Top 100 Sikh Boy Names - 2014

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaryan Of the Aryan race; Ancient; Warrior; Speedy; Another name for Indra; Kind; Benevolent 6 Boy
Abhinav Innovative; Young; Modern; Fresh; Novel; A Sakta notable for his great learning and spiritual attainment; New 3 Boy
Akshdeep The lamp of light in the Sky 6 Boy
Anantjeet Endless victory 9 Boy
Anup Without comparison; Incomparable; The best 7 Boy
Arijeet Conqueror of enemies 5 Boy
Arman Hope or desire; Army Man; Wish 2 Boy
Arshjot God's clone 1 Boy
Aseem Limitless shank; Boundless; Protector; Infinite 7 Boy
Aveer Brave; One who fights for peace; Strong; Continuous or ongoing 6 Boy
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God 6 Boy
Balhaar Surrounded by strength 7 Boy
Baljeet Mighty victorious.aspx'>victorious; Mighty victor 1 Boy
Balraj Strong; King 8 Boy
Bhavneet Moral of the world 5 Boy
Dalbir Soldier 1 Boy
Daljeet The conqueror of forces; Victorious army 3 Boy
Dhanmeet One who is friendly with charity 7 Boy
Diljot Light of the heart 7 Boy
Dilmeet Friend of heart 5 Boy
Dilshaan Glory of heart 5 Boy
Gulveer Sweet brother 9 Boy
Gulzar Rosegarden; Inhabited town; Flourishing 4 Boy
Gurchet One who remains aware of Guru's word 1 Boy
Gurjas Fame of Lord 22 Boy
Gurjeet Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru 5 Girl
Gurman Heart of the Guru 11 Boy
Gurmeet A friend of the Guru 8 Boy
Gursimrah Remembering the Guru 6 Boy
Harbir Warrior of God 11 Boy
Hardeet Given by God 7 Boy
Hardial One of whom there is God's grace; God's mercy 8 Boy
Harjeet Victorious; Victor 4 Boy
Harman Everybodys beloved 1 Boy
Harmit A friend of the God 6 Boy
Harneet Original God 8 Boy
Harsimrit Memory of God 7 Boy
Heet Love 2 Boy
Imaan Faith; Creed; Honesty; Belief; Truth honesty 2 Unisex
Indrajit Conqueror of Lord Indra, one who got victory over Lord Indra 4 Boy
Ishjeet Victorious supreme being 4 Boy
Ishmeet Friend of God 7 Boy
Ishpreet Ishwar ka Preet 1 Boy
Jaiteg Victory with sword 7 Boy
Jasneet Good intentions rewarded with God's grace 2 Boy
Jasvir Get victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality 7 Boy
Karanvir Brave and kind like the warrior Karan 4 Boy
Khushbir Delightful and brave 6 Boy
Kuljeet The god-like person of the family; Victory of house 3 Boy
Mahavir Most courageous among men 9 Boy
Manjeev To live like truthful mind 7 Boy
Manjit Conqueror of the mind; Conqueror of knowledge 22 Boy
Manpreet Pretty; Eye catching 11 Boy
Mavleen Chief 9 Boy
Narpreet Love for human being 7 Boy
Navjeet The new victory 5 Boy
Navpreet New Love 11 Boy
Navreet Fresh ritual; Angel 4 Boy
Nirbaan Nirvana 5 Boy
Paramjeet Highest success; Supremely victorious; The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious 8 Boy
Prabhjot God's light 9 Boy
Praneet Humble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader 7 Boy
Premjot The light of Love 7 Boy
Pritam Lover 5 Boy
Rajmeet Kind king 9 Boy
Randeep The hero of the battle 9 Boy
Ranveer Hero of the battle; Winner 11 Boy
Raspreet One who drinks the elixir of naam 3 Boy
Ravjot A friend of the Lord Sun 5 Boy
Sanjit Who is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious 1 Boy
Saranjeet One who attains the guru's shelter; Refuge of the victor; Protected 3 Boy
Satbir The true warrior 6 Boy
Satjit Conqueror of hundreds; True victory 7 Boy
Satnam One accepting God being as true 5 Boy
Satyajeet One who conquers the truth; Victory of truth 7 Boy
Shaan Pride; Peaceful 7 Boy
Simranjit Victorious in contemplation; Meditative in God; Remembrance; Prayer; To achieve; Translated upon interpretation 5 Boy
Sukhbir Warrior of peace; Champion of peace 7 Boy
Supreet Loving; Loved by everyone 5 Boy
Surjit Conqueror of the Suras; Victorious devotee 7 Boy
Talveen Imbued in colour 7 Boy
Tanvir Enlightened; Rays of light 3 Boy
Tarunjeet The victory of the youthfulness 6 Boy
Tejbir The glory of the brave one; Brave and splendour 1 Boy
Udaijeet Rising victory 3 Boy
Uttamdeep Light of the best 6 Boy
Uttamjodh The exalted warrior 4 Boy
Vanjeet Lord of the forest 5 Boy
Veer Courageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder 5 Boy
Virpal Heroic protector; Protector of the brave 6 Boy
Vishwaraj King of the world 3 Boy
Yashdip Success; The light of glory 1 Boy
Yashjot Glorious light 8 Boy
Yuvraj Prince; Heir apparent; Young 7 Boy
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