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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gyanvi (ଗ୍ଯାନ୍ବି) Knowledgable person 6 Girl-E
Gyanika () Slender 5 Girl-E
Gyani () Most Intelligent; Full of Knowledge; Intelligent 11 Girl-E
Gyaneshwari (ଗ୍ଯନେଶ୍ବୁଅରି) Light of Knowledge 4 Girl-E
Gyanavi (ଗ୍ଯାନବି) Knowledgable person 7 Girl-E
Gyanada (ଗ୍ଯନଦା) Goddess Saraswati; Giver of knowledge 8 Girl-E
Gyana (ଗ୍ଯାନା) Full of knowledge; A Devi name 3 Girl-E
Gyaana () Full of knowledge; A Devi name 22 Girl-E
Gurushree () Devoted to God 5 Girl-E
Gurulakshmi () Worshiper of Goddess Laxmi 5 Girl-E
Gurujala (ଗୁରୁଜଲା) 1 Girl-E
Gurjari (ଗୁର୍ଜାରି) A Raga 3 Girl-E
Gurbani (ଗୁର୍ବାନି) Sikhs religious prayer 9 Girl-E
Gunwanti (ଗୁନ୍ବୁଅନ୍ଟି) Virtuous 1 Girl-E
Gunvanta () Virtuous 1 Girl-E
Gunrekha (ଗୁନ୍ରେଖା) Useful lines of life 4 Girl-E
Gunnika (ଗୁନ୍ନିକା) Garland; Cohesive 5 Girl-E
Gunjitha () Humming of bee 9 Girl-E
Gunjita (ଗୁନ୍ଜିଟା) Humming of bee 1 Girl-E
Gunjika (ଗୁନ୍ଜିକା) Humming 1 Girl-E
Gunjana (ଗୁନ୍ଜନା) Buzzing of a bee 5 Girl-E
Gunja (ଗୁନ୍ଜା) Beauty 8 Girl-E
Gunitha (ଗୁନିତା) Virtuous; Proficient; Excellent; Talented 8 Girl-E
Gunita (ଗୁନିଟା) Virtuous; Proficient; Excellent; Talented 9 Girl-E
Gunishka () Skillful; Clever; Having Good Manners; Goddess of Talent 9 Girl-E
Gunika () Star ; Pearl 9 Girl-E
Gungun (ଗୁଙୁନ୍) Soft and warm 3 Girl-E
Gungan (ଗୁଙନ୍) 1 Girl-E
Gunavati (ଗୁନବଟି) Virtuous or expert 5 Girl-E
Gunavathi (ଗୁନବତି) Virtuous or expert 4 Girl-E
Gunasundari (ଗୁନସୁନ୍ଡରି) Made beautiful by virtues 3 Girl-E
Gunanidhi () Stock-pile of good qualities 6 Girl-E
Gunakshi (ଗୁନକ୍ଶି) Kind; One who is good by nature 9 Girl-E
Gulika (ଗୁଲିକା) A pearl; Circular; A shot 7 Girl-E
Gul (ଗୁଲ୍) Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 4 Girl-E
Gudiya (ଗୁଡିଯା) Doll 4 Girl-E
Gudia (ଗୁଡିଆ) Doll 6 Girl-E
Guddu (ଗୁଡ୍ଡୁ) Flower 3 Girl-E
Gruni () Light; Sparkle 6 Girl-E
Griva (ଗ୍ରିବା) Girls who have beautiful singing throat 3 Girl-E
Grisma (ଗ୍ରିସ୍ମା) Warmth; Kind of a season 4 Girl-E
Grishma (ଗ୍ରିଶ୍ମା) Warmth; Kind of a season 3 Girl-E
Grihitha (ଗ୍ରିହିତା) Goddess Lakshmi; Accepted 8 Girl-E
Grhitha (ଗ୍ର୍ହିତା) Understood and accepted 8 Girl-E
Grha Lakshmi (ଗ୍ର୍ହ ଲକ୍ଶ୍ମି) Lakshmi of the house 8 Girl-E
Greshy (ଗ୍ରେଶ୍ଯ୍) Loves God; Graceful 1 Girl-E
Greha (ଗ୍ରେହ) Planet 3 Girl-E
Greeshna (ଗ୍ରୀଶ୍ନା) 5 Girl-E
Greeshmita (ଗ୍ରୀଶ୍ମିଟା) Heat 6 Girl-E
Greeshmi (ଗ୍ରୀଶ୍ମି) A kind of season 3 Girl-E
Greeshma (ଗ୍ରୀଶ୍ମା) Warmth; Kind of season 4 Girl-E
Greesha () Vigilant 9 Girl-E
Granthana (ଗ୍ରନ୍ତନା) Book 3 Girl-E
Grahitha () Accepted 9 Girl-E
Grahi (ଗ୍ରହି) Accepting 7 Girl-E
