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140 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lamp'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Sandeep A lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 1 Boy-E
Sukhdeep The lamp of peace; Region or island of peace; Lamp of happiness 1 Boy-E
Diyan Bright light 8 Boy-E
Akshdeep The lamp of light in the Sky 6 Boy-E
Tarandeep The lamp of redemption; Swim; Ferry across 3 Boy-E
Dipayan Light of a lamp 7 Boy-E
Siraj Lamp; Light 3 Boy-E
Dipak Lampe; Kindle; Brilliance 5 Boy-E
Sandip A lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 9 Boy-E
Kuldeep The enlightened one in the family; An entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 11 Boy-E
Dipjyoti The light of the lamp 9 Boy-E
Navadeep Light; The ever new light; New lamp; 5 Boy-E
Karandeep The lamp with the first ray of sunlight 3 Boy-E
Jasdeep The lamp radiating God's glories; Lamp of glory 6 Boy-E
Gurdeep The lamp of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Simardeep Lamp of remembrance 9 Boy-E
Misbahuddin The lamp of the religion (Islam) 5 Boy-E
Jaldeep Jal means water and deep means lamp, so it means a lamp in the water 8 Boy-E
Samarjot Lamp of war 7 Boy-E
Samran Hero of battle; Lamp of equality 3 Boy-E
Jagandeep The lamp of the world 9 Boy-E
Misbah Lamp; Light 7 Boy-E
Karmdeep The lamp of the god; grace 1 Boy-E
Sarabdeep All pervading light; Lamp that gives view to all 8 Boy-E
Mohandeep Charming lamp 9 Boy-E
Navdip Light; The ever new light; New lamp; 3 Boy-E
Sapandeep Perfectly illuminating lamp 9 Boy-E
Deep A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light 3 Boy-E
Akaldeep Eternal lamp; Lamp of the God 1 Boy-E
Gyan Karthik Lord Shiva; Lamp of knowledge 8 Boy-E
Vishaldeep Tremendous lamp 11 Boy-E
Dipen Lord of the lamp; Name of poet 3 Boy-E
Deepen Lord of the lamp; Name of poet 4 Boy-E
Akaaldeep Eternal lamp; Lamp of the God 11 Boy-E
Apardeep The lamp of the infinite 3 Boy-E
Chandandeep Sandal lamp 3 Boy-E
Deepakraj Lamp; Kindle; Radiant 8 Boy-E
Swarndeep Gold lamp 6 Boy-E
Chetandeep Lamp of consciousness 9 Boy-E
Dharamdeep Lamp of religion 3 Boy-E
Guldeep Rose lamp 7 Boy-E
Gurudeep The lamp of the Guru 7 Boy-E
Jivandeep The lamp of life 7 Boy-E
Kanwaldeep A lamp of the heart 11 Boy-E
Komaldeep Soft lamp 1 Boy-E
Lavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future 7 Boy-E
Misbaah Lamp; Light 8 Boy-E
Raagdeep Music and Lamp 3 Boy-E
Sohandeep Beautiful lamp 6 Boy-E
Surdeep Lamp of music 7 Boy-E
Yuvrajdeep The lamp of the crown Prince 1 Boy-E
Deepak Lampe; Kindle; Brilliance 6 Boy-E
Giandeep A lamp of divine knowledge 7 Boy-E
Gulshandeep The lamp of the rose garden 4 Boy-E
Kanchandeep Golden lamp 1 Boy-E
Laavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future 8 Boy-E
Ravinderpreet The lamp of the Lord Sun 11 Boy-E
Sadhu Eternal lamp; Flame 8 Boy-E
Shabad Deep Lamp; Light of the holy word 11 Boy-E
Shantdeep Lamp of peace 11 Boy-E
Siraaj Lamp; Light 22 Boy-E
Suhejdeep Lamp; Region of elegance; Ease 3 Boy-E
Vijaydeep Victory lamp 7 Boy-E
Dipanjan Eye of lamp 6 Boy-E
Shubhdeep An auspicious lamp 7 Boy-E
Muneer Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4 Boy-E
Dayadeep Lamp of compassion 7 Boy-E
Deepleen Absorbed in the lamp 3 Boy-E
Fatehdeep Lamp of victory 7 Boy-E
Giaandeep The lamp of divine knowledge 8 Boy-E
Gursandeep The Guru's shining lamp 11 Boy-E
Jatinderdeep The pure lamp of the Lord 3 Boy-E
Jusdeep Lamp of glory 8 Boy-E
Kewaldeep Independent lamp 1 Boy-E
Mahandeep The lamp of exalted light 4 Boy-E
Manohardeep Charming lamp 1 Boy-E
Nabdeep Light; The ever new light; New lamp; 11 Boy-E
Namritadeep Humble lamp 7 Boy-E
Narinderdeep Kings lamp 5 Boy-E
Nekdeep Noble lamp 6 Boy-E
Nimmardeep Modest lamp 8 Boy-E
Nirmaldeep Holy lamp 7 Boy-E
Prafuldeep Blooming lamp 5 Boy-E
Prakashdeep Light of lamp; Lighthouse 5 Boy-E
Qindil Oil lamp; Light 11 Boy-E
Rameenajit The lamp of all pervanding God 6 Boy-E
Rameshpal Lords lamp 3 Boy-E
Rangaatam The lamp hero of the battle 4 Boy-E
Ratangiaan Precious like God's lamp 5 Boy-E
Raushandeep The lamp of a gem 4 Boy-E
Raushanpreet Famous lamp 11 Boy-E
Sangatpreet A lighted lamp; Always there for you 9 Boy-E
Sangatprem A lamp 6 Boy-E
Santokhjot Lamp of satisfaction 7 Boy-E
Sarabdaman Perfectly illuminating lamp 11 Boy-E
Sawarandeep Golden lamp 8 Boy-E
Seetaldeep Lamp of peace 11 Boy-E
Shabaddeep Lamp; Light of the holy word 11 Boy-E
Subah Flame of a lamp 6 Boy-E
Suchdeep True lamp 9 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 140