Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With Dr

26 Bengali Girl Names Starting With 'Dr' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Druvika (দ্রূবিকা) A Star; Firm; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Druvi (দৃবী) Firm 11 Girl-E
Druti (দ্রুতী) Softened 9 Girl-E
Druthi (দ্রুতী) Softened 8 Girl-E
Drusty (দরূস্তী) Eye 8 Girl-E
Drusti (দৃষ্টি) Eye 1 Girl-E
Drumi (দ্রূমি) A tree 11 Girl-E
Druhi (দৃহি) Daughter 6 Girl-E
Driya (দরিযা) Destroyer of poverty; Patience 3 Girl-E
Driti (দ্রিতী) Courage; Morale; Steadiness; Command; Pleasure; Determination; Patience; Virtue 6 Girl-E
Drithi (দ্রীথী) Patience; Bold 5 Girl-E
Dristi (দ্রিসটী) Eyesight 7 Girl-E
Drisna (দ্রীসনা) Daughter of the Sun 11 Girl-E
Drishyana (দ্রীশ্যনা) Daughter of the Sun 9 Girl-E
Drishya (দ্রিশ্য) Sight 3 Girl-E
Drishy (দ্রীশ্য) Sight 11 Girl-E
Drishti (দ্রিষ্টী) Eye sight 6 Girl-E
Drishna (দ্রিশনা) Daughter of Sun 1 Girl-E
Drishani (দ্রীশানী) Daughter of the Sun 1 Girl-E
Drisana (দ্রিসনা) Daughter of the Sun 3 Girl-E
Drigha (দ্বিঘা) 11 Girl-E
Draupadi (দ্রৌপদী) Daughter of the king Drupada, Consort of Pandavas 11 Girl-E
Drasthi (দৃষ্টি) Inescapable; Not running away 7 Girl-E
Drashti (দ্রষ্টি) Sight 7 Girl-E
Drashtaa (দ্রষ্টা) One who sees 9 Girl-E
Drakshayini (দ্রক্ষাযিনী) Goddess 11 Girl-E
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