Ashlesha Nakshatra Names For Boy

68 Boy Names For Ashlesha Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Deepesh Lord of light 8 Boy-E
Dayanand One who likes being merciful; A king 1 Boy-E
Deependra Lord of lights 9 Boy-E
Deepansh Part of Light / Brightness 9 Boy-E
Deepaanshu Part of light 4 Boy-E
Deevansh Sun's particle; Similar to Diwakar - Sun's Ansh 6 Boy-E
Deemanth Wise 7 Boy-E
Dayaram Merciful 9 Boy-E
Dayasagar Extremely kind; Sea of mercy 5 Boy-E
Deepit Lighted; Inflamed; Passionate; Made visible 5 Boy-E
Deeptanshu The Sun 5 Boy-E
Deenath Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Deepaansh Person with light within 1 Boy-E
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva; Compassionate 7 Boy-E
Deep A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light 3 Boy-E
Deenabandhu A friend of the poor 7 Boy-E
Deeptiman Lustrous 6 Boy-E
Deepen Lord of the lamp; Name of poet 4 Boy-E
Deepakraj Lamp; Kindle; Radiant 8 Boy-E
Deependu Bright Moon; The Moon 11 Boy-E
Deetesh strength 3 Boy-E
Dayaananda One who likes being merciful; A king 3 Boy-E
Deebak Lamp 1 Boy-E
Deena Nath Lord of the poor; Protector 9 Boy-E
Deenanath Lord of the poor; Protector 9 Boy-E
Dayalu Compassionate 1 Boy-E
Dayasara Embodiment of kindness 7 Boy-E
Dayaswaroop Merciful 3 Boy-E
Deenabandhave Defender of the oppressed 5 Boy-E
Deepjay Beautiful name 3 Boy-E
Deeptimoy Lustrous 4 Boy-E
Dayashankar Merciful Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Deepak Lampe; Kindle; Brilliance 6 Boy-E
Dayaanidhi A treasure house of mercy 4 Boy-E
Dayada Son; Inheritor 9 Boy-E
Dayakara Merciful Lord Shiva; Compassionate 8 Boy-E
Dayamay Full of mercy 7 Boy-E
Dayanishee Person of mercy; Saint 1 Boy-E
Dayasagara Ocean of compassionate 6 Boy-E
Deebrup Wealth 8 Boy-E
Deenabandhav Protector of the downtrodden 9 Boy-E
Deeptendu Bright Moon 4 Boy-E
Deerkharoma One of the Kauravas 9 Boy-E
Deewakar The Sun; Lord of light 5 Boy-E
Dayananda One who likes being merciful; A king 11 Boy-E
Deendayal One who has mercy for poor; Kind to the poor 8 Boy-E
Deekshin Initiated; Consecrated; Prepared 3 Boy-E
Deevesh Light 5 Boy-E
Dayal Kind hearted 7 Boy-E
Dayaal Kind hearted 8 Boy-E
Doondi Lord Shiva 7 Boy-E
Deepamshu Part of light 11 Boy-E
Deelip King of the solar race; Defender; Protector; Big-hearted; A generous king 6 Boy-E
Deepa Laxmi Light 9 Boy-E
Deekshit Prepared; Initiated 9 Boy-E
Dooshanatrishirohantre Slayer of Dooshanatrishira 7 Boy-E
Deepankar One who lights lamps; Light; Brightness; Flame 3 Boy-E
Dayanidhi A treasure house of mercy 3 Boy-E
Dayaswarup Merciful 3 Boy-E
Deekshith Prepared; Initiated 8 Boy-E
Deeraj Patience; Consolation 7 Boy-E
Dayalan Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers 22 Boy-E
Deepan Lighting up; Brilliant; Invigorating; Passion; One who lights lamps 9 Boy-E
Deepanshi Brightness 9 Boy-E
Deekishand 8 Boy-E
Deeyank 11 Boy-E
Deepyog 5 Boy-E
Deepender 4 Boy-E