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143 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Heart'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jaimin Victory or ancient philosopher; One who has control over his heart and mind 11 Boy-E
Jiyansh Full of Knowledge; Long Life; Part of Your Heart; Part of Life; Daring; Persuasive 5 Boy-E
Ritik Name of a sage; From the heart 4 Boy-E
Hrithik From the heart; Stream 11 Boy-E
Hridaan Gift of heart, Preference of heart, Who is great heart 1 Boy-E
Hardhik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordial 5 Boy-E
Hridyansh Piece of heart 7 Boy-E
Jiyaan Near heart; Always happy 6 Boy-E
Manraj Ruler of the heart 3 Boy-E
Heyansh Heart Piece; Part of Lord Shiva 8 Boy-E
Manay Loving personality; Who wins the heart 9 Boy-E
Hridesh Heart 8 Boy-E
Jigar Heart 9 Boy-E
Krithvik Always happy; Romantic; Handsome; Cool; Winner of all heart; Load Muruga 9 Boy-E
Sayan Friend; Kind heart 6 Boy-E
Dilbagh Blossoming heart; Lionhearted; Tiger 7 Boy-E
Hiten The heart 11 Boy-E
Hriday Heart 11 Boy-E
Ridesh Heart; Lord Ganesh 9 Boy-E
Hritish Lord of heart 1 Boy-E
Maanas Mind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness 4 Boy-E
Rithik From the heart; Stream 3 Boy-E
Lovejeet Who wins the heart 4 Boy-E
Ridhesh Heart; Lord Ganesh 8 Boy-E
Dilshaan Glory of heart 5 Boy-E
Manit One who wins a heart; Highly respected; Highly regarded; Celebrated; Understood 3 Boy-E
Hridayansh Part of heart 8 Boy-E
Hridyanshu Light from the heart; Moon 1 Boy-E
Sukhman One whose mind is at peace; Peaceful heart mind; Soul 6 Boy-E
Harmanpreet Love from God's heart 11 Boy-E
Gurmaan Heart of the Guru 3 Boy-E
Dilnawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress; Soothing heart; Mind 9 Boy-E
Ikman One mind heart mind soul 3 Boy-E
Dilsher Lion's heart 3 Boy-E
Harmanjot Light of God's heart 1 Boy-E
Harmanjeet The victory of God's heart 5 Boy-E
Diljit Victory of heart 1 Boy-E
Hruday Heart 5 Boy-E
Gurman Heart of the Guru 11 Boy-E
Manpaul Protector of heart 6 Boy-E
Hridayesh King of heart; Lord of hearts 7 Boy-E
Manomay Conqueror of one's heart; winner of hearts 1 Boy-E
Narjeet Winner; Ruler of heart 1 Boy-E
Sachpreet Protector of truth; True at heart 5 Boy-E
Dilmeet Friend of heart 5 Boy-E
Birbal Braveheart; A powerful warrior 8 Boy-E
Jeyaram Victory of lord Ram 1 Boy-E
Zamir A character of a person; Heart; Mind; Conscience 4 Boy-E
Fawad Heart 8 Boy-E
Dameer Heart; Conscience 1 Boy-E
Dilneet Ethical heart; Moral soul 6 Boy-E
Fuad Heart 5 Boy-E
Hirdaya Heart 3 Boy-E
Hrydayesh King of heart; Lord of hearts 5 Boy-E
Antarang Intimate; Close to the heart 4 Boy-E
Bukka Heart; Loving; Sincere 1 Boy-E
Dil Nawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress; Soothing heart; Mind 9 Boy-E
Dilraaj Hearty kingdom; Ruler of the heart 1 Boy-E
Jiya Ram God's name; Heart of Lord Rama's 5 Boy-E
Kanwaldeep A lamp of the heart 11 Boy-E
Kripanidhi One with heart full of mercy 9 Boy-E
Manap Wining the heart; Taking the fancy; Pleasing; Beautiful; Attractive 9 Boy-E
Onsi One who brings calm and gladness to the heart 3 Boy-E
Zamiruddin Heart of the religion (Islam) 11 Boy-E
Krishna Murari Lord Krishna, The only one who plays a sweet flute, The one who attracts everyone's heart by playing his flute 7 Boy-E
Bahrawar Lion's heart 9 Boy-E
Deedar Vision 1 Boy-E
Delnaz The darling of the heart 8 Boy-E
Dilvinder Heart of God in Heaven 7 Boy-E
Hirdai Heart 4 Boy-E
Hridayanand The joy of the heart 9 Boy-E
Hridhima Heart 7 Boy-E
Jasevaraj Heart of relation 6 Boy-E
Karnak A chamber of the heart; Of the ear; Attentive 2 Boy-E
Mahafuzur Heart of love in the sea 7 Boy-E
Manwant Strong at heart 5 Boy-E
Manwantbir Warrior with a strong heart 7 Boy-E
Raham Dil Merciful heart 3 Boy-E
Sadr Heart 6 Boy-E
Gia Heart; Love; God is merciful; Earth; Beautiful 8 Boy-E
Zameer The character of a person; Heart; Mind; Conscience 5 Boy-E
Chitprem Heart full of Love 11 Boy-E
Dilbaagh Blossoming heart; Lionhearted; Tiger 8 Boy-E
Dilchanann Spiritual illumination of the heart 8 Boy-E
Fuwad Heart 1 Boy-E
Harmanjodh Warrior of God's heart 11 Boy-E
Hridayanath Lord of the heart 1 Boy-E
Khatir Heart; Idea 4 Boy-E
Manojpreet Love for truthful heart 9 Boy-E
Manshaant One with a peaceful heart 1 Boy-E
Manwantpal Protector of the strong heart 7 Boy-E
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness; One whose heart is holy 9 Boy-E
Prabhcheet Remembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God 5 Boy-E
Prabhchet Absorbed in God; Remembering the Lord by heart 9 Boy-E
Prabhchit Remembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God 4 Boy-E
Roopdev Who lives in the heart 5 Boy-E
Sakhir He who wins a heart 3 Boy-E
Suddhman Pure of heart; Mind; And soul 3 Boy-E
Sudhman Pure of heart; Mind; And soul 11 Boy-E
Sukandhiya Acceptable heart 5 Boy-E