Mesha Rashi Names For Girl

1596 Hindu Girl Names For 'Mesha' Rashi Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Amisha Beautiful; Without decept; Pure; Truthful; Guileless 6 Girl-E
Aadhya First power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament 22 Girl-E
Ananya Goddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others; Charming 2 Girl-E
Aarushi Dawn, Red sky in the early morning, The first ray of the Sun; Flame; Bright; Life giving 5 Girl-E
Ishani Consort of Lord Shiva, Close to God; Name of Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati; Ruling; Owning 6 Girl-E
Amaya Night rain; Immeasurable; Without limit 5 Girl-E
Aarvi Peace 6 Girl-E
Anshi God's gift 6 Girl-E
Akshada Blessings of God 9 Girl-E
Aayushi One with long life; Long-lived 3 Girl-E
Aesha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 7 Girl-E
Aavya The first ray of the Sun; Gift of God 5 Girl-E
Akshata Rice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity 7 Girl-E
Leena Goddess Lakshmi; A wife; The Goddess of fortune; Good luck; Riches; Splendor; VermilLion; Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman 1 Girl-E
Akshita Permanent; Can not be broken easily. secure; Saved; Guarded 6 Girl-E
Aanshi God's gift 7 Girl-E
Arohi A music tune; Progressive; Evolving 6 Girl-E
Anushri Goddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking 9 Girl-E
Aashi Smile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 2 Girl-E
Ahana Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun 7 Girl-E
Aashika One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweetheart; Beloved 5 Girl-E
Arna Goddess Lakshmi; Water; Wave; Effervescing; Stream 7 Girl-E
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati; Goddess of knowledge 1 Girl-E
Avisha Gift from God 6 Girl-E
Avani The Earth; First month of Tamil calendar 2 Girl-E
Arundhati Consort of great sage Vashishtha, One who is not restrained; Fidelity; A star; Devoted; Faithful 6 Girl-E
Anushree Goddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking 1 Girl-E
Akira Graceful strength 22 Girl-E
Aryahi Goddess Durga 8 Girl-E
Ayona Eternal life; Eternal blossom; Saint 2 Girl-E
Oishi Divine; Rose 6 Girl-E
Lekha Writing; Mark; Horizon the crescent Moon; Line; Record; Lightening 1 Girl-E
Aneri Extra ordinary 11 Girl-E
Likitha Writing 7 Girl-E
Arvi Fresh water; Green water 5 Girl-E
Lohitha Red; Ruby; Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron; Saffron; Copper 1 Girl-E
Agamya Knowledge; Wisdom 3 Girl-E
Aaravi Peace 7 Girl-E
Ishana Rich; Ruler; Another name for Durga 7 Girl-E
Aashvi Blessed and victorious; Little Mare 6 Girl-E
Ashi Smile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Alankrita Decorated lady 6 Girl-E
Advika World; Earth; Unique 3 Girl-E
Ipshita Goddess Lakshmi; Desired 1 Girl-E
Laavanya Grace; Beauty 5 Girl-E
Advita One or unique; First one; Number one; Lovely 3 Girl-E
Anandita Happy 1 Girl-E
Ahalya Rishi Gautama’s wife; Woman; Rescued by Lord Rama; Night; Pleasant; First woman created by Brahma 3 Girl-E
Arshika Who gives happiness 4 Girl-E
Aganya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi 22 Girl-E
Aarohi A music tune; Progressive; Evolving 7 Girl-E
Archi Ray of light 3 Girl-E
Leelavathi Playful; Goddess Durga 5 Girl-E
Aarchi Ray of light 4 Girl-E
Aashirya From the land of God 1 Girl-E
Aditri The highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi 7 Girl-E
Anwesha Quest; Curious 8 Girl-E
Aashita River Yamuna; Success 5 Girl-E
Aadvika World; Earth; Unique 22 Girl-E
Anannya Goddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others 7 Girl-E
Abhigna The knowledgeable; Wise one 6 Girl-E
Loveleen Love to God 9 Girl-E
Likhita Writing 7 Girl-E
Idhika Another name of Goddess Parvati; The Earth; Perception 6 Girl-E
Akshika One with good eyes 6 Girl-E
Anubha Ambitious; Seeking glory 2 Girl-E
Aneeksha Bringing happiness 1 Girl-E
Lithika Cute and perfect 7 Girl-E
Ashmika A beautiful woman with long hair 8 Girl-E
Anaika Powerful and complete 1 Girl-E
Ashvitha Strong 7 Girl-E
Anushiya Brave and sweet; Beauty 8 Girl-E
Ashwika Goddess Santhoshi maa 9 Girl-E
Asmita Pride; Self-respect; Nature 9 Girl-E
Lavina Purity; Woman of Rome 5 Girl-E
Aishaanya Beautiful life 7 Girl-E
Aadrika Mountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph 9 Girl-E
Oindrila Another name for the wife of Indra 1 Girl-E
Lineysha Intelligent 3 Girl-E
Ayaana Pretty flower 7 Girl-E
Leeza Joy; Devoted to God 22 Girl-E
Aru The Sun 4 Girl-E
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun 8 Girl-E
Adwaitha Non duality; One without a second 4 Girl-E
Ayanika Gift of God 8 Girl-E
Ishika An arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush; Daughter of God 3 Girl-E
Ishmita Lover of God; Friend of God 7 Girl-E
Avanti Ancient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest; The sacred city of Ujjain 22 Girl-E
Avipsa Earth; River Avani 5 Girl-E
Annanya Goddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others 7 Girl-E
Aishini Goddess Lakshmi; Aish - divine 6 Girl-E
Anshula Radiant; Brilliant; Sunny 22 Girl-E
Inika Little Earth; Diminutive for the Earth 8 Girl-E
Ishanika Fulfilling desire; Belonging to the Northeast; Satisfying 9 Girl-E
Ojaswita Bright brightness; A person symbolic of brightness 8 Girl-E
Liyana Art; Softness 8 Girl-E
Aishani Goddess Durga 7 Girl-E
Logitha Beauty 9 Girl-E
Laranya Graceful 9 Girl-E
Anaisha Special 8 Girl-E