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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haksh (ಹಕ್ಷ) Eye 2 Boy-E
Haksha (ಹಕ್ಷಾ) 3 Boy-E
Hani (ಹಾನೀ) Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant 5 Boy-E
Hans (ಹಂಸ) Swan; Mountain; Pure; Another name of Surya Soul; Brahman or the Supreme Soul 6 Boy-E
Hanu (ಹನು) Lord Hanuman; Cheek 8 Boy-E
Har (ಹರ) Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Hara (ಹರಾ) Remover of sins 1 Boy-E
Hari (ಹರೀ) The Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon; Another name for Indra; Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy-E
Harry (ಹೇರೀ) Army Man 7 Boy-E
Harsh (ಹರ್ಷ) Joy; Excitement; Happiness 9 Boy-E
Heer (ಹೀರ) Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Boy-E
Heet (ಹಿತ) Love 2 Boy-E
Heeva (ಹಿವಾ) Ultimate 5 Boy-E
Hem (ಹೇಮ) Gold 8 Boy-E
Hemu (ಹೇಮು) Gold 2 Boy-E
Het (ಹೇತ) Love 6 Boy-E
Himi (ಹಿಮೀ) Famous; Renowned 3 Boy-E
Hrishi (ಹೃಷೀ) Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 8 Boy-E
Haard (ಹಾರ್ದ) Hearts feeling; Main; Meaning 5 Boy-E
Happy (ಹೇಪ್ಪೀ) Happy; Joyful; A joyful woman 3 Boy-E
Hard (ಹಾರ್ಡ) Hearts feeling; Main; Meaning 22 Boy-E
Hast (ಹಸ್ತ) Hand 3 Boy-E
Hasya (ಹಾಸ್ಯ) Happy 9 Boy-E
Hems (ಹೇಮ್ಸ) Gold 9 Boy-E
Haarit (ಹಾರಿತ) Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 3 Boy-E
Haarith (ಹಾರಿತ) Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 11 Boy-E
Hahn (ಹಾಹನ) A rooster; Snow; Made of gold; The Himalaya mountain range; Another name for Shiva 22 Boy-E
Hajesh (ಹಜೇಶ) Lord Shiva 6 Boy-E
Hakesh (ಹಾಕೇಶ) Lord of sound 7 Boy-E
Halik (ಹಾಲಿಕ) Ploughman 5 Boy-E
Hameer (ಹಮೀರ) Wealthy king; A Raga 5 Boy-E
Hamesh (ಹಮೇಶ) Forever 9 Boy-E
Hamir (ಹಮೀರ) Wealthy king; A Raga 4 Boy-E
Haneesh (ಹನಿಶ) Lord Shiva; Ambition 6 Boy-E
Hanish (ಹನೀಶ) Lord Shiva; Ambition 5 Boy-E
Hankith (ಹಾಂಕಿತಃ) 8 Boy-E
Hansal (ಹಂಸಲ) God is gracious; Swan like 1 Boy-E
Hanshal (ಹಂಶಲ) God is gracious; Swan like 9 Boy-E
Hanshit (ಹನ್ಷಿತ) Like Honey 7 Boy-E
Hanshith (ಹನ್ಷಿತ) Like Honey 6 Boy-E
Hansik (ಹಂಸಿಕ) Swan 8 Boy-E
Hansin (ಹಂಸಿನ) The universal soul; Containing Brahman or the supreme soul; Another name for Krishna 11 Boy-E
Hansith (ಹಂಸಿತ) Joy 7 Boy-E
Hanup (ಹನುಪ) Sunlight 6 Boy-E
Harakh (ಹರಖ) Joy 11 Boy-E
Haran (ಹರಣ) Lord Shiva, Hara means the one who destroys i.e. who does Harana. Lord Shiva is called Hara because he is the destroyer of world sins, evils etc. 6 Boy-E
Hareesh (ಹರೀಶ) Lord Shiva; Shiva and Vishnu conjoined 1 Boy-E
Haresh (ಹರೇಶ) Lord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har 5 Boy-E
Harida (ಹರಿದಾ) Servant of Lord Krishna 5 Boy-E
