Oriya Baby Girl Names Starting With P

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Pyas (ପ୍ଯାସ୍) Thirsty 7 Girl-E
Pyanasu () Sweet flower 7 Girl-E
Puvika (ପୁବିକା) The one who is very good in behavior 8 Girl-E
Puvi () earth 5 Girl-E
Putul (ପୁତୁଲ୍) Doll 9 Girl-E
Putana (ପୁତନା) Blowing Hard; Demon 1 Girl-E
Pusti (ପୁସ୍ଟି) Confirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement 22 Girl-E
Pushymi (ପୁଶ୍ଯ୍ମି) 3 Girl-E
Pushyaja (ପୁଶ୍ଯଜା) Born from flower 11 Girl-E
Pushya () 8th Nakshathra 9 Girl-E
Pushti (ପୁଶ୍ଟି) Confirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement 3 Girl-E
Pushthi () Confirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement 11 Girl-E
Pushpitha () Decorated with flowers, One that has flowered 1 Girl-E
Pushpita (ପୁଶ୍ପିଟା) Decorated with flowers; One that has flowered 11 Girl-E
Pushpavathi (ପୁଶ୍ପାବତି) Decorated with flowers 6 Girl-E
Pushpasri () Bunch of flowers 1 Girl-E
Pushpanjali (ପୁଶ୍ପାନ୍ଜଲି) Flower offering 1 Girl-E
Pushpangata () Juhi flower 7 Girl-E
Pushpalathika () Name of a Raga 8 Girl-E
Pushpalatha (ପୁଶ୍ପାଲତା) Flower creeper; Flower 6 Girl-E
Pushpalata (ପୁଶ୍ପାଲଟା) Flower creeper; Flower 7 Girl-E
Pushpaki (ପୁଶ୍ପାକି) The mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu 11 Girl-E
Pushpaja () Nectar 11 Girl-E
Pushpagandha (ପୁଶ୍ପାଗନ୍ଦା) Juhi flower 8 Girl-E
Pushpa (ପୁଶ୍ପା) Flower 9 Girl-E
Pushana () Provider; Protector 8 Girl-E
Pushaan (ପୁଶାନ୍) A sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector 8 Girl-E
Pusha (ପୁଶା) Nourishing 2 Girl-E
Purvil () 8 Girl-E
Purvika (ପୁର୍ବିକା) Orient; Formerly 8 Girl-E
Purvi (ପୁର୍ବି) A classical melody; From the east 5 Girl-E
Purvaja (ପୁର୍ବଜା) The elder sister; Complete 8 Girl-E
Purva (ପୁର୍ବା) Earlier; One; Elder; East 6 Girl-E
Puruva () Eastern; Elder 9 Girl-E
Purushaakriti () One who takes the form of a man 1 Girl-E
Purnita (ପୁର୍ନିତା) Complete; Fulfilled 9 Girl-E
Purnima (ପୁର୍ନିମା) Full Moon 11 Girl-E
Purna (ପୁର୍ନା) Complete 7 Girl-E
Puri () City 1 Girl-E
Purandhri (ପୁରନ୍ଦ୍ରି) Same as Gayatri 1 Girl-E
Purandeswari (ପୁରାନ୍ଡେସ୍ବୁଅରି) 5 Girl-E
Purala (ପୁରାଲା) Goddess Durga; Guardian of fortresses 6 Girl-E
Punyapriya (ପୁଞାପ୍ରିଯା) A loving person 11 Girl-E
Punyakeerthi () Goddess Durga, She who is famous for good deeds 9 Girl-E
Punyaa () Good work; The Goddess who appreciates good deeds; Virtue; Purity; Tulsi or holy Basil; Sacred; Auspicious; Fair; Worthy 6 Girl-E
Punthali (ପୁନ୍ତଲି) A doll 11 Girl-E
Punitha (ପୁନିତା) Love; Pure; Sacred; Devout 8 Girl-E
Punita (ପୁନିତା) Love; Pure; Sacred; Devout 9 Girl-E
