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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aadarsh Ideal; The Sun; Principle; Belief; Excellence 7 Boy-E
Aadi Adornment; Beginning; Perfect; Most significant; Ornament; Unequalled; First 6 Boy-E
Aadit Peak; Lord of the Sun; First 8 Boy-E
Aaditya Aditi's son, The Sun, Sun God 7 Boy-E
Aadiv Delicate 1 Boy-E
Aahan Dawn; Sunrise; Morning glory; First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 7 Boy-E
Aakar Shape; Form 5 Boy-E
Aakarsh Attractive 5 Boy-E
Aakash The Sky; Open mindedness 5 Boy-E
Aalap Musical prelude; Conversation 4 Boy-E
Aalekh Picture; Painting 2 Boy-E
Aalok Light; Brilliance; Vision 4 Boy-E
Aan The Sun 7 Boy-E
Aanand Joy; Happiness; Delight 8 Boy-E
Aanav Ocean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane 3 Boy-E
Aanay Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior; Another name for Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Aangat Colorful 8 Boy-E
Aansh Portion; Day 7 Boy-E
Aaradhy Worshipped 4 Boy-E
Aarish First ray of Sun; Sky 11 Boy-E
Aarnav Ocean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 3 Boy-E
Aarpit To donate; To give or offer something; Offered; Dedicated 11 Boy-E
Aarsh Bright; Hero; Truthfulness; Dominion; Crown; Pure; Worshipped; Divine 2 Boy-E
Aarul The grace of God; Blessing of God 8 Boy-E
Aarush First ray of the Sun; Calm; Red; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun 5 Boy-E
Aaryan Of the Aryan race; Ancient; Warrior; Speedy; Another name for Indra; Kind; Benevolent 6 Boy-E
Aashay Hawk-like 1 Boy-E
Aashutosh One who fulfills wishes instantly; Content; Happy; Another name for Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Aayansh The first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 6 Boy-E
Aayush Age; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life 3 Boy-E
Aayushman Blessed with long life 4 Boy-E
Abhay Fearless 1 Boy-E
Abhijit Lord Krishna; One who is victorious (Abhijeet) 5 Boy-E
Abhisek Ritual; Purification; Shower of milk or water over an idol; Anoint; Bathing to God 1 Boy-E
Achyut Imperishable; A name of Lord Vishnu; Indestructible 6 Boy-E
Adi Adornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most significant, Ornament, Unequalled, First 5 Boy-E
Adit From the beginning 7 Boy-E
Aditya Newly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun 6 Boy-E
Aeyush Long lived 7 Boy-E
Ahnay As bright as the Sun 22 Boy-E
Akansh Desire; Wish 9 Boy-E
Akarsh Attractive 22 Boy-E
Akash The Sky; Open-mindedness 4 Boy-E
Akhil Complete 5 Boy-E
Akhilesh Indestructible; Immortal 1 Boy-E
Akshar Imperishable 22 Boy-E
Akshay Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible 2 Boy-E
Alok Light; Brilliance; Vision 3 Boy-E
Alpesh Tiny; Another name for Krishna 7 Boy-E
Alpit Different from all; Devoted 22 Boy-E
Aman Peace 11 Boy-E
Amaris Child of the Moon 7 Boy-E
Amish Honest; Trustworthy; Pleasing 5 Boy-E
Amit Infinite; Unique; Incomparable Lord; Indestructible; Imperishable; Great; Endless; Boundless 7 Boy-E
Anany Matchless 1 Boy-E
Anav Ocean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane 11 Boy-E
Anesh Close friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme 2 Boy-E
Aniket Lord of the world; Lord Shiva; Lord of all 6 Boy-E
Animesh Bright; To stare open-eyed; Divine; Omnipresent; Omniscient 6 Boy-E
Anirudh Boundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed; An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Anish A close friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme; Another name for Krishna and Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Ankit Conquered; Distinguished; Marked out; Noted 1 Boy-E
Ankur Sprout; Offshoot; Sapling; Newborn 2 Boy-E
Ansh Portion; Day 6 Boy-E
Anuj Younger brother 1 Boy-E
Anvay Joined; Integration 9 Boy-E
Apurv One of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented; Like never before 6 Boy-E
Arav Peaceful; Sound; Shout 6 Boy-E
Archit Worship; Revered 5 Boy-E
Arhan Ruler; Tirthankara; Worship; Homage; Respect; Revered 6 Boy-E
Arish First ray of Sun; Sky 1 Boy-E
Arjun Fair; Open minded; Pure; Brilliant; A Pandava Prince; Bright 1 Boy-E
Arnav Ocean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 2 Boy-E
Arnesh Lord of the sea 11 Boy-E
Arpan The devotional offering; Auspicious 5 Boy-E
Arpit To donate; To give or offer something; Offered; Dedicated 1 Boy-E
Arul The grace of God; Blessing of God 7 Boy-E
Arumoy Unique; Precious 3 Boy-E
Aryan That Which Is Beyond Anyone's Strength 5 Boy-E
Aryan  From a high race; Ord Ayyappa 5 Boy-E
Aryav Noble person 22 Boy-E
Asas Protector of Dharma 4 Boy-E
Asav Liquor; Essence; Distilled; Wine 7 Boy-E
Ashish Blessings 1 Boy-E
Ashmit Trustworthy friend; The pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile 7 Boy-E
Ashu Active; Quick; Fast 4 Boy-E
Avadh Powerful; Strong; Firm; Invincible 9 Boy-E
Avan One who owns the earth (Lord Indra) 11 Boy-E
Avi The Sun and air 5 Boy-E
Ayan The pathway to the Sun 5 Boy-E
Ayansh The first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 5 Boy-E
Eashan Lord Shiva; Sovereign; A Rudra; Name of Sun 3 Boy-E
Eeshan Lord Shiva; The Sun; Vishnu; Agni and Surya; Ruler; Generous; Causing prosperity 7 Boy-E
Ekaksh One eyed; Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Eshan Lord Shiva; Lord Sun or north-east direction; Desiring and wishing; Impulse; Aim 2 Boy-E
Ishan Lord Shiva; The Sun; Vishnu; Agni and Surya; Ruler; Generous; Causing prosperity 6 Boy-E
Laksh Aim; Target; Goal; Sign 6 Boy-E
Luv First of Lord Rama's twin son 1 Boy-E
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