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38 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Golden'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Daakshi Golden; Son; Son of Daksh; The glorious 8 Boy-E
Dakshi Golden; Son; Son of Daksh; The glorious 7 Boy-E
Nishk Gold, a golden ornament for the neck or golden vessel 7 Boy-E
Aurel Golden Angel 3 Boy-E
Heman golden.aspx'>Golden yellow; Made of gold 5 Boy-E
Hemanga Golden bodied 4 Boy-E
Hemendu Golden Moon 7 Boy-E
Ketan Banner; Golden; Abode; Flag; Invitation; Signal; Home 6 Boy-E
Kethan Banner; Golden; Abode; Flag; Invitation; Signal; Home 5 Boy-E
Ruchak Large; Aggriable; Goodluck; Pleasant; Melodious; Attractive; Golden 8 Boy-E
Sonaksh One golden eye 6 Boy-E
Thangam Gold; Golden gen 1 Boy-E
Artham Fortune; The golden Lotus on the forehead; Lord Vishnu from which the goddess Sri orginated 7 Boy-E
Haridra One who is golden colored 5 Boy-E
Shreehari Lord Krishna; Green; Yellow; Tawny; Golden color; A Parrot; A Snake; Name of Indra, Vishnu, Krishna, Brahman, Yama, Sun, Moon; A ray of light; Fire; Wind 1 Boy-E
Suvarn Lord Shiva; A beautiful colour; Brilliant in hue; golden.aspx'>Golden; Yellow; The thorn Apple; Epithet of Shiva; A gold coin 5 Boy-E
Hemamdar Golden creeper 9 Boy-E
Hemkrish Golden Krishna 1 Boy-E
Kanchanabha Golden hued body 1 Boy-E
Swarnabha Golden rays 6 Boy-E
Thangamani Gold; Golden gen 7 Boy-E
Thangaraj Golden king 8 Boy-E
Thangasami Golden Lord 3 Boy-E
Hemachandra Golden Moon 4 Boy-E
Hiranmay golden.aspx'>Golden; Made of gold 8 Boy-E
Hiranmaya golden.aspx'>Golden; Made of gold 9 Boy-E
Thangabalu Golden 6 Boy-E
Hemchander Golden Moon 7 Boy-E
Kanchandeep Golden lamp 1 Boy-E
Kanchanjeet Golden victory 11 Boy-E
Kundanlal Golden 9 Boy-E
Hemaprakash Golden light 11 Boy-E
Thangadurai Golden king 5 Boy-E
Sawarandeep Golden lamp 8 Boy-E
Sawaranjot Golden light 5 Boy-E
Thangarajan Golden king 5 Boy-E
Sawaranpreet Golden Love 6 Boy-E
Swarnapurishwara Lord of the golden city 3 Boy-E