Makha Nakshatra Names For Girl

570 Girl Names For Makha Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Muthuselvi Happy prosperous daughter; she is worth as Pearl 6 Girl-E
Muthunagai Smiles like a Pearl 7 Girl-E
Muthulakshmi Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl-E
Mutholi Shines like a Pearl 8 Girl-E
Mutharasi A queen which is adorned in pearls 11 Girl-E
Muthammal Pure; Like a Pearl 3 Girl-E
Mutha Obeyed; Pure or like a Pearl 9 Girl-E
Murugeswari 11 Girl-E
Munmun Very Pleasant 6 Girl-E
Muniya Name of a bird 11 Girl-E
Munali 7 Girl-E
Mulya Value 9 Girl-E
Mullai Flower with lovely fragrance 5 Girl-E
Mukya 8 Girl-E
Mukundamalini Name of a Raga 8 Girl-E
Mukulita Bud 9 Girl-E
Mukula Bud 7 Girl-E
Mukti Salvation; Freedom from life and death; Final release 2 Girl-E
Mukthi Salvation; Freedom from life and death; Final release 1 Girl-E
Mukthangi Name of a Raga 5 Girl-E
Muktha Liberated; Pearl 2 Girl-E
Muktakesha One who has open tresses 11 Girl-E
Mukta Liberated; Pearl 3 Girl-E
Mughdha Tender; innocent”. 8 Girl-E
Mugdha Spellbound 9 Girl-E
Mudrika Ring 5 Girl-E
Mudra Expression 3 Girl-E
Muditha Happy; Delight; Satisfied 4 Girl-E
Mudita Happy; Delight; Satisfied 5 Girl-E
Mitushi One of limited desires 9 Girl-E
Mitshu Light 9 Girl-E
Mitsh Of demeter 6 Girl-E
Mitisha Friend of Goddess Isha (Goddess Parvati) 7 Girl-E
Mitiksha A wonder 9 Girl-E
Mitika People who speak less and calm; Soft spoken 9 Girl-E
Miti Truthful; Friend 6 Girl-E
Mithusha Brilliant girl 9 Girl-E
Mithurshika 11 Girl-E
Mithursha 9 Girl-E
Mithunya 3 Girl-E
Mithunavarshni Union 6 Girl-E
Mithuna Union 5 Girl-E
Mithula Sweet Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Mithu Sweet 8 Girl-E
Mithriya Knowledge 4 Girl-E
Mithrasri 7 Girl-E
Mithrashri 6 Girl-E
Mithraa Friend; God of the sun 7 Girl-E
Mithra Friend; The Sun 6 Girl-E
Mithi Truthful; Friend 5 Girl-E
Mithali A bond between friendship and Love 9 Girl-E
Miteelai Friendly 11 Girl-E
Mitali A bond between friendship and Love 1 Girl-E
Mitalee A bond between friendship and love 11 Girl-E
Mitakshi Goddess Durga; Derived from Mit, Mit - fixed in the Earth; Founded; Established; Measured; A friend; Defined; Moderate; Concise; Known; Understood 9 Girl-E
Mita A friend 7 Girl-E
Misti Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 7 Girl-E
Misthi Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 6 Girl-E
Misri Sweet; Brilliant 5 Girl-E
Mishwini Famous 5 Girl-E
Mishty Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 4 Girl-E
Mishtu Lovely 9 Girl-E
Mishti Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 6 Girl-E
Mishthi Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 5 Girl-E
Mishri Sweet 4 Girl-E
Mishka Gift of Love 7 Girl-E
Mishita Goddess Laxmi; Sweet person 7 Girl-E
Mishil Moon 7 Girl-E
Mishika Love of God 7 Girl-E
Mishi Sugarcane 4 Girl-E
Misheeta Goddess Laxmi; Sweet person 8 Girl-E
Mishaye Gift of Love 8 Girl-E
Mishalini What is asked for or lent 4 Girl-E
Misha Happy for the entire life 5 Girl-E
Mirunalini Goddess Lakshmi; A Lotus plant, A group of Lotuses, A place where Lotuses grow; Fragrant; Tender; Sacred; Dear to Gods 3 Girl-E
Mirthika Mother of lands 8 Girl-E
Mirosha 11 Girl-E
Mirium Wished for child 11 Girl-E
Miridhini Soft earth 3 Girl-E
Miriam Wished for child 9 Girl-E
Mirgaksini May signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality) 11 Girl-E
Miraya A devotee of Lord Krishna 4 Girl-E
Miral Shining sea; Independent 8 Girl-E
Mirakeshi Name of an Apsara fairy 3 Girl-E
Miraan Princely; Princes 11 Girl-E
Mira A devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess 5 Girl-E
Mipasha Lovely 4 Girl-E
Miona Good fortune 7 Girl-E
Minu Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all; Paradise; A gem; Precious stone 3 Girl-E
Minty Thought to be a Compound of Arabella and Aminta; Protector; Diminutive of Araminta 9 Girl-E
Minoti A plea to the Lord asking, seeking something 8 Girl-E
Minoo Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all; Paradise; A gem; Precious stone 3 Girl-E
Minnoli Brilliant like lightning 5 Girl-E
Minnie Form of Williamina 1 Girl-E
Minita Wise; Honored 3 Girl-E
Mini Small; Often a pet name 9 Girl-E
Minaxi Have eyes as fish 7 Girl-E
Minati Prayer 3 Girl-E
Minarva Intellect 6 Girl-E
Minal A precious gem; Stone 22 Girl-E