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25 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Calm'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Akand Calm 4 Boy-E
Anuh Calm; Without desire; Content 8 Boy-E
Asaja Calm 5 Boy-E
Ashul No obstacles; Calm; One who meets no obstacles; Happy 7 Boy-E
Danta Calm; A name of Lord Hanuman 4 Boy-E
Heramb An erudite; Respected and calm person 11 Boy-E
Kshayan Home; A place with calm water 7 Boy-E
Onsi One who brings calm and gladness to the heart 3 Boy-E
Raseen Calm; Composed 8 Boy-E
Rasin Calm; Composed 7 Boy-E
Razaan Sensibility and respect; Calm 7 Boy-E
Rinaf Calm 3 Boy-E
Sakoot Silence; Peace; Calm 9 Boy-E
Sam Quiet; Tranquillity; Calm; Abstract meditation on Brahman; Quietism personified as a son of Dharma; Epithet of Lord Vishnu; Peace 6 Boy-E
Sant Saintly person, Tranquil, Calm, Saint 9 Boy-E
Santh A saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint 8 Boy-E
Sehej Calm 2 Boy-E
Shant A saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint 8 Boy-E
Sumon Calm 1 Boy-E
Timit Calm; Tranquil; Stedy; Quiet; Constant 8 Boy-E
Vishad Vishtrata- enlarge; Apparent; Calm; Gentle; Happy; White; Brilliant 9 Boy-E
Vitol Calm 6 Boy-E
Wadee Calm; Peaceful 2 Boy-E
Yashu Peace; Calm 2 Boy-E
Zahil Calm 11 Boy-E