Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With L

9 Muslim Boy Names Starting With 'L' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Lutfi (لوٹفی) Kind and friendly 5 Boy-E
Lut (لوط) A prophet's name; 8 Boy-E
Luft () Leniecy 5 Boy-E
Lodhi (لودھی) A famous afghan tribe 3 Boy-E
Lal (لال) Pearl; Ruby; Name of a precious stone; Red; Heart; Child; Beloved 7 Boy-E
Laith (لایتہ) Lion; Famous 5 Boy-E
Lais (لئیس) A famous jurist had this name 5 Boy-E
Laiq (لائق) Able; Fit; Deserving 3 Boy-E
Laeeq (لئیق) Able; Fit; Deserving 22 Boy-E