Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With L

232 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'L' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Lajesh 1 Boy-E
Lakshmikanth Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi's husband 1 Boy-E
Lakshmipathi Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 1 Boy-E
Lalchand Red Moon 1 Boy-E
Lalit Kumar Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Laran The Psychic powers and abilities of the Comyn Caste 1 Boy-E
Larshan Stands for peace; Chinese Zodiac 1 Boy-E
Lathesh Lord of Climbers 1 Boy-E
Lavit Lord Shiva; Lovely; Small 1 Boy-E
Lemana the she-oak tree 1 Boy-E
Libhan 1 Boy-E
Libni Manuscripts of God 1 Boy-E
Likesh Name of lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Likhithesh 1 Boy-E
Lingaraja Lord of the lingas 1 Boy-E
Liniksh Shining 1 Boy-E
Lishanth Lucky 1 Boy-E
Lithvik Bright 1 Boy-E
Lohit Red; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 1 Boy-E
Lokanath Lord Shiva, Lord of the world 1 Boy-E
Lokeshwaran King of the world is the single quote for this word. The person with this name would be more enchanting, goal-oriented and would be able to adapt to any circumstances 1 Boy-E
Lokya Lord of All Worlds 1 Boy-E
Lukeshwar 1 Boy-E
Luv First of Lord Rama's twin son 1 Boy-E
Lakesh Cinnamon tree 2 Boy-E
Lakhan Brother of Lord Rama; Successful; Achiever; Distinguished; With auspicious marks 2 Boy-E
Lakni Warrior 2 Boy-E
Latesh New; Warrior 2 Boy-E
Laukik Fame 2 Boy-E
Laxman Prosperous; Brother of Lord Rama; Born to give 2 Boy-E
Liga Lord of sweetness 2 Boy-E
Linu A cry of grief 2 Boy-E
Luhan deer of the dawn; morning deer 2 Boy-E
Lahiri WAVE 3 Boy-E
Lajjan Modesty 3 Boy-E
Lakshan The aim; One with auspicious signs; Propitious; Distinguished; Mark; The half- brother of God Raam 3 Boy-E
Lakshmanapranadata Reviver of Lakshmana's life 3 Boy-E
Lakshmi Narayan Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together 3 Boy-E
Lakshmi Raman Lord Vishnu, Consort of Lakshmi 3 Boy-E
Lakshmibanta Fortunate 3 Boy-E
Lalam Jewel 3 Boy-E
Lambodar Lord Ganesh, The huge bellied Lord 3 Boy-E
Lavnay 3 Boy-E
Lavnya Beauty; Grace 3 Boy-E
Lavyansh Ansh of Love (Part of Love) 3 Boy-E
Leeladhar Lord Vishnu; One who indulges in play; Pastime; An epithet of Krishna; Epithet of Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Lekhak An author 3 Boy-E
Lemmie Devoted to the Lord 3 Boy-E
Lidin Special 3 Boy-E
Lingadhyaksha Lord of the lingas 3 Boy-E
Lipshit Desired 3 Boy-E
Loganathan King of the World; Power; Good; Clever 3 Boy-E
Logesh Name of a God 3 Boy-E
Lohithaksh Lord Vishnu; Red-eyed 3 Boy-E
Lokankara Creator of the three worlds 3 Boy-E
Lokbhushan Ornament of the world 3 Boy-E
Lokender King of the Earth 3 Boy-E
Lokshith Distinguished 3 Boy-E
Lomakesh 3 Boy-E
Lopesh God Shiva 3 Boy-E
Lalan Nurturing 4 Boy-E
Lalitchandra Beautiful Moon 4 Boy-E
Lalitkishore Beautiful 4 Boy-E
Lambodara Lord Ganesh, The huge bellied Lord 4 Boy-E
Lavam Clove; Small 4 Boy-E
Lingamurthy Shivasannidi 4 Boy-E
Lingeshvaran Another Name of Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu; Red-eyed 4 Boy-E
Lokapati Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Lokapujya Worshipped by the universe; A name of Lord Hanuman 4 Boy-E
Lokeshwar God; King 4 Boy-E
Lokpradeep Gautam Buddha 4 Boy-E
Lokprakash Light of the world 4 Boy-E
Loveyansh Part of lady & man; Love 4 Boy-E
Lovish Famous battle 4 Boy-E
Labh Profit 5 Boy-E
Lahit 5 Boy-E
Lakshay Destination 5 Boy-E
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Lalataksha One who has An eye in the forehead 5 Boy-E
Lalitesh God of beauty; God of grace; Consort of a beautiful wife 5 Boy-E
Lalithaditya Beautiful Sun 5 Boy-E
Lankineebhanjana Slayer of lankini 5 Boy-E
Lashith Wished; Desired 5 Boy-E
Lathish Happiness 5 Boy-E
Lavan White; Handsome; Salt 5 Boy-E
Lavenesh Excellence 5 Boy-E
Layak Fit; Clever; Capable 5 Boy-E
Leshan Defender of humanity 5 Boy-E
Likhith Written; Drawn 5 Boy-E
Logithan Leek garden 5 Boy-E
Lohendra Lord of three worlds 5 Boy-E
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu; Red-eyed 5 Boy-E
Lokapal One who takes care of the world 5 Boy-E
Lomash A sage 5 Boy-E
Lukesha King of the empire 5 Boy-E
Laayak Fit; Clever; Capable 6 Boy-E
Lahu 6 Boy-E
Lakhith Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Laksay Malik (Lord) 6 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 232
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Popular Hindu Boy names beginning with L

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Boy names beginning with L will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.