Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Bhadrusha The ganges 1 Girl-E
Bhagyavathi Lucky 5 Girl-E
Bhagyawati Lucky 7 Girl-E
Bhahusuni 4 Girl-E
Bhairvi Goddess Parvati, Terror, The spouse of Bhairav, The form of Rudra in his aspect as a destroyer. It is a name of a lady-guru in tantrik Sadhana, The power to cause terror, A particular type of Durga; A girl of twelve years representing Durga's at Durga's festival; Name of a raaginee 6 Girl-E
Bhajna Adoration 9 Girl-E
Bhakthi Devotion; Prayer 5 Girl-E
Bhama Charming; Famous; Passionate woman; Brilliance; Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Bhamini Brilliant; Beautiful; Passionate; Woman 11 Girl-E
Bhanuni Charming woman 6 Girl-E
Bhanusri Rays of Laxmidevi 11 Girl-E
Bhargavi Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Goddess Parvati, Beautiful 5 Girl-E
Bharti Indian; Well-groomed; Descended from Bharat; Eloquent 4 Girl-E
Bhashvika Light; Sun 9 Girl-E
Bhashwini Meaningful 3 Girl-E
Bhaskari The Sun 6 Girl-E
Bhatrashree 6 Girl-E
Bhava Being; Becoming 7 Girl-E
Bhavagna Lalitha Devi 11 Girl-E
Bhavamochani The absolver of the universe 7 Girl-E
Bhavamochani   The absolver of the universe 7 Girl-E
Bhavaprita One who is loved by the universe 8 Girl-E
Bhavapriya Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Bhavatharini Goddess name 5 Girl-E
Bhaveshwari Lord of Expression 8 Girl-E
Bhavika Cheerful expression; Well-behaved; Worthy 9 Girl-E
Bhavishyaa Futures of parent 6 Girl-E
Bhavna Goddess Parvati; Purity; Gift from God; One who protects; Night prayer; Plough; Another name for Durga; Intellect; Power 3 Girl-E
Bhavya Sri Grand; Splendid 6 Girl-E
Bhawana Good feelings; Emotions 5 Girl-E
Bhilangana A river 6 Girl-E
Bhimanshi Intelligent; Part of Bhim; Good 11 Girl-E
Bhiravi One of the ten Goddess known as mahavidyas 6 Girl-E
Yema Our Joy 8 Girl-E
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