Top 100 Jyeshta Nakshatra Names - Boys

Total 57 Top 100 Jyeshta Nakshatra Names - Boys    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Nomit Nominate for Particular Work 8 Boy
Nonu Suggest meaning 1 Boy
Yadnesh Spirit of Happiness; Spirit of Joy; God of Ganesha and Vignesh 4 Boy
Yadnyesh Lord 11 Boy
Yadu An ancient king 6 Boy
Yaduraj Lord Krishna, King of yadus 8 Boy
Yaduvir Lord Krishna, Brave Man, Descendent of Yadu 1 Boy
Yagna Ceremonial rites to God 3 Boy
Yagya Sacrifice 5 Boy
Yagyesh Lord of the sacrificial fire 9 Boy
Yaj Worshipper, Sacrifice, Another name for Lord Shiva, A sage 9 Boy
Yajat Sacred, Holy, Divine, Another name of Lord Shiva, Dignified, The Moon 3 Boy
Yamahil Lord Vishnu 6 Boy
Yamajit Lord Shiva, The one who won over Yama 7 Boy
Yamir The Moon 3 Boy
Yamit Restrained 5 Boy
Yanchit Glorified 8 Boy
Yansh God name 22 Boy
Yashal Suggest meaning 3 Boy
Yashasva Full of fame 6 Boy
Yashaswin Successful boy 11 Boy
Yashdeep Success, The light of glory 11 Boy
Yashil Success, Wealthy, Popular 11 Boy
Yashir Wealthy 8 Boy
Yashmit Famed 5 Boy
Yashodev Lord of fame 9 Boy
Yashodhan Rich in fame 5 Boy
Yashvasin Beloved and ever popular Lord, Lord Ganesh 1 Boy
Yashveer Glorious and brave 4 Boy
Yashwant One who has achieved glory, Always famous 3 Boy
Yaswin Winner of fame, To succeed 1 Boy
Yatan Devotee 7 Boy
Yatindra Sanyasi, Lord Indra 11 Boy
Yatnesh God of efforts 11 Boy
Yatvik To Succeed; Name of God of Love 7 Boy
Yauva Young, Teenager, Vigorous 7 Boy
Yayin Lord Shiva, Quick, Swift, Name of Shiva 11 Boy
Yudhajit Victor in war, A hero, Soldier, Of a king of the kekayas and maternal uncle of Bharata 8 Boy
Yudhav Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Yug Age 8 Boy
Yugal Couple, Pair 3 Boy
Yugan Youth, Lord Murugan 5 Boy
Yugandhar Ever lasting, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Yugansh Part of universe 5 Boy
Yugma Twins, Zodiac sign of gemini 22 Boy
Yuhaan Freed salve of Zubair 7 Boy
Yuhandhar Yes 1 Boy
Yunay Another name of Lord Ganesh 5 Boy
Yushan Mountain 7 Boy
Yusu Son of Abhimanyu (Son of Abhimanyu) 5 Boy
Yuva Young, Teenager, vigorous 6 Boy
Yuvaan Youthful, Lord Shiva, Young, Healthy, The Moon 3 Boy
Yuval Brook, Stream 9 Boy
Yuvan Youthful, Lord Shiva, Young, Healthy, The Moon 2 Boy
Yuvi Young lady 5 Boy
Yuvin Leader 1 Boy
Yuvraj Prince, Heir apparent, Young 7 Boy
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