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Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Powerful'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Bali Mighty warrior, Brave, Powerful, Strength, Offering 6 Boy
Heer Powerful, Power, Diamond, Darkness 9 Boy
Qawee Strong, Powerful, Firm, Mighty. one of the names of Allah 6 Boy
Jari Powerful, Brave 2 Boy
Qawi Strong, Powerful, Firm, Mighty. one of the names of Allah 5 Boy
Dahak Powerful 7 Boy
Daivat Luck, Powerful, Divinity, Heart of the gods 3 Boy
Inas Capable, Sociability, Powerful, Brilliant, Strong, Majestic, Another name for Surya 7 Unisex
Rikin Powerful, Glory 7 Boy
Irya Powerful, Agile, Vigorous 8 Boy
Avadh Powerful, Strong, Firm, Invincible 9 Boy
Amav Reincarnation of Lord Rama, Powerful, Undefeated 1 Boy
Taraz Powerful, Strong, Ornamentation, Decoration 3 Boy
Taaraz Powerful, Strong, Ornamentation, Decoration 22 Boy
Kadar Divine destiny, Powerful 8 Boy
Rabees Powerful, Fearless, Dauntless 5 Boy
Baqar Inevitable, Lion, Powerful 3 Boy
Qaadir Able, Powerful 5 Boy
Qadir Able, Powerful 4 Boy
Matin Strong, Powerful, Solid, Of 3 Boy
Kader Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence, Powerful 3 Boy
Qadeer Able, Powerful 5 Boy
Jaleed Powerful, Patient 1 Boy
Shakti Powerful, Goddess Durga, Power, Vigour, Ability, The female energy of a God, Another name for Lakshmi, Saraswati the female energy of a God, Aid, Sword, Gift 5 Unisex
Vajra Very strong, Hard, Powerful, Another name of Goddess Durga, Thunderbolt, Diamond 7 Unisex
Sahat Stong, Powerful 4 Boy
Oorjit Possesses great might, Powerful, Handsome, Noble, Excellent 6 Boy
Porush Powerful 7 Boy
Aiden Powerful 6 Boy
Balavan Powerful 8 Boy
Hrikin Powerful, Glory 6 Boy
Bibhu Powerful 6 Boy
Izzi Powerful 7 Unisex
Samarth Powerful, Another name for Krishna, Smooth, Multi -tasked 8 Boy
Vikrant Powerful, Warrior, Brave, Victorious 5 Boy
Sahasya Mighty, Powerful 2 Boy
Eeshwar Powerful, The supreme God 7 Boy
Saddam One who confronts, Powerful ruler 6 Boy
Abhibhava Overpowering, Powerful, Victorious 9 Boy
Jasbeer Victorious hero, Powerful 6 Boy
Syamrit Powerful, Delightful 6 Boy
Arasu Most powerful person of the world 6 Boy
Ishwar Powerful, The supreme God 6 Boy
Jeelani Mighty, Powerful 11 Boy
Vikranth Powerful, Warrior, Brave, Victorious 4 Boy
Prabal Coral, Strong, Powerful 5 Boy
Akbar Powerful 6 Boy
Srichakra Powerful yantra of the god 7 Boy
Bipul Plenty, Abundance, Powerful 6 Boy
Tuviksh Powerful Lord Indra bow, Strong 11 Boy
Ansal Strong, Mighty, Powerful, One who has strong shoulders, Passionate 11 Boy
Zaighum Lion, Powerful 4 Boy
Kadeer Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence, Powerful 6 Boy
Soval Powerful 6 Boy
Chirah Articulate, Wise, Brave, Powerful, This biblical name is derived from Hirah and means a noble powerful 11 Boy
Saanal Fiery, Energetic, Powerful, Vigorous 3 Boy
Sakshain Competent, Powerful 1 Boy
Saahat Stong, Powerful 5 Boy
Eeswar Powerful, The supreme God 8 Boy
Samardh Powerful 1 Boy
Sakthivel Means a powerful instrument which was given by Goddess Parvati to her son 8 Boy
Balveer Strong soldier, Powerful and brave 11 Boy
Ranganathan Very powerful Man 9 Boy
Abdul Azeez The powerful, Servant of the almighty 4 Boy
Abdul Qadir Servant of the capable, Servant of the powerful (Allah) 8 Boy
Samartha Powerful, Smooth, Multi-talented 9 Boy
Jorawar Strong and powerful 5 Boy
Balvir Strong soldier, Powerful and brave 1 Boy
Abhayankar Powerful and complete 1 Boy
Abdul Aziz The powerful, Servant of the almighty 3 Boy
Tejasvin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent, Brave, Powerful, Celebrated, Energetic, Noble, Brilliant 1 Boy
Satyevikrama Truth makes him powerful 1 Boy
Vibuthim Derived from Sanskrit - powerful & sacred ash with healing powers created by Sathya Sai baba 5 Boy
Brihat Compact, Massive, Widespread, Great, Large, Mighty, Powerful, Bright, Clear, Name of Lord Vishnu, Loud 4 Boy
Balmeet Powerful friend, Mighty friend 22 Boy
Zoraavar Strong and powerful 3 Boy
Kadir Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence, Powerful 7 Boy
Balbhag Fortunate and powerful 6 Boy
Abdul Qadeer Servant of the capable, Servant of the powerful (Allah) 9 Boy
Abdul Qaadir Servant of the capable, Servant of the powerful (Allah) 9 Boy
Zoravar Strong and powerful 11 Boy
Abdul-Qawi Servant of the most powerful 9 Boy
Vikranath Warrior, Powerful 5 Boy
Balvan Powerful and mighty 7 Boy
Al-Muqtadir The powerful 8 Boy
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the powerful one 3 Boy
Purtab Powerful 6 Boy
Veeryavan Very powerful 5 Boy
Sahvan Powerful, Strong, Important 2 Boy
Saahasya Mighty, Powerful 3 Boy
Hiranyagarbha The all powerful creator 5 Boy
Abdul Muqtadir Servant of the powerful 8 Boy
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