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152 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Daughter'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Amima Close to heart, Someone who gives guidance, Prophet (saws) grand daughter 1 Girl-E
Amutha Mutara; Daughter 1 Girl-E
Atmaja Born of the soul; Another name for Parvati 1 Girl-E
Dadhija Daughter of milk 1 Girl-E
Dafiya The narrator of Hadith; Daughter 1 Girl-E
Dakshaja Daughter 1 Girl-E
Dakshika Daughter of Brahma 1 Girl-E
Dhakshinya Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Daksh 1 Girl-E
Drishani Daughter of the Sun 1 Girl-E
Jahan Aara Adorning the world daughter; Queen of the world 1 Girl-E
Shrutakirti Renowned; Reputed; Famous; Whose fame is all over; The youngest sister of Goddess Sita and youngest daughter of Janaka 1 Girl-E
Taania Daughter; Born of the body 1 Girl-E
Jaanaki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak 2 Girl-E
Malika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 2 Girl-E
Somi Daughter of Lord 2 Girl-E
Drisana Daughter of the Sun 3 Girl-E
Dushala Was the only daughter of king Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari and sister to Kauravas in the Indian epic Mahabharata 3 Girl-E
Hijab Veil; Daughter of a scholar from Baghdad 3 Girl-E
Indraja Daughter of Lord Indra 3 Girl-E
Iraja Daughter of wind 3 Girl-E
Ishika An arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush; Daughter of God 3 Girl-E
Januja Daughter; Born 3 Girl-E
Maalika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 3 Girl-E
Maleeka Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland 3 Girl-E
Nandani Goddess Lakshmi; Daughter of Anand 3 Girl-E
Parvathy Daughter of the king of mountains, Parvatha, Consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess 3 Girl-E
Prutha Daughter of earth 3 Girl-E
Sai Kumari Daughter of Shri Sai baba 3 Girl-E
Saikumari Daughter of Shri Sai baba 3 Girl-E
Srija Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl-E
Taniska Goddess of gold; Daughter 3 Girl-E
Tapti The Sun's daughter; A river; Heat; One who has undergone penance 3 Girl-E
Udvaha Descendant; Daughter 3 Girl-E
Vatsla Daughter; Loving 3 Girl-E
Visalakshi Goddess Durga, Epithet of Parvati, Name of a daughter of Shandilya; Large eyed; Name of the deity worshipped at Banaras 3 Girl-E
Debanjali Daughter of God 4 Girl-E
Ekavira Daughter of Lord Shiva 4 Girl-E
Ekveera Daughter of Lord Shiva 4 Girl-E
Fathima Prophet Muhammad's daughter 4 Girl-E
Hukayman She was the daughter of Umaymah, Daughter of Ruqayqah (RA); A companion 4 Girl-E
Ila The Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight; Turpentine tree; Terebinth tree 4 Girl-E
Jambavathy Daughter of jambavan 4 Girl-E
Kaheesha Poetess; Daughter of Al-waqa 4 Girl-E
Mughirah Daughter of Hassan, she was a narrator of Hadith 4 Girl-E
Samudratanaya Beloved daughter of the ocean of milk 4 Girl-E
Tanuja A daughter 4 Girl-E
Abasah Daughter of al Mahdi 5 Girl-E
Chndraja Daughter of the Moon 5 Girl-E
Dhitha Daughter 5 Girl-E
Fatima Prophet Muhammad's daughter 5 Girl-E
Giribala Goddess Parvati, Daughter of the Mountain, Another name for Parvati 5 Girl-E
Gourinanda Daughter of Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of God Vishnu 5 Girl-E
Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad's (Pbuh) daughter; One who has full healthy cheeks 5 Girl-E
Nufaysah Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA 5 Girl-E
Oorja Energy; Affectionate; Daughter; Nutrition; Breath 5 Girl-E
Paarthivi Daughter of the Earth, Another name for Sita and Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Parvathi Daughter of the king of mountains, Parvatha, Consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess 5 Girl-E
Prasuti Daughter of Manu and Consort of Daksha Prajapathi 5 Girl-E
Qameer Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda, daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A) 5 Girl-E
Rudrabhiravi Goddess Durga, Rudra - crying, Roaring, Consort of Shiva, Name of a consort of Vasudeva, Name of a daughter of Raudrashva, Epithet of Parvati, Bhairavi - companion of Bhairav 5 Girl-E
Ruquaiya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) 5 Girl-E
Sabria Daughter of Cyprus 5 Girl-E
Sudharani Nectar; Amrit; Earth; Daughter 5 Girl-E
Tanujashree Daughter 5 Girl-E
Aayesha Alive or living; Prophet Mohammad's wife; Beautiful; Life; Lively 6 Girl-E
Akrita A daughter who is having rights of Sun 6 Girl-E
Anupriya Beloved daughter 6 Girl-E
Chandraja Daughter of the Moon 6 Girl-E
Dakshakanya Able daughter 6 Girl-E
Hazzafa The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia's Daughter 6 Girl-E
Himagauri Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himavan 6 Girl-E
Himaja Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya Parvati 6 Girl-E
Jyeshtha Star name; Eldest daughter; A Nakshatra; The eldest; Lord Vishnu 6 Girl-E
Ruhm She was the daughter of Al-Aswad and a Narrator of Hadit 6 Girl-E
Yazidal Abshamiyahs; Daughter 6 Girl-E
Zaynab Name of prophet's daughter; Decorated tree 6 Girl-E
Angaja A daughter; Corporeal 7 Girl-E
Banafsha Banafsha is daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah who was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity 7 Girl-E
Bunanah This was the name of daughter of Yazid al-Abshamiyah 7 Girl-E
Chandreyee Moons daughter 7 Girl-E
Haribala Daughter of Lord 7 Girl-E
Hubba Daughter of Maalik Bin Amr Al-Adwaniyah was a beautiful woman 7 Girl-E
Hukaymah She was the daughter of Umaymah, daughter of Ruqayqah RA a companion; Daughter of Mahmood bin Muhammad was a reciter of the Quran 7 Girl-E
Kanya Daughter 7 Girl-E
Kulthoom Daughter of the prophet Mohammed; Name of a companion 7 Girl-E
Kulthum Daughter of the prophet Mohammed; Name of a companion 7 Girl-E
Maithily Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila 7 Girl-E
Ravija Daughter of the Sun, Born of the Sun; Another name for the river Yamuna 7 Girl-E
Rohitha Daughter of Lord Brahma; Shining; Red 7 Girl-E
Shailaja A river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva 7 Girl-E
Umm Kalthum Name of prophet's daughter 7 Girl-E
Aarythy Daughter of Aarya 8 Girl-E
Akshayan Goddess Durga, The daughter of Daksha 8 Girl-E
Akvira Daughter of Lord Shiva 8 Girl-E
Avhnitanaya Daughter of the Earth, Seetha 8 Girl-E
Dhuhita Daughter 8 Girl-E
Duhitha Daughter 8 Girl-E
Eshika An arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush; Daughter of God 8 Girl-E
Kanya Kumari The youngest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter; The virgin Goddess 8 Girl-E
Menaja Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Mena, Another name of Parvati 8 Girl-E