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21 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Sun'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aditpal Protector of the Sun 9 Boy-E
Deenpal The protector of the helpless; The Sun 3 Boy-E
Kiranbir Sun of Light 1 Boy-E
Nagander The Sun 1 Boy-E
Navkiran New; The Sunrays of motivation 9 Boy-E
Ravindar The God of the Sun; Knowledge 6 Boy-E
Ravinder The God of the Sun; Knowledge 1 Boy-E
Ravinderbir The Sun 3 Boy-E
Ravinderdeep Lord Sun 4 Boy-E
Ravindermeet Brave as the Lord Sun 8 Boy-E
Ravinderpreet The lamp of the Lord Sun 11 Boy-E
Ravindhar The God of the Sun; Knowledge 5 Boy-E
Raviraj The Sun 7 Boy-E
Ravjot A friend of the Lord Sun 5 Boy-E
Savitinder The Sun 4 Boy-E
Savitoj The splendour of the Sun 6 Boy-E
Sooraj The Sun; Illuminating 6 Boy-E
Sundeep Light of the Sun; Which gives light 3 Boy-E
Sur The Sun; Godly; Warrior; Brave; A musical note 4 Boy-E
Tejendra The Lord The Sun 5 Boy-E
Udaipal Fostered by the rising Sun 1 Boy-E