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Silence; Peace; Calm Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Sakoot

Name Meaning Numerology
saaket Lord Krishna; Having the same intention 3
saikat Seashore; 7
saket Lord Krishna; Having the same intention 11
sakoot Silence; Peace; Calm 9
saugat Gift; An enlightened person 6
saugata Another name of Gautama Buddha 7
sugat Fortunate 5
sugata A name of the Buddha 6
suket Having good intention; Kind; Well-meaning 4
suketu A Yaksha king; Another name of Lord Vishnu; Brilliant 7
sukhad Name of Lord Vishnu 1
sukhda One who gives solace 1
sukhit Complete happiness 7
swagat Welcome 8
zakawat Wisdom; Sharpness; Prudence 2
zaqawat Wisdom; Sharpness; Prudence 8