of all four directions - East, West, North, South 1 Girl-E
Ditivi Divine lady 1 Girl-E
Ditvi Divine good 1 Girl-E
Divena Blessing; Eye of God; Resembling a Goddess; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Divija Born in heaven; Divine 1 Girl-E
Divitha Divine power 1 Girl-E
Divvy Very bright; Sun like glow 1 Girl-E
Divyata Divine lights; White 1 Girl-E
Dnyanada Intelligent 1 Girl-E
Drishani Daughter of the Sun 1 Girl-E
Drishna Daughter of Sun 1 Girl-E
Drusti Eye 1 Girl-E
Durga Devi Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Dvija Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Dviti Bright 1 Girl-E
Dwarakamai Mother of mercy 1 Girl-E
Dwisha Direction 1 Girl-E
Dakshata Skill 2 Girl-E
Deena Divine; Grand; Vindicated 2 Girl-E
Dhun Tune 2 Girl-E
Dip A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light 2 Girl-E
Dvita Existing in two forms; Spiritual 2 Girl-E
Dwija As a Goddess Lakshmi 2 Girl-E
Dakshayajnavinaashini The interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha 3 Girl-E
Dakshayani Goddess Durga, The daughter of Daksh 3 Girl-E
Danyata Success; Fulfilment; Money and good luck; Thankful; Blessed 3 Girl-E
Darpanika A small mirror 3 Girl-E
Darshana Paying respect; Vision; Knowledge; Observation; Doctrine; Philosophy 3 Girl-E
Daxa Clever; Glorious; Brave; God Gift; Excellent 3 Girl-E
Dayanishka 3 Girl-E
Dayanita Tender 3 Girl-E
Debisha Part of divine 3 Girl-E
Deekshanya 3 Girl-E
Deepavali A row of lamps; The hindu festival 3 Girl-E
Deepmala Row of lamps 3 Girl-E
Deshika One who gives a sermon 3 Girl-E
Devakanya Celestial maiden; Divine damsel 3 Girl-E
Devamanohari Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Devamati Godly minded; Virtuous 3 Girl-E
Devananda God's Joy 3 Girl-E
Devasmitha With a divine smile 3 Girl-E
Devyashi Divine blessings 3 Girl-E
Dhanavanthi Very quit; Holding wealth 3 Girl-E
Dhanishka Goddess of wealth; Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl-E
Dhanishta A star 3 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 547
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Popular Marathi Girl names beginning with D

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Marathi Girl names beginning with D will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Marathi names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.