Grahati (ଗ୍ରହଟି) Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Gowthami (ଗୋବୁତମି) The river of the India 6 Girl-E
Gowsiha () 1 Girl-E
Gowri (ଗୋବୁରି) Bright; Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Govindi (ଗୋବିନ୍ଡି) A devotee of Lord Krishna 8 Girl-E
Gouthami (ଗୋଉତମି) River Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga 4 Girl-E
Goushwa () 4 Girl-E
Gourinanda () Daughter of Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of God Vishnu 5 Girl-E
Gouri Nanda (ଗୋଉରି ନନ୍ଡା) Mount everest; Highest 5 Girl-E
Gouri (ଗୋଉରି) A fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth 7 Girl-E
Gourankshi () Humble 6 Girl-E
Gourangi (ଗୋଉରଙି) Giver of happiness; Another name of Goddess Radha; Beloved of Lord Krishna; Fair complexion 11 Girl-E
Goura (ଗୋଉରା) Fair skinned; White; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Goshita (ଗୋଶିତ) 7 Girl-E
Gorochana (ଗୋରୋଚନା) Goddess Parvati; A beautiful & virtuous woman 1 Girl-E
Gorma (ଗୋର୍ମା) Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Gori (ଗୋରି) A fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth 4 Girl-E
Gopu (ଗୋପୁ) Smart 5 Girl-E
Gopikashri (ଗୋପିକଶ୍ରି) Cowherd; Cowherd woman 5 Girl-E
Gopika (ଗୋପିକା) A cowherd; Cowherd woman; Defender; One who protect cows; Another name for Raadha 5 Girl-E
Gopi (ଗୋପି) Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna 11 Girl-E
Gopashree () Wife of lord Gautama Buddha 4 Girl-E
Gopa (ଗୋପା) Gautama's wife 3 Girl-E
Gool (ଗୂଲ୍) Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 22 Girl-E
Goohari (ଗୂହରି) Paraakramam (Power) 1 Girl-E
Gomyasri (ଗୋମ୍ଯାସ୍ରି) 8 Girl-E
Gomya (ଗୋମ୍ଯା) Nice and Graceful 7 Girl-E
Gomti (ଗୋମ୍ଟି) Name of a river 1 Girl-E
Gomthi () Name of a river 9 Girl-E
Gomini (ଗୋମିନି) Goddess Lakshmi; Owner of cattle 4 Girl-E
Gomati (ଗୋମଟି) Name of a river 11 Girl-E
Gomathy (ଗୋମତ୍ଯ୍) Name of a river; Queen of beauty 8 Girl-E
Gomathi (ଗୋମତି) Name of a river; Queen of beauty 1 Girl-E
Gokilavani (ଗୋକିଲବନି) 11 Girl-E
Gokila (ଗୋକିଲା) King of the World 1 Girl-E
Gojari () Adorable 6 Girl-E
Godavri (ଗୋଡବ୍ରି) A river 4 Girl-E
Godavari (ଗୋଡବରି) River Godavari; Largest and longest river in South India; One who bestows water and wealth 5 Girl-E
Gobikaa (ଗୋବିକା) Woman of Gokulam roaming around Krishna 1 Girl-E
Gnya (ଗ୍ଞା) Famous; Scholar 2 Girl-E
Gnashika () Indestructible 7 Girl-E
Gnapika (ଗ୍ନପିକା) Intelligent 5 Girl-E
Gnanvi () Determined 4 Girl-E
Gnansika () Creator 4 Girl-E
Gnaniksa () A leader 4 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 235
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Popular Oriya Girl names beginning with G

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