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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aabhas (ಆಭಾಸ) Feeling; Virtual 5 Boy
Aabhat (ಆಭಾತ) Shining; Visible; Brilliant 6 Boy
Aabheer (ಆಭೀರ) A cowherd; Name of a dynasty 4 Boy
Aabir (ಆಬೀರ) Gulal (Auspicious red powder) 22 Boy
Aacharya (ಆಚಾರ್ಯ) A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide; Teacher 4 Boy
Aachman (ಆಚಮನ) Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya, Puja 5 Boy
Aadamya (ಆದಮ್ಯ) Apne Dam par (On one's own) 1 Boy
Aadarsh (ಆದರ್ಶ) Ideal; The Sun; Principle; Belief; Excellence 7 Boy
Aadarsha (ಆದರ್ಶ) Idol; Mentor; With an ideology 8 Boy
Aadavan (ಆದವನ) The Sun 8 Boy
Aadesh (ಆದೇಶ) Command; Message; Counsel 2 Boy
Aadhar (ಆಧಾರ) Base 6 Boy
Aadhav (ಆಧಾವ) Ruler 1 Boy
Aadhavan (ಆಧಾವನ) The Sun 7 Boy
Aadhirai (ಆಧಿರಾಈ) A special star 6 Boy
Aadhiren (ಆಧೀರೇನ) Dark 6 Boy
Aadhiroop (ಆಧಿರೂಪ) Honest, Independent, Original 6 Boy
Aadhish (ಆಧೀಷ) Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled 5 Boy
Aadhyatm (ಆಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮ) Meditetion ( Dhyan) 1 Boy
Aadi (ಆದಿ) Adornment; Beginning; Perfect; Most significant; Ornament; Unequalled; First 6 Boy
Aadia (ಆದಿಯಾ) Being a gift; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another name for Durga; Perfect; The initial reality 7 Unisex
Aadidev (ಆದಿದೇವ) The Lord of the Lords; The first God 1 Boy
Aadijay (ಆದಿಜಯ) The first victory 6 Boy
Aadijith (ಆದಿಜಿತಃ) First victory 8 Boy
Aadiksh (ಆದಿಕ್ಷ) Expressive; Diplomatic; Refined 8 Boy
Aadim (ಆದಿಮ) The entire universe; First; Foundation; Original 1 Boy
Aadinath (ಆದಿನಾಥ) The first Lord; Lord Vishnu 4 Boy
Aadipta (ಆದೀಪ್ತ) Bright 7 Boy
Aadish (ಆದಿಶ) Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled 6 Boy
Aadishankar (ಆದಿಶಂಕರ) Sri Shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha philosophy 6 Boy
Aadit (ಆದಿತ) Peak; Lord of the Sun; First 8 Boy
Aaditey (ಆದಿತಯ) Son of Aditi; The Sun 11 Boy
Aaditeya (ಆದಿತೇಯಾ) The Sun 3 Boy
Aadith (ಅದಿತ) Peak; Lord of the Sun; First 7 Boy
Aadithya (ಆದಿತ್ಯಾ) Aditi's son, The Sun, Sun God 6 Boy
Aadithyakethu (ಆದಿತ್ಯಕೇತು) One of the Kauravas 8 Boy
Aaditva (ಆದಿತ್ವ) A variant of Aditya: the Sun 22 Boy
Aaditya (ಆದಿತ್ಯಾ) Aditi's son, The Sun, Sun God 7 Boy
Aadiv (ಆದಿವ) Delicate 1 Boy
Aadvay (ಆದ್ವಯ) Unique; One; United; With no duplicate 9 Boy
Aadvik (ಆದ್ವಿಕ) Unique 3 Boy
Aadyant (ಆಧ್ಯಂತ) Infinite from Adi to Ant; From begining to end 3 Boy
Aadyot (ಆದ್ಯೋತ) Praise; Brilliant 3 Boy
Aagam (ಆಗಮ) Coming; Arrival; A name of Jain shastra; Insight; Intelligence; Wisdom 5 Boy
Aaghosh (ಆಘೋಶ) Lapped 5 Boy
Aagney (ಆಗ್ನೇಯ) Karna, the great warrior; One who is born from fire 8 Boy
Aagneya (ಆಗ್ನೇಯ) Karna; the great warrior; One who is born from fire 9 Boy
