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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Bomik Land owner 5 Boy-E
Boudik 8 Boy-E
Kaher Anger 7 Boy-E
Kaivalya Perfect isolation; Salvation; Bliss 1 Boy-E
Kalap The Moon; Intelligent; Collection; The tail of a peacock; Totality; Decoration 5 Boy-E
Kalith Known; Understood 7 Boy-E
Kaliya A huge serpent 5 Boy-E
Kalki White horse 8 Boy-E
Kalp The Moon; Thought; Appropriate; Competent; Rule; Healthy; Perfect; A day in the life of Brahma; Another name for Shiva 4 Boy-E
Kamik Desired 9 Boy-E
Kanil Power; Indestructible Lord Vishnu like 2 Boy-E
Kanishka An ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 11 Boy-E
Kanj Lord Brahma; Born in water 9 Boy-E
Karhik Son of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; Kartik means Hindu month 4 Boy-E
Karnik Judge 1 Boy-E
Karnish Lord of Mercy; Lord Krishna 8 Boy-E
Karsan One who ploughs 1 Boy-E
Karthiga God name 3 Boy-E
Karunesh Lord of mercy 7 Boy-E
Karv Love; Desire 7 Boy-E
Kashwin Star 4 Boy-E
Kathan Sentence 1 Boy-E
Kathir Crop 4 Boy-E
Katraj Snake 7 Boy-E
Kaustav A legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Kaval Nivala (Morsel) 11 Boy-E
Kavan Water; Poem 4 Boy-E
Kaveer A famous historical Prince; The Sun 8 Boy-E
Kavi A wise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable 7 Boy-E
Kavir A famous historical Prince; The Sun 7 Boy-E
Kavish King of poets; Name of Lord Ganesh 7 Boy-E
Kavit Poem 9 Boy-E
Kavy A wise man; Poet; Talented; A physician; Another name for Brahma; A singer talented; Knowledgeable 5 Boy-E
Kineesh To Succeed 8 Boy-E
Kinnar Singing Gods in Heaven 4 Boy-E
Kinshu Another name of Shri Lord Krishna 1 Boy-E
Kinzel 5 Boy-E
Kirat Sing God's praise or glory; Lord Shiva 5 Boy-E
Kirin Poet; Writer; Orator 7 Boy-E
Kirish 11 Boy-E
Kirtesh One who owns praising 9 Boy-E
Kishin Kishin refers to a Hindu Lord Krishna 7 Boy-E
Kishlay Lotus 4 Boy-E
Kishu Light; Luster 5 Boy-E
Kislay Lotus 5 Boy-E
Veekshit Brave 9 Boy-E
Veenand 11 Boy-E
Veeresh Brave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes 1 Boy-E
Veerottam Supreme amongst braves 11 Boy-E
Vehant Intelligent 7 Boy-E
Velu Shaggy; Hairy 6 Boy-E
Veydant Sum of the Vedas 1 Boy-E
Voransh generous, kind-hearted, humane & philanthropic. 7 Boy-E
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