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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raahi Traveler 1 Girl-E
Raakin Respectful 9 Girl-E
Rachi East; Morning 3 Girl-E
Rachita Created 6 Girl-E
Rachna Creation; Construction; Arrangement 9 Girl-E
Radhani Worship 1 Girl-E
Radhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The beloved of Lord Krishna; Wealthy 7 Girl-E
Ragini A melody; Music; Love; An Apsara or celestial nymph; A form of Indian classical music; Another name for Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Rahini Goddess Saraswati 5 Girl-E
Rajita Brilliant; Illuminated 5 Girl-E
Rajvi Brave 6 Girl-E
Rakhi Thread of brother-sister bonding; Symbol of protection; Full Moon in the Shravan month 11 Girl-E
Raksha Protection 22 Girl-E
Rakshati One who Protects 6 Girl-E
Rakshika Protector 6 Girl-E
Ranita Tinkling; Voice; Audible; Cute and pretty 9 Girl-E
Ranjika Exciting; Plesant; Lovable 1 Girl-E
Ranvi Large settlement 1 Girl-E
Rashim Light; A ray of light 5 Girl-E
Rashmita Having light; Beaming; Stringed 8 Girl-E
Reema Goddess Durga; A wife; The Goddess of fortune, Good luck, Riches, Splendor, Vermilion, Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman 6 Girl-E
Reena Cute; Gem; Joyous song; Melted; Dissolved; Rebirth; Clear; Bright 7 Girl-E
Reenu Atom; Dust; Sand; Pollen 9 Girl-E
Reetika Joy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 6 Girl-E
Rehanshi Sweet Basil 1 Girl-E
Rency To be reborn greek 11 Girl-E
Rheeya Singer; Graceful 8 Girl-E
Rhutu Season 7 Girl-E
Ria Rich or from Hadria; Gem; Goddess Lakshmi; Graceful; Singer 1 Girl-E
Riana Rich or from Hadria; Dissolved 7 Girl-E
Richa Hymn; The writing of the Vedas; The collected body of the Vedas; Brilliance 3 Girl-E
Richika Creator; Mirage or Ray; One who praises; One who knows hymns 5 Girl-E
Richitha Fortunate 4 Girl-E
Riddhima Spring of Love; Full of Love 3 Girl-E
Ridhi Good fortune; Prosperity; Wealth; Success; Superiority; Supernatural power 3 Girl-E
Ridika Successful; Love of Lord Krishna: Radha 7 Girl-E
Rihana Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant 6 Girl-E
Rikita Clever 5 Girl-E
Rima Goddess Durga; A wife; The Goddess of fortune, Good luck, Riches, Splendor, Vermilion, Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman 5 Girl-E
Rina Rich or from Hadria; Dissolved 6 Girl-E
Rinkal Eyes 11 Girl-E
Rinku Sweet nature; Well 1 Girl-E
Rishika Silken; Saintly; Pious; Learned 3 Girl-E
Rishita The best; Saintly; Learned 3 Girl-E
Rishvi Female saint 4 Girl-E
Risva Noble; Great; Lord Indra 6 Girl-E
Riya Rich or from Hadria; Gem; Goddess Lakshmi; Graceful; Singer 8 Girl-E
Riyanshi Cheerful 4 Girl-E
Rohini A star; A cow; Ascending; Tall; Indian steel 1 Girl-E
Rohita Daughter of Lord Brahma; Shining; Red 8 Girl-E
Roopa Look; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty 11 Girl-E
Roopali Pretty; Beautiful; Shapely 5 Girl-E
Roshani Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law 3 Girl-E
Ruchi Hobby; Luster; Beauty; Taste; Desire; Joy; Brilliance; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl-E
Ruchita Splendorous; Bright; Brilliant; Happy; Pleasant 8 Girl-E
Ruhani Spiritual; Sacred; Divine 8 Girl-E
Rupal Made of silver 5 Girl-E
Rupali Pretty; Beautiful; Shapely 5 Girl-E
Rushali Bright girl 7 Girl-E
Rushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva 6 Girl-E
Rutika Goddess Parvati; Compassionate; The one who always ascends a wish 8 Girl-E
Rutva Speech 1 Girl-E
Rutvi Name of an Angel meaning season; Love and saint; Speech 9 Girl-E
Taneesha Fairy queen; Ambition; Goddess of physique 1 Girl-E
Tania Daughter; Born of the body 9 Girl-E
Tanika Apsara; Rope 2 Girl-E
Tanishi Goddess Durga; Serpent lady; Fairy queen; Goddess Durga 8 Girl-E
Taniska Goddess of gold; Daughter 3 Girl-E
Tanuja A daughter 4 Girl-E
Tanushri Beautiful; Shapely; With a divine body 11 Girl-E
Tanusiya A great devotee 11 Girl-E
Tanvi Slender; Beautiful; Delicate 3 Girl-E
Tanya Of the family 7 Girl-E
Tapasi A female ascetic 3 Girl-E
Tarini Saviour; She who frees; She who delivers from sin; Another name for Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati 8 Girl-E
Tarjni Third finger 9 Girl-E
Tarlika Goddess Durga; Same as Gayatri 9 Girl-E
Taruna A young girl; Young 3 Girl-E
Taruni A young girl; Young woman 11 Girl-E
Tarunika Young girl 5 Girl-E
Tarushi Courage; Victory 6 Girl-E
Tejasvi Lustrous; Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant 5 Girl-E
Tripti Satisfied; Satisfaction; Another name for the river Ganges 11 Girl-E
Trisha Thirst 3 Girl-E
Trishala Trident 7 Girl-E
Trishalana A river in heaven 4 Girl-E
Trishika Goddess Lakshmi; Trident 5 Girl-E
Trishna Thirst 8 Girl-E
Tuhina Snow 1 Girl-E
Tulsi Sacred plant; A sacred plant (Basil); Unmatched; Unique; A sacred leaf thought to be the incarnation of Mahalakshmi 9 Girl-E
Tushita Peace; Happiness; Satisfied 8 Girl-E
Tusti Satisfaction; Peace; Happiness 8 Girl-E
Tvisha Bright; Light; Brilliance 7 Girl-E
Twisha Bright; Light; Brilliance 8 Girl-E
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