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Meaning :
Heart; Lord Ganesh Suggest meaning
Gender :
Numerology :
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Religion :
Rashi :
Tula (R, T)
Nakshatra :
Chitra (Pe, Po, Ra, Ri)
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Similar names for Ridesh

Name Meaning Numerology
hridayesh King of heart; Lord of hearts 7
hridesh Heart 8
hritesh Lovable 6
hritish Lord of heart 1
hrutesh Lord of truth; Lord of springs 9
hrydayesh King of heart; Lord of hearts 5
radesh God 1
radhesh A name of Lord Krishna 9
ratish Kamdev or Cupid; The God of Love Kaama 3
ratosh Satisfied 9
riddheesh Lord Ganesha 8
riddhish Lord Ganesh; Lord of good fortune 7
ridesh Heart; Lord Ganesh 9
ridhesh Heart; Lord Ganesh 8
ritesh Lord of seasons; Lord of truth 7
rohtash Star 8
ruteesh Kind of seasons 6
rutesh Kind of seasons 1

Variant names for name Ridesh

Name Numerology
ridesh 9