Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Bhevin Winner 6 Boy-E
Bhooshit Decorated 6 Boy-E
Bhoumik Lord of the Earth; Land owner; Attached to the Earth 7 Boy-E
Jadhav A yadava 1 Boy-E
Jag The universe; The Earth; World 9 Boy-E
Jagad Universe; World 5 Boy-E
Jagadhish King of the world 4 Boy-E
Jagajeet Conqueror of the World 5 Boy-E
Jaganmay Spread over the universe 9 Boy-E
Jagat The world; People; The Earth 3 Boy-E
Jagdeep Light of the world 3 Boy-E
Jagdeesh King of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world 5 Boy-E
Jagdev Lord of the world 22 Boy-E
Jagdish King of the world 4 Boy-E
Jagish Lord of the universe 9 Boy-E
Jaglal Son of world 7 Boy-E
Jahnu Soul; Life force; Birthplace 9 Boy-E
Jai Conqueror; Victory; The Sun; Conquest; Victorious 11 Boy-E
Jai Darsh Victory 7 Boy-E
Jainand Joy of Victory 8 Boy-E
Jainil Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 1 Boy-E
Jaitik Victory 6 Boy-E
Jaitra Lord Vishnu; Leading to victory 5 Boy-E
Jaiveer Victorious 7 Boy-E
Jaiwant Victory; Victorious 6 Boy-E
Jal Water 5 Boy-E
Jalad Cloud; Ocean 1 Boy-E
Jalaj Lotus; Originating in the water; The Moon; Conch shell 7 Boy-E
Jaldhar Clouds 9 Boy-E
Jalendra Lord of the water 11 Boy-E
Jalp Discussion 3 Boy-E
Janak Creator; Melody; Producing; Begetting; Father 1 Boy-E
Janam Birth 3 Boy-E
Janesh Lord of men leader; Master of men 3 Boy-E
Janmeya The New Born 6 Boy-E
Janu Soul; Life force; Birthplace 1 Boy-E
Japendra Lord of chants, Lord Shiva 6 Boy-E
Japtesh 7 Boy-E
Jarnav Lord of Shiva 3 Boy-E
Jas God is gracious; Kirti; Good wishes 3 Boy-E
Jasapal Very famous 6 Boy-E
Jasbeer Victorious hero; Powerful 6 Boy-E
Jashun Celebration; Festival 1 Boy-E
Jasjit Glorious victory 6 Boy-E
Jasraj Lord of fame; King of fame 5 Boy-E
Jatak Son; Stories of Buddha's previous incarnations 7 Boy-E
Jatasya The ocean 5 Boy-E
Jatya Pleasing 3 Boy-E
Jayden A variant of Jaydev (Lord of triumph) 5 Boy-E
Jayditya Victorious Sun 5 Boy-E
Jaylen An invented name; Bird of light 22 Boy-E
Jazim Great and famous 5 Boy-E
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