Puneeta (ପୁନୀଟା) Love; Pure; Sacred; Devout 1 Girl-E
Pundari (ପୁନ୍ଡାରି) Holy 11 Girl-E
Punasvitha () 5 Girl-E
Punarvika (ପୁନର୍ବିକା) Star 5 Girl-E
Punarnava (ପୁନର୍ନବା) A star 9 Girl-E
Punam (ପୁନମ୍) Full Moon 2 Girl-E
Punai () Achiever; Eastern; A musical raagini 7 Girl-E
Pumima () Night of the full Moon 1 Girl-E
Puma () Complete; Content 6 Girl-E
Puloma (ପୁଲୋମା) Delighted 6 Girl-E
Pulkita (ପୁଲ୍କିଟା) Embraced 9 Girl-E
Pulakitha () Shivering with Joy 9 Girl-E
Pujyasrita () Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Pujya Srita (ପୁଜ୍ଯା ସ୍ରିଟା) Goddess Lakshmi (Pujya - respectable Sritha - dressed); Prepared; Mixed 5 Girl-E
Pujya (ପୁଜ୍ଯା) Respectable 1 Girl-E
Pujitha (ପୁଜିତା) To be worshipped 4 Girl-E
Pujita (ପୁଜିଟା) Prayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess 5 Girl-E
Puji (ପୁଜି) Gentle 2 Girl-E
Pujeetha (ପୁଜୀତା) To be worshipped 5 Girl-E
Pujasri () Worship 4 Girl-E
Pujasatya (ପୁଜସଟ୍ଯା) 6 Girl-E
Puja (ପୁଜା) Idol worship 3 Girl-E
Puchi (ପୁଚି) Sweet 3 Girl-E
Pubi (ପୁବି) The wind which passes through east 3 Girl-E
Prutha (ପ୍ରୁତା) Daughter of earth 3 Girl-E
Prushti (ପ୍ରୁଶ୍ଟି) Pink 3 Girl-E
Protyasha (ପ୍ରୋଟ୍ଯଶା) Expectation 6 Girl-E
Prosmita (ପ୍ରୋସ୍ମିଟା) Quite a girl 3 Girl-E
Promila (ପ୍ରୋମିଲା) Love others 3 Girl-E
Projukta (ପ୍ରୋଜୁକ୍ଟା) 4 Girl-E
Priyavadhana (ପ୍ରିଯାବଦନା) Lovable face 3 Girl-E
Priyatha () Affection 8 Girl-E
Priyasmita (ପ୍ରିଯାସ୍ମିଟା) Best friend 5 Girl-E
Priyasha (ପ୍ରିଯାଶା) Dear one 7 Girl-E
Priyaranjeny (ପ୍ରିଯାରନ୍ଜେଞ୍) Loving 3 Girl-E
Priyanvada (ପ୍ରିଯାନ୍ବଡା) One who speaks nicely 3 Girl-E
Priyansi (ପ୍ରିଯାନ୍ସି) Lovable; Dear; Loving 3 Girl-E
Priyanshi (ପ୍ରିଯାନ୍ଶି) Lovable; Dear; Loving 11 Girl-E
Priyansha () Beloved 3 Girl-E
Priyanka (ପ୍ରିଯନ୍କା) Beautiful; Lovable act; Symbol; Body 5 Girl-E
Priyani (ପ୍ରିଯାନି) Loved One 11 Girl-E
Priyangi (ପ୍ରିଯାଙି) Goddess Lakshmi; Lovely body 9 Girl-E
Priyanga (ପ୍ରିଯଙା) Lover of Sharmila 1 Girl-E
Priyana (ପ୍ରିଯନା) Ideal 3 Girl-E
Priyamvada (ପ୍ରିଯମ୍ବଡା) Sweet spoken 11 Girl-E
Priyamkari () Goddess Durga, She who does what is liked 4 Girl-E
Priyamada () Clever; Smart 7 Girl-E
Priyam (ପ୍ରିଯମ୍) Love; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Priyala (ପ୍ରିଯଲା) loved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love 1 Girl-E
Priyal (ପ୍ରିଯାଲ୍) loved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love 9 Girl-E
Priyakankshi (ପ୍ରିଯକାନ୍କ୍ଶି) 7 Girl-E
Priyajanani (ପ୍ରିଯଜନନି) Mother with Love 1 Girl-E
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Popular Oriya Girl names beginning with P

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