Baby Name Ideas

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Poorab East 4 Boy-E
Pooran Complete; Successors; Momento; Abundant 7 Boy-E
Poorna Complete 7 Boy-E
Pughul Glory 4 Boy-E
Pujit Worshipped; Respected 22 Boy-E
Pulak Joy; Jewel; Delight 7 Boy-E
Pulin Beautiful; Riverbank 9 Boy-E
Pulish Name of a sage 4 Boy-E
Pulkit Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed 8 Boy-E
Puneet Pure or holy 9 Boy-E
Purahan Lord Shiva; Conqueror of Pura 7 Boy-E
Purajit Lord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra 5 Boy-E
Puran Complete; Successors; Momento; Abundant 7 Boy-E
Purohit A brahmin priest 8 Boy-E
Purvang Prakashit (Lighted) 9 Boy-E
Purvanshu Son of Sun 5 Boy-E
Pusan A sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector 8 Boy-E
Pushan A sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector 7 Boy-E
Pushkal Lord Shiva; Rich; Excellent; Magnificient; Full; Complete; Powerful; Purified; Abundant; Splendid; Name of a son of Varun; Epithet of Shiva; Name of a Buddha; Son of Bharat 7 Boy-E
Pushkar Lotus; A lake; Sky; Heaven; Sun 4 Boy-E
Pushkin 8 Boy-E
Puskara One who gives nourishment; Blue Lotus; Fountain; Like a Lotus 6 Boy-E
Shaan Pride; Peaceful 7 Boy-E
Shaarwin Victory 3 Boy-E
Shabar Lord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva 22 Boy-E
Shabarish Lord Ayyappa 4 Boy-E
Shabd Word 7 Boy-E
Shabin From the name Sabine; An Italian culture 8 Boy-E
Shachin Lord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva 8 Boy-E
Shadual Someone who has happiness 3 Boy-E
Shagdav 8 Boy-E
Shail Mountain; Rocky 22 Boy-E
Shaildhar One who holds the mountain 8 Boy-E
Shailen King of mountains 5 Boy-E
Shailesh God of the mountain, Himalaya 9 Boy-E
Shaji Bold; Courageous; King of noble men 2 Boy-E
Shakunt Blue Jay 22 Boy-E
Shalang Emperor 8 Boy-E
Shaligram Lord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell 7 Boy-E
Shalik A sage 6 Boy-E
Shalina Courteous 1 Boy-E
Shalya An arrow 3 Boy-E
Shamak Makes peace; Peaceful; Lord Buddha 8 Boy-E
Shaman Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful 2 Boy-E
Shamant Universal; Whole; Lord Rama 22 Boy-E
Shameer A message or tidings or that which is heard; Rock that can penetrate metal 6 Boy-E
Shamindra Quiet; Gentle 6 Boy-E
Shamir A message or tidings or that which is heard; Rock that can penetrate metal 5 Boy-E
Shamshu Beautiful 8 Boy-E
Shamya Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 22 Boy-E
Shamyak Enough 6 Boy-E
Shan Pride; Peaceful 6 Boy-E
Shanan Gaining; Acquiring 3 Boy-E
Shanay Ancient; One that will last forever 5 Boy-E
Shankar Lord Shiva; Causing happiness; Conferring good fortune; Auspicious; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy Shankaracharya; Name of a Raaga 9 Boy-E
Shankaran Sinkam 6 Boy-E
Shankir Lord Shiva, One who causes happiness 8 Boy-E
Shanmukha Shanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan 6 Boy-E
Shant A saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint 8 Boy-E
Shantam Quite 22 Boy-E
Shantan King; Whole 5 Boy-E
Shantanav Bhishma pitamaha 1 Boy-E
Shantanu Wholesome; A king from the epic Mahabharata 8 Boy-E
Shanthan King; Whole 4 Boy-E
Shantosh Satisfaction 5 Boy-E
Shanyu Benevolent; Kind hearted; Kind; Lucky; Happy 7 Boy-E
Shar Habit; Custom; Name of Lord Ayyappa; Arrow 1 Boy-E
Sharan Surrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail 7 Boy-E
Sharang A musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva 5 Boy-E
Shardul Lion; A Tiger 11 Boy-E
Sharmad One who confers happiness; Everlasting 1 Boy-E
Sharu Lord Vishnu; An arrow; Dart; The thunderbolt of Indra; The weapon of the maruts; Passion; Epithet of Vishnu 22 Boy-E
Sharun Sweet; Fragrance; Honey 9 Boy-E
Sharunan Naughty boy 6 Boy-E
Sharvesh Master of all or God or King or Lord of all; Emperor; Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Sharvin Victory; Best archer; God of Love 1 Boy-E
Shashir The Moon 1 Boy-E
Shashish Lord Shiva, Lord of the Moon 1 Boy-E
Shashmith Ever smiling 6 Boy-E
Shashrvat Name of Lord Sun 8 Boy-E
Shatjit Conqueror of hundreds; True victory 6 Boy-E
Shattesh King of mountains 1 Boy-E
Shaunak A great sage and teacher; Wise 3 Boy-E
Shaurav Divine; Celestial; Beautiful 9 Boy-E
Shauri Brave 4 Boy-E
Shay Gift 8 Boy-E
Shaylan Intelligent 8 Boy-E
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