Easy To Pronounce Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With W

54 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'W' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Wabisa Something bright 1 Girl-E
Wadaana Prosperous 9 Girl-E
Wadad Love; Friendship 6 Girl-E
Wadha Bright 1 Girl-E
Wadida Attached; Devoted; Friendly 6 Girl-E
Wafa Faithfulness; Loyal 4 Girl-E
Wafaa The faithful; Loyal 5 Girl-E
Wafeeqa Successful 4 Girl-E
Wafia Faithful; Loyal 22 Girl-E
Wafiqa Successful 3 Girl-E
Wafiya Faithfulness; Loyal 11 Girl-E
Wafiza Fresh air 3 Girl-E
Wagma Morning breeze; Dew 9 Girl-E
Waheeda Unique; Singular; Exclusive 11 Girl-E
Wahiba Giver 8 Girl-E
Wahida Unique; Singular; Exclusive 1 Girl-E
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn; New beginning 9 Girl-E
Wajee Happy; Jolly; Pleasant 8 Girl-E
Wajeeda One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder 22 Girl-E
Wajeeha High; Eminent; Distinguished 8 Girl-E
Wajia Melody 8 Girl-E
Wajida One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder 3 Girl-E
Wajiha High; Eminent; Distinguished 7 Girl-E
Wajna Happy; Jolly; Pleasant 4 Girl-E
Wakeela Agent 22 Girl-E
Wakib One who walks at a gentle pace 1 Girl-E
Walaa Loyalty 11 Girl-E
Walad Newborn 5 Girl-E
Walia Friendly 1 Girl-E
Wamika Goddess Durga, An epithet of the Goddess Durga, Situated on the left side of Vam, I.e. Shiva 22 Girl-E
Wania Gift of Allah SWT; Pearl 3 Girl-E
Waniya Gift of Allah SWT; Pearl 1 Girl-E
Waqeea Respected 7 Girl-E
Waraqa Rich; Paper-made 7 Girl-E
Wareesha Happiness 8 Girl-E
Warisa Heiress 8 Girl-E
Wasama Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 4 Girl-E
Waseema Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 22 Girl-E
Washida Bloomed; Fresh 11 Girl-E
Washma Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 2 Girl-E
Wasia Full of qualities; Expansionist; Vast; Spacious; Man of qualities 8 Girl-E
Wasifa Praiser 5 Girl-E
Wasifi Praiseworthy 4 Girl-E
Wasila Inseparable friend 2 Girl-E
Wasima Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 3 Girl-E
Wasiqa Confident; Sure; Certain 7 Girl-E
Wasma Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Wasna A narrator of Hadith 4 Girl-E
Wateeb Heart 2 Girl-E
Watiaa Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Wazeera Female minister 7 Girl-E
Widad Love; Friendship 5 Girl-E
Wifaq Harmony; Consent 11 Girl-E
Wisal Communion in Love 1 Girl-E