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42 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Gem'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Firoz Successful; Turquoise; Victorious; to vanquish 11 Boy-E
Firoj Successful; Turquoise; Gem stone 4 Boy-E
Manik Ruby; Valued; Honoured; Gem 3 Boy-E
Feroz Successful; Turquoise; Victorious; to vanquish 7 Boy-E
Vigash Rich gem 3 Boy-E
Manickaraj King of gem 9 Boy-E
Toshanav Gem; Talented 1 Boy-E
Taman Philosophers stone; Wishing stone gem 4 Boy-E
Manibhushan Supreme Gem 11 Boy-E
Vairat Gem 8 Boy-E
Ratanjot One with divine knowledge; Victory of the gem 9 Boy-E
Jauhar Jewel or gem 5 Boy-E
Livpreet Love of adoration; Absorbed in a gem of the holy word; Beloved 8 Boy-E
Ratanpreet One whose actions are gem-like; Friendly gem 1 Boy-E
Thirumani Precious Gem 5 Boy-E
Uppas Gem 1 Boy-E
Aaslunan Gem 2 Boy-E
Arivumani Intelligent gem 9 Boy-E
Aslunak Rock; Gem 7 Boy-E
Dheivamani Blessed Gem 5 Boy-E
Firuz Successful; Turquoise; Gem stone 8 Boy-E
Gomethak Well known gem 8 Boy-E
Jagratan Gem of the world 9 Boy-E
Jawhar Jewel; Gem 7 Boy-E
Kulratan Gem of family 8 Boy-E
Paramratan Highest gem 4 Boy-E
Prabhratan Gem of God 9 Boy-E
Ratanchetan Gem of soul 6 Boy-E
Ratangeet Remembering the gem of the soul 1 Boy-E
Ratanvant Light of gem 3 Boy-E
Rattandeep Love for the gem 5 Boy-E
Raushandeep The lamp of a gem 4 Boy-E
Raushanjeet Flame of a gem 5 Boy-E
Shabadratan Having the gem of the holy word 8 Boy-E
Sukhratan Having the inner gem of peace 5 Boy-E
Tatratan Gem of truth 5 Boy-E
Kaustuv A gem in Lord Vishnu's breast 7 Boy-E
Chellamani Precious Gem 6 Boy-E
Jawahar Jewel or gem; 8 Boy-E
Ratandeep The priceless brave one; Gem of awareness 3 Boy-E
Ratnadeep Gem of gems 3 Boy-E
Kaustav A legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E