Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With U

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Urvish King; Lord of the Earth 7 Boy-E
Uday To rise; Blue Lotus 6 Boy-E
Umair Second Khalifah; Intelligent 8 Boy-E
Udit Grown; Awakened; Shining 9 Boy-E
Utpal Water lily; Fleshless; Lotus blossom; Blossoming 7 Boy-E
Uzair Precious; Name of a prophet 3 Boy-E
Udayraj Rising king; Lord of stars 8 Boy-E
Uddipta Rays of rising sun 3 Boy-E
Unais Love; Affection 1 Boy-E
Urvesh Shehnai 3 Boy-E
Ujjal Bright 9 Boy-E
Uzaib Fresh 5 Boy-E
Udith One who has Risen 8 Boy-E
Uddish Lord Shiva; Lord of flying ones; A work so called containing charms and incantations; Name of Shiva 11 Boy-E
Ujesh One who gives light; Conquering 9 Boy-E
Udayan Rising; Name of a king of Avanti 3 Boy-E
Urmil Humble; Enchantress 1 Boy-E
Udeep Giving light; Flood 6 Boy-E
Udbhav Origin 22 Boy-E
Ujay Victorious; Archer 3 Boy-E
Umesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma 3 Boy-E
Uddip Giving light; Flood 9 Boy-E
Udhay To rise; Blue Lotus 5 Boy-E
Ugresh Lord Shiva; The mighty Lord; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a sanctuary built by Ugra 6 Boy-E
Upamanyu Name of a devoted pupil 4 Boy-E
Uwais A companion of the prophet (Saw) 1 Boy-E
Usman Trustworthy friend 5 Boy-E
Udant Correct message 6 Boy-E
Ullas Joy; Delight; Celebration; Light; Brilliance; Progress 11 Boy-E
Umapathi Consort of Uma 8 Boy-E
Ujjval Splendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine 4 Boy-E
Unnat Energised; Raised; High; Eminent; Elevated; Tall; Regal; A Buddha 7 Boy-E
Udarsh Brimming 8 Boy-E
Ulhas Joy; Delight; Celebration; Light; Brilliance; Progress 7 Boy-E
Uthvik introspective, scientific & analytical 1 Boy-E
Umar Second Khalifah; Intelligent 8 Boy-E
Ujval Splendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine 3 Boy-E
Uzayr Precious; Name of a prophet 1 Boy-E
Udhaya Dawn 6 Boy-E
Uddiran Lord Vishnu, The Lord who is higher than all beings 8 Boy-E
Usama Lion 1 Boy-E
Utkarshraj Utkarshraj means the ruler whose time is marked by prosperity and advancement 1 Boy-E
Uttiya A name in Buddhist literature 6 Boy-E
Uwaim Name of a Sahabi who took part in the Battle of Badr 22 Boy-E
Uttam Best 3 Boy-E
Umayr Second Khalifah; Intelligent 6 Boy-E
Unal Fighter; Strong spirit 3 Boy-E
Upkar Favour; Kindness 22 Boy-E
Urvang Mountain; Ocean; Substantial 11 Boy-E
Umed Hope; Expectation; Wish; Desire; Trust; Greed 7 Boy-E
Udhayan Rising, Name of king of Avanti 11 Boy-E
Ujala One who radiates the light; Bright 9 Boy-E
Ulmuk Lord Indra; A firebrand; Name of a son of Balram 6 Boy-E
Ulpesh Tiny 9 Boy-E
Umal Garland of rays 11 Boy-E
Urnik Different 1 Boy-E
Urwah Hand held; Support 8 Boy-E
Urvaksh Joyful 1 Boy-E
Ubayd Worshipper; Faithful 8 Boy-E
Udrek Blossoming of a thought; Superiority; Passion; Abundance 5 Boy-E
Udvah Continuing; The best; Son; Descendant 2 Boy-E
Udyami Hardworking; Entrepreneur 1 Boy-E
Udyath Ascending; A star; Rising 7 Boy-E
Ujendra Conqueror 1 Boy-E
Upasan Worship 9 Boy-E
Utaib Gentleness 8 Boy-E
Utsah Anxiety; Goddess Laxmi; Happiness; Excitement; Energy; Courage; Determination 6 Boy-E
Uttank Cloud; Disciple 6 Boy-E
Ubaid Worshipper; Faithful 1 Boy-E
Ulkesh The Moon 22 Boy-E
Ubad Worshipers 1 Boy-E
Ubayy One with high self esteem 2 Boy-E
Udar Generous 8 Boy-E
Uddyam Start; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise 5 Boy-E
Udhgita A hymn; Lord Shiva 7 Boy-E
Udupati Lord of stars 11 Boy-E
Udyot Shining; Brilliance 22 Boy-E
Ujab Wonder 7 Boy-E
Ujayan Conqueror 9 Boy-E
Ujithra Light 6 Boy-E
Ujjan An ancient Indian city 11 Boy-E
Umdah Support 2 Boy-E
Umran Prosperity 22 Boy-E
Unays Love; Affection 8 Boy-E
Unnayan Important part of thought 9 Boy-E
Upjit Victory for proximity; Of exalted victory; Winning; To acquire by victory 22 Boy-E
Upol generous, sympathetic, and loyal in friendships 1 Boy-E
Uppas Gem 1 Boy-E
Uraif Good scent 1 Boy-E
Urmia A biblical prophet 8 Boy-E
Urugay Lord Krishna; Far-going; Far-striding; An epithet of Vishnu and Indra; Offering broad scope for movement 3 Boy-E
Usaim Lion cub 9 Boy-E
Ushenya Desirable; To wished for 3 Boy-E
Ushnisin Lord Shiva 5 Boy-E
Utaif Compassionate 3 Boy-E
Utanka A disciple of sage Veda 5 Boy-E
Utbah Threshold 7 Boy-E
Uthman Name of the third Khalifah 5 Boy-E
Utsarg Dedicating; Emission; Giving; Gift; Donation; Sacrifice 5 Boy-E
Uddhav A friend of Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 184
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with U

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Boy names beginning with U will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.