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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Pehr Phase; Time of day 11 Girl-E
Poshitha Nourished; Defended; Loved 6 Girl-E
Raagavi Sings with Raaga; God of Raghavendra 5 Girl-E
Raagini A melody; Music; Love; An Apsara or celestial nymph; A form of Indian classical musical; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Rachana Creation; Construction; Arrangement 1 Girl-E
Radnya Daughter of king 9 Girl-E
Raga Belongs to music terms; Melody; Bringing to life; Emotion; Beauty; Passionate; Desire; A form of Indian classical music 9 Girl-E
Raghavi God of Raghavendra 3 Girl-E
Ragi Loving; Very much attached 8 Girl-E
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi 7 Girl-E
Rajannya The king, South Indians add Anna as a mark of respect which means brother or an elder one 3 Girl-E
Rajashri Royalty 3 Girl-E
Rajasi Worthy of a king 22 Girl-E
Rajasri Royalty 4 Girl-E
Rajata Silver 6 Girl-E
Rajbala Princess 9 Girl-E
Rajeevani Small lotus 4 Girl-E
Rajeshri Queen 7 Girl-E
Raji Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 2 Girl-E
Rajika Lamp 5 Girl-E
Rajini Night 7 Girl-E
Rajisha Moon 3 Girl-E
Rajitha Brilliant; Illuminated 4 Girl-E
Rajivini Collection of blue lotuses 11 Girl-E
Rajkala A crescent of the Moon; A royal piece 9 Girl-E
Rajsi Proudly; King 3 Girl-E
Rajvika Goddess Saraswati 9 Girl-E
Rakshatira 7 Girl-E
Rakshita Who protect 6 Girl-E
Rakti Pleasing 5 Girl-E
Raktima Pleasing 1 Girl-E
Ramila Lover 9 Girl-E
Ramini Beautiful girl; Beautiful woman; Pretty; Affectionate; Pleasant; Happy 1 Girl-E
Ramita Pleasing; Loved; Happy 8 Girl-E
Ramola Who takes an interest in everything 6 Girl-E
Rangana Loving; Pleasing; Cheerful 11 Girl-E
Ranhita Quick; Swift 8 Girl-E
Rani Queen 6 Girl-E
Ranjana Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 5 Girl-E
Ranjani Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 4 Girl-E
Ranjini Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 3 Girl-E
Ranu The heavens 9 Girl-E
Ranya Pleasant; Assertive; Aggressive 5 Girl-E
Rasagnya Prefect 5 Girl-E
Rashi The sign of the zodiac; Collection 1 Girl-E
Rashila Very sweet 5 Girl-E
Rashmi Light; A ray of light 5 Girl-E
Rashmika Ray of light 8 Girl-E
Rasika Protector of all Gods; Connoisseur; Discerning; Elegant; Beautiful; Passionate 5 Girl-E
Rasmeen Well-established; Well-founded; Stable; Steady; Queen 3 Girl-E
Rasmi Ray of light or the sunrays; Silken; Full of light 6 Girl-E
Rasya With essence; Sentimental; Full of feelings; Juicy 1 Girl-E
Rati Consort of Cupid (Kamdev); Love; Pleasure; Desire; An Apsara or celestial 3 Girl-E
Ratnali A jewelled 3 Girl-E
Ratnangi Jewel bodied 3 Girl-E
Ratri Night 3 Girl-E
Ravali A sound came from Murali 9 Girl-E
Raveena Sunny; Bright; Fair 3 Girl-E
Ravija Daughter of the Sun, Born of the Sun; Another name for the river Yamuna 7 Girl-E
Ravina Sunny; Bright; Fair 11 Girl-E
Ravita Band; Bond; Link; Nexus 8 Girl-E
Riansika 1 Girl-E
Ribha Sings praises; Favorite of the devotees or Lord Shiva 11 Girl-E
Ridhika Successful; Love of Lord Krishna: Radha 6 Girl-E
Ridhima Spring of Love; Full of Love 8 Girl-E
Rikshiti 4 Girl-E
Rinsin 11 Girl-E
Risha Feather; Line; Saintly 1 Girl-E
Rishani Happy 6 Girl-E
Rishima Moonbeam 5 Girl-E
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