Aagniv (ಆಗ್ನಿವ) Honest Person 9 Boy
Aahaan (ಆಹಾನ) Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 8 Boy
Aahan (ಆಹಾನ) Dawn; Sunrise; Morning glory; First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 7 Boy
Aahi (ಆಂಹೀಂ) Soul; Spirit 1 Boy
Aahil (ಆಹಿಲ) Prince 22 Boy
Aahlaad (ಆಹಲಾದ) Delight; Joy; Happy; Happiness 1 Boy
Aahlad (ಆಹಲಾದ) Delight; Joy; Happy; Happiness 9 Boy
Aahnik (ಆಹ್ನೀಕ) Prayer 8 Boy
Aahva (ಆಹವಾ) Beloved 6 Boy
Aahvan (ಆಹ್ವಾನ) An invitation call 2 Boy
Aaish (ಆಇಶ) Delight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings 2 Boy
Aakaar (ಆಕಾರ) Shape; Form 6 Boy
Aakalp (ಆಕಲ್ಪ) Unlimited 6 Boy
Aakampan (ಆಕಾಮ್ಪನ) Unshaken; Calm; Determined 22 Boy
Aakanksh (ಆಕಾಂಕ್ಷ) Hope; Desire 3 Boy
Aakar (ಆಕಾರ) Shape; Form 5 Boy
Aakarsh (ಆಕರ್ಷ) Attractive 5 Boy
Aakarshak (ಆಕರ್ಷಕ) Attractive 8 Boy
Aakarshan (ಆಕರ್ಷಣ) Attraction; Charm 11 Boy
Aakash (ಆಕಾಶ) The Sky; Open mindedness 5 Boy
Aakashi (ಆಕಾಶೀ) The Sky; Universal; Atmosphere 5 Boy
Aakesh (ಆಕೇಶ) Lord of the Sky 9 Boy
Aakhyaan (ಆಖ್ಯಾನ) Legend story of famous person 8 Boy
Aakrit (ಆಕೃತ) Shape 6 Boy
Aakshaya (ಆಕ್ಷಯಾ) Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati 22 Boy
Aakshya (ಆಕ್ಷಯಾ) Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati 3 Unisex
Aakurthi (ಆಕೂರ್ತಿ) Appearance 8 Boy
Aalakshya (ಅಲಕ್ಷ್ಯ) Visible 7 Boy
Aalamb (ಆಲಂಬ) Sanctuary 3 Boy
Aalap (ಆಲಾಪ) Musical prelude; Conversation 4 Boy
Aalay (ಆಲಯ) Home; Refuge 4 Boy
Aalekh (ಆಲೇಖ) Picture; Painting 2 Boy
Aalhad (ಆಲ್ಹಾದ) Joy; Happiness 9 Boy
Aalok (ಆಲೋಕ) Light; Brilliance; Vision 4 Boy
Aaloka (ಆಲೋಕ) Light; Look; View 5 Unisex
Aalop (ಆಲೋಪ) That which does not disappear 9 Boy
Aaman (ಆಮಾನ) Peace; Friendly Disposition; Affection 3 Boy
Aamish (ಆಮಿಷ) Honest; Trustworthy; Pleasing 6 Boy
Aamod (ಆಮೋದ) Pleasure; Serenity; Fragrance 7 Boy
Aamodh (ಆಮೋಧ) Pleasure; Serenity; Fragrance 6 Boy
Aamodin (ಆಮೋದೀನ) Happy; Sweet fragrant; Celebrated 3 Boy
Aamogh (ಅಮೋಘ) Unerring; Lord Ganesha 9 Boy
Aan (ಆನ) The Sun 7 Boy
Aanal (ಅನಲ) Fire 11 Boy
Aanand (ಆನಂದ) Joy; Happiness; Delight 8 Boy
Aanandit (ಆನಂದಿತ) One who spreads joy; Joyous; Full of bliss; Happy; Pleased 1 Boy
Aanandswarup (ಆನಂದಸ್ವರೂಪ) Full of Joy 7 Boy
Aananth (ಅನಂತ) Infinite; Eternal; Godly; The Earth; Vishnu; Shiva; Another name for Brahma; Endless 5 Boy
Aanantya (ಆನಂತ್ಯಾ) Endless; Eternal; Godly 5 Boy
Aanav (ಆನವ) Ocean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane 3 Boy
Aanay (ಆನಯ) Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior; Another name for Lord Vishnu 6 Boy
Aandaleeb (ಅಂದಲೀಬ) Nightingale; The Bulbul bird 9 Boy
Aangat (ಅಂಗತ) Colorful 8 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 1521
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