Harij (ಹರಿಜ) The horizon 1 Boy-E
Harin (ಹರಿನ) Pure 5 Boy-E
Harina (ಹರಿನಾ) Lord Hari 6 Boy-E
Harish (ಹರೀಶ) Lord Shiva; Shiva and Vishnu conjoined 9 Boy-E
Harit (ಹಾರಿತ) Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 11 Boy-E
Harith (ಹರಿತ) Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 1 Boy-E
Harshak (ಹರ್ಷಕ) Delightful 3 Boy-E
Harshal (ಹರ್ಷಲ) Delighted; A lover; Joyful; Glad 4 Boy-E
Harshat (ಹರ್ಷತ) Happiness 3 Boy-E
Harshda (ಹರ್ಷದಾ) One who gives pleasure; Giver of joy 5 Boy-E
Harshil (ಹರ್ಷಿಲ) Joyful; Kings of the hills; Kind hearted a sweet; Delighted 3 Boy-E
Harshill (ಹರ್ಷಿಲ) Joyful; Kings of the hills; Kind hearted a sweet; Delighted 6 Boy-E
Harshim (ಹಾಶಿಮ) Pagal; Over smart 4 Boy-E
Harshith (ಹರ್ಷಿತ) Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 1 Boy-E
Harshiv (ಹರ್ಷೀವ) Lord Shiv 4 Boy-E
Harshu (ಹರಷು) Deer 3 Boy-E
Harshul (ಹರ್ಷುಲ) Deer; Funny; Cheerful; Gregarious; Buddha lover 6 Boy-E
Harsit (ಹರ್ಷಿತ) Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 3 Boy-E
Harsith (ಹರ್ಷಿತ) Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 11 Boy-E
Haruna (ಹಾರೂಂನಾ) Clean spring leaves 9 Boy-E
Hasan (ಹಸನ) Songs of worship; Famous; Prayer; Praise 7 Boy-E
Hasanth (ಹಸಂತ) One who delights 8 Boy-E
Hashal (ಹಾಶಾಲ) 22 Boy-E
Hasik (ಹಸೀಕ) Smiling; Gregarious; Funny; Delightful 3 Boy-E
Hasit (ಹಸೀತ) Laughing; Happy; Delightful 3 Boy-E
Hasith (ಹಸಿತ) Laughing; Happy; Delightful 11 Boy-E
Hatish (ಹತಿಶ) With no desire; Simple; Not greedy 11 Boy-E
Havan (ಹವನ) Offering an oblation with fire; Sacrifice; Another name for Agnni; Offering 1 Boy-E
Haveesh (ಹವಿಶ) Lord of Shina 5 Boy-E
Havih (ಹವಿಹ) Oblation; Offerings 3 Boy-E
Havish (ಹವಿಷ) Lord Shiva; Sacrifice; One who gives offerings to God 4 Boy-E
Havita (ಹವಿತಾ) 7 Boy-E
Hayaan (ಹೈಯಾನ) Life 5 Boy-E
Hayan (ಹಾಯಾನ) Lord Shiva; Alive; Life; Shine 22 Boy-E
Heelag (ಹಿಲಾಗ) 11 Boy-E
Heeram (ಹೀರಾಮ) It's biblical name 5 Boy-E
Heeran (ಹಿರಣ) Lord of the diamonds; Immortal 6 Boy-E
Hemang (ಹೇಮಾಂಗ) One with shining body 3 Boy-E
Hemanga (ಹೇಮಾಂಗಾ) Golden bodied 4 Boy-E
Hemank (ಹೇಮಾಂಕ) Diamond 7 Boy-E
Hemansh (ಹೇಮಾಂಶ) Hemaansh = a part of a gold 5 Boy-E
Hemanshu (ಹೇಮಾಂಶು) The Moon 8 Boy-E
Hemant (ಹೇಮಂತ) Gold or Lord Buddha; Early winter 7 Boy-E
Hemanth (ಹೇಮಂತ) Gold or Lord Buddha; Early winter 6 Boy-E
Hemen (ಹೇಮನ) The king of gold 9 Boy-E
Hemendu (ಹೇಮೇಂದು) Golden Moon 7 Boy-E
Hemil (ಹೇಮಿಲ) Hem means gold 11 Boy-E
Hemin (ಹೇಮೀನ) Canoe Man 4 Boy-E
Hemish (ಹೇಮಿಶ) Lord of the earth 8 Boy-E
Henil (ಹೇನೀಲ) Foamy 3 Boy-E
Henin (ಹೇನಿನ) 5 Boy